Cutoff in poker

Cutoff in poker

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In a game of poker, you might have observed that a lot of players play specific hands while playing from specific positions. This is because of the advantages offered from that position. In Texas hold’em, your position at the table is the most important factor which affects your chances of win.

There are three categories of positions around the table in a Texas hold’em game - early, middle and late. The late position includes the button, the cut-off and the hijack. These are considered to be the best positions in the game. Through this article, we shed some light on the cutoff in poker.

What is Cutoff in poker?

A cutoff in poker is the nickname given to the player who is seated directly to the right of the dealer button in a game of poker. A cut-off is considered to be the second strongest position in a game of poker, following the dealer “button” position. This is because, more often than not, you are the last person to act post flop and can attack weaker players easily. It is sometimes abbreviated as CO.

This position got its name because “cut-off” means “to isolate” and this position helps to isolate your opponents who are in earlier positions. The player can cut-off the three players after him when placing bets after the deal.

The cutoff in poker always gets a good chance to steal the blinds on the first betting rounds, but this also has to pass through the button first. However, the cutoff still doesn’t get completely out of the steal attempts because most of the players don’t give as much attention to the cut-off as is given to the button. This helps in getting through steals in continuous betting.

Advantages of a cutoff in poker

In a Texas hold’em game, the order of positions is small blind, big blind, under the gun, cutoff and button. The player at the cutoff has the advantage to know what other players are doing. It's a very good position to steal the blinds from. You can also call or raise to intimate the button, if the other players have folded. Moreover, it is a good position for raising, if the player has a strong hand and other players have folded.

You can also use this position to play a loser’s game. However, other players can also understand this and play the same strategy, expecting some more aggressive strategies from the players at the button and the cut-off positions. A cut-off player has the opportunity to play stronger hands than the players on prior positions.

The basic advantages made from this position can be summarized as - first, you can attack with a strong hand, second, you can apply bluffs to a hand in order to improve post flops and third, you can steal the blinds easily.

In a game of poker, whether it is played offline or online, positions are considered as an important aspect in order to win the game. It is worth nothing, if despite having a good position such as a cutoff in poker, you enter the game with garbage hands. It will lead to losing all your money. So, once you are in a good position, play with good tactics in order to actually make it profitable.

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