10 Best Poker Players In India You Must Know


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Poker has always been an excellent game to sharpen the mind and practice your people skills. No one proves this better than these Indian poker players, who established themselves time after time as they represented or great country across the globe.

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List Of Top 10 Best Poker Players In India

Rank Top Indian Poker Players Total Winnings
1 Raghav Bansal $735,024
2 Paawan Bansal $146,624
3 Vivek Rajkumar $8,080,012
4 Ankit Ahuja $600,000
5 Dhaval Mudgal $527,853
6 Nipun Java $2,971,198
7 Abhinav Iyer $870,437
8 Kunal Patni $96,140
9 Aditya Agarwal $700,000
10 Aditya Sushant $851,828

Here's the list of the Top 10 professional poker players in India:

1. Raghav Bansal

With a poker face like his, Raghav Bansal has successfully become the best poker player in India. He won the Macau cup and the No-Limit Hold' Em event in Deltin. His earnings are close to $735,024, including his live tournaments.

2. Paawan Bansal

Hailing from the great city of Meerut, Paawan is among those poker players who can intimidate people just by sitting at the table. He won second place at the Macau Poker Cup event and came first in NHL. His total earning from that series was over HK 146,624.

3. Vivek Rajkumar

Vivek has set an example for professional poker players and individuals from different walks of life that a man who takes risks will always win big. His recorded games show that Vivek managed to win two games at a stage where losing the hand would eliminate him from the competition.

His risk paid off, though. He amassed a huge sum of money in his poker career and is now regarded as one of the all-time great poker players.

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4. Ankit Ahuja

Ankit comes from Delhi as one of the best poker players in India. With only two years of professional gaming, Ankit has amassed $600,000 in winnings across several poker tournaments.

He was originally a tech and business consultant for the gaming industry till the bug of live poker bit him and turned him into one of the pride and joys of India.

5. Dhaval Mudgal

If you are looking for inspiration, Dhaval Mudgal certainly makes that list. Hailing from New Delhi, this young man has played close to 85 poker tournaments and amassed huge sums of money in winnings.

One of his largest earnings came from a tournament where he earned $104,418. His total winnings, although growing exponentially, were last recorded at $527,853.

Dhaval is a pleasant man with a smile at all times. No one can say he is a pool shark just by looking at him.

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6. Nipun Java

Nipun is undoubtedly the best poker player in India. He started his career in poker with low-stake games and small winnings till 2014, when he won big in several competitions across the United States.

Nipun followed that up with high-stake tournaments worldwide and eventually represented India alongside Aditya Sushant in the tag event. That is impressive!

7. Abhinav Iyer

A brilliant poker player from Mumbai, Abhinav, has made a name for himself and $870,437 in earnings. Abhinav Iyer poker is often found in live tournaments crushing opponents with his stunning smile.

This young man's talents can be summed up based on one live tournament where he earned $565,346 in winnings. His sweet and easy mannerisms keep the best poker players on their toes because they can never tell what hides behind that smile.

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8. Kunal Patni

Kunal hails from Mumbai and ranks as a high-stakes shark poker player. He has played in international tournaments in Manila during the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. He amassed a significant P 960,000 in winnings. He also won the second position in the WPT Deepstacks No limit Holdem Berlin and earned 96140 euros.

Kunal is a practiced player with a great sense of identifying his opponent's weaknesses. His poker face is one to learn. You can never tell if he is lost in thought or simply bored.

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9. Aditya Agarwal

Aditya started playing poker on online platforms and soon caught the bug. In no time, he was playing live events, including the WSOP in the United States.

Aditya has a passion for the game that remains unmatched. His total career winnings are close to $2,201,866. Most of it comes from online poker games. However, he earned almost $700,000 in live tournaments.

10. Aditya Sushant

Another happy-go-lucky that everyone enjoys having at their table is Aditya Sushant. Not only does Aditya rank among the top Indian poker players, but he also holds the 2690th rank among professional poker players worldwide.

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Who is the top-ranked poker player in India?

  • As of 2022, Aditya Agarwal is widely recognized as one of India's best poker players, boasting impressive achievements and a strong international presence.

How did Nipun Java make a mark in the poker world?

  • Nipun Java gained fame by clinching a WSOP bracelet, showcasing his exceptional poker skills. His strategic gameplay and consistent success have solidified his reputation in the poker community.

Is female representation strong in India's poker scene?

  • Yes, Muskan Sethi has emerged as a prominent female poker player, breaking stereotypes and contributing significantly to the growth of women in Indian poker with her remarkable achievements.

What distinguishes Vivek Rajkumar in the poker circuit?

  • Vivek Rajkumar is renowned for his calculated and aggressive playing style. His adeptness at reading opponents and making strategic decisions has earned him a place among India's top poker players.

Are there young talents making waves in Indian poker?

  • Yes, Abhinav Iyer is a rising star in the Indian poker scene, showcasing remarkable skill at a young age. His consistent performances in both domestic and international tournaments have garnered attention and praise.
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Who are some of India's best poker players? Danish Shaikh, Aditya Agarwal, Nipun Java, Sumit Sapra, and Neel Joshi.
How can I improve my poker skills? Practice regularly, study strategy, analyze your gameplay, and seek guidance from experienced players.
Is poker legal in India? Yes, playing poker for real money is legal in certain states of India where gambling laws allow it.
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