Busted in poker

Busted in poker

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Let’s be honest; whether you are just starting in the poker world or have been a poker pro for years, busting is the one term you will surely come across while playing a poker game. It is one of the common terms used in the game, which is why we have covered the basics in this post. Apart from explaining the basic context behind the term “busted poker,” we have also discussed how to use busting as a part of poker strategy.

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Busted Poker – Meaning

Busting in poker is a common term often used to refer to a draw that did not hit or become the best hand even after the final card was dealt. For instance, in the Texas Hold 'em game, let’s assume you are holding a straight draw on the turn if you get just one more card on the river and are on the line to complete a perfect square. Now, if you miss the straight draw on the river round, your hand will be referred to as the busted straight draw.

Alternatively, busted poker is also commonly used when a player is relieved of 100% of his chips and, as a result, is pushed out of the tournament. Moreover, when it comes to Blackjack, a player or the dealer is said to be busted in poker when he attains a hand value of greater than 21 and, as a result, is knocked out of the game. Let me know some tips to tackle poker busted.

busted poker

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Busted Poker Strategy

The busted poker strategy generally depends heavily on the board texture for the current hand. Now, what does a board texture mean? Well, when it comes to poker, it is often used about how the community cards interact with a typical hand range of any particular player. Vital to this, while some board textures have inherently more busted draws, some have relatively fewer ones.

The ideal busted poker strategy changes significantly based on how prominent the busted draws are on the current board texture. For example – if the current board has many busted draws, then any hand with a marginal showdown value can win the pot, provided the opponent shows a busted draw.

On the contrary, if the river round shows a high-value card likely to complete many draws, rest assured that any marginal showdown hand will not be cut. With a good board texture, the likelihood of the opponent completing his draw grows manifold. Now, let us understand the busted poker strategy with a short example:

Flop round – Jack of hearts, 9 of hearts and 2 of hearts

Turn round – 7 diamonds

River round possibility 1 – 10 of hearts

River round possibility 2 – 2 of spades

busted poker strategy

In conjunction with the river card 1, the flop and turn round cards leave potentially 0 chances of a busted draw. Alternatively, when used with river 2, the board cards pose significantly higher chances of busted poker draws. If you want to improvise on the busted poker strategy, register on the GetMega Poker app today and practice this by playing as many poker games and tournaments as you want.

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