Straddle in Poker

Straddle in Poker

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Every poker player, irrespective of an amateur or professional is bound to come across the term straddle poker meaning at least once in their lifetime. Now, what do you think straddle in poker meaning? Well, in case if you are unsure then read on because in this post, we have highlighted straddle meaning poker and discussed whether straddle poker meaning is a good option or not.

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Straddle in poker meaning

The straddle meaning in poker is a blind payment usually made by a player even before the hole cards are dealt. In other words, straddle meaning poker is basically a blind raise that is made in the dark before the deal. The size of the straddle in poker meaning is usually twice the size of the big blind, but the amount can be much higher if the online or live poker room permits so. Once the straddle meaning poker payment is made, the game thereafter operates with three blinds – the small blind/big blind/third blind or straddle meaning poker.

It is imperative to remember here that the straddle poker meaning raise is usually only placed by the player at the under the gun position. Now, what is the under the gun position? Under the gun, otherwise abbreviated as UTG, is that player in a game of poker who is first to act during the pre-flop round. Once the player at the UTG places a straddle in poker meaning raise, the action in the pre flop round thereafter begins with the player who is allotted the left position to the UTG in the game. Now, this person will have the option to either call the straddle poker meaning bet, raise or fold. As the UTG player has placed a straddle poker meaning raise he will be the last to act in the pre flop round.

Let us understand the concept of straddle meaning poker better with the help of a short example.

Let’s suppose you are playing a $4/$8 No limit Texas Holdem game. You are assigned the UTG position and before the cards are dealt, you decide to straddle meaning in poker and place $16. Hereon, all the players acting after you will have to call or raise a $16 bet instead of $8. Simple to say the basic goal of a straddle in poker meaning amount is to raise the stakes of the poker game.

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Is straddle in poker a good idea?

To be honest, not really! This is because when it comes to poker, hand selection generally plays an extremely important role in executing a winning poker strategy. Now, putting a straddle meaning in poker even before you have seen your hole cards is like shooting in the dark, which is anyway never advisable.

But this is not to say straddle meaning in poker can never be beneficial. In fact, the straddle in poker meaning can actually offer some key benefits if you are in any one of the below mentioned situations:

When you are playing against loose passive players?

If you are sitting on a loose passive table with players who have a tendency to call loose preflop but folding easily to aggression post flop, then straddle in poker meaning can actually provide you huge benefits. By straddle meaning in poker against such opponents you can easily build a huge preflop pot, thereafter once the pot grows big enough, make your passive opponents fold by making aggressive post flop bets.

Everyone is straddling

If you happen to sit at a table where everyone is straddle meaning in poker then it is best to step ahead and straddle meaning poker when you have a chance. Even if the stakes of the poker game reach sky high, the effect would be neutralized because everyone is straddle meaning poker.

We hope you have got a fair idea about straddle meaning in poker. Now, without further ado practise all that you have learnt about straddle poker meaning by joining an online poker table and playing a real poker game. To do the same, register on the GetMega Poker app and start playing poker today