Strip Poker

Strip Poker

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Poker can be fun for friends and family. Or how about a round with your spouse when the stakes are much higher? Not that you can’t play strip poker with strangers too…

These days, strip poker has also made its way into casinos and tournaments. If you dare, go ahead and try your luck. If nothing else, you may have tons of fun with strangers.

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What Is Strip Poker?

Strip Poker is a high-stakes, albeit a naughty little, version of the original poker game.

In a strip poker game, you don’t bet chips. Instead, you bet on your clothing items, making it all the more fun and challenging with a zing.

Strip poker was introduced as a game for couples, but you can play with open-minded adults who don’t object to a little naughty punishment for losing. Strip poker games can be quite enjoyable if the game is played with consenting adults.

People bet on items of clothing that they are wearing and strive to win the hand. The game's objective is to win with as many clothes on as possible. However, if you discard an article of clothing, you cannot put it back on unless you win the round.

strip poker game

Court Piece, also known as Rang, is a trick-taking card game popular in South Asia, played by four players in two partnerships. Strategic planning, effective communication, and skillful execution of tactics like trumping and leading high-value cards are crucial for success.

History of Strip Poker

It's not surprising that there have always been forms of strip poker. Strip poker emerged at the same time as the first known poker games, such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha, in the 1830s. Many people believe that poker was invented much earlier, and that current variations were developed in the 1800s. Even so, I'm sure it didn't take long for the players in previous editions to realise that they could have a lot more fun if everyone bet with their clothes rather than their money.

  1. 1800S

While many people consider strip poker to be a private game (and rightfully so; you won't find it at any reputable casino), its history is more intimately linked to public games. People would often end up naked at the poker table because paying with your clothes was a viable option in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It is where most people believe the phrase "lost the shirt off my back" originated.

  1. 1900S FILM

Strip poker is prominent in our culture, with many films and television shows mentioning it or featuring strip poker sequences. The oldest example of this is Helen Foster's 1928 film The Road to Ruin, in which the main character's moral deterioration is demonstrated in part by her participation in a strip poker game. Other examples are the 1932 political satire The Dark Horse, the 1940 film Mad Youth, and the 1971 film Taking Off.

  1. Public Strip Poker Tournament

Fast forward to present, and strip poker remains one of the most popular types of poker. There have even been initiatives to make it more mainstream. In 1999, the Naturist Association of Estonia hosted the first public strip poker event. Around 100 individuals participated, and the winner survived with only her socks on at the end!


In 2006, Paddy Power, a well-known internet gambling site, sponsored an April Fool's hoax advertising a strip poker tournament. An internet poll revealed that 50% of online poker players played naked, sparking the notion. While it started as a joke, there was enough interest that Paddy Power organised the tournament, which took place on August 20, 2006, at London's Cafe Royale.

The World Strip Poker Championship attracted 196 participants, each of whom received five articles of attire to wear. John Young eventually won the competition, taking home approximately $16,000 in prize money, an admission into the Irish Open, and a vine leaf trophy.

Strip Poker Variations

Below are some variations you might encounter while playing Strip Poker.

Changing the Stakes:

  • Clothing Items: Instead of chips, players remove articles of clothing as bets. The winner gets to choose which garment a loser removes.
  • Escalating Stakes: Start with small items like jewelry or accessories and gradually remove larger clothing pieces as the game progresses.

Adding Twists to Gameplay:

  • Wild Card Strips: Assign a card value (e.g., King of Spades) as a "wild card" where the holder can force another player to remove an extra item.
  • Truth or Dare Strips: Combine truth or dare with strip poker. Players who choose "dare" might have to remove an item or perform a silly action.

Variations in Hand Ranking:

  • Lowball Wins: Instead of the highest hand winning, the player with the lowest hand might have to remove an item (adding an element of risk and potentially bluffing).
  • Suit-Specific Stripping: Assign a clothing item to each suit (e.g., hearts = shirt, diamonds = shoes). Winning with a specific suit requires the loser to remove that corresponding item.

Who Should You Play Strip Poker With?

Strip poker is a fun game frequently played as an adult party game. It can be played among bachelors, at bachelorette parties, and with couples. Like many other poker variations, playing strip poker games among 4-6 people is best.

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How To Play Strip Poker Online?

Strip poker is usually played as a five-card draw since the rules are simple and less competitive. As per your philosophical bend, strip poker can be played by more than two players. Remember that you will be stripping out of your clothes, so choose your opponents wisely.

Repeat the idea past your opponents beforehand and ensure no children are participating in the game.

Also, to play strip poker, you don’t necessarily need to start stripping. The game night can begin with chips or money, and once a player runs out, they can start betting on their clothes.

Solitaire Card Game, also known as Patience, is a popular single-player card game that challenges players to arrange a deck of cards according to specific rules. The objective varies depending on the variation being played, but common goals include building foundation piles in ascending order by suit and revealing hidden cards

Now, here’s how do you play the strip poker game:

  • The designated dealer deals each person a card.
  • The players then go around the table, asking to exchange one or more cards from the deck.
  • The dealer then deals out another card, followed by a round of betting or calling.
  • Five cards are dealt for each player unless someone folds or forfeits.
  • The process of exchanging, betting, and calling continues till all players unanimously agree on a betting value.
  • To spice things up, you can also add an element of betting additional clothing items in each round.
  • When the cards are shown, the player with the highest hand value wins and keeps all their clothes on. Every loser who did not fold must discard one item of clothing.
  • If betting was involved, the losers must also take off the piece of clothing they waged.
  • The game ends when most players are down to their underwear and forfeit. The couple’s version usually has a clear winner and a clear loser when one is completely stripped.

If the game is about to end too quickly, but you want to continue the fun, the players can opt for truth or dare instead of discarding their clothing. The winner gets to ask questions, and the loser must answer or take a dare. However, if a piece of clothing is already removed, the players cannot put it back on in exchange for truth or dare.

strip game

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How to Play Strip Poker at Home?

Setting up a strip poker session at your house game is easier than you might think, especially if you have some open-minded friends. Ideally, you'll need at least four people, a regular deck of cards, and some poker chips.

Only invite people who are comfortable playing strip poker to your house game; don't surprise them with the idea when they arrive for a "normal" poker session. Everyone must be willing to participate, and the rules must be agreed upon before any hands are dealt.

Once you've gathered your carefree pals for your home game, spend some time negotiating on the rules, particularly those concerning stripping. You want everyone to feel at ease and not be forced or coerced into stripping more than they are comfortable with. Also, agree on the terms for determining the winner, and consider including a game of "Truth or Dare" to allow those who have lost to continue participating.

To keep the game fair, make sure all of your strip poker players are wearing identical quantities of clothing. You don't want one athlete in shorts, a T-shirt and sandals competing against someone in trousers, a t-shirt, a jumper, socks, shoes, rings and a watch! Add or remove accessories from players to balance things out.

The player who loses a hand in your preferred poker variant must remove an article of clothing or accessory. When a participant hits the agreed-upon limit or is entirely naked, they are eliminated from the game. It goes without saying that the worst poker players are usually scantily clothed or naked!

How to play Sequence? is a strategic board game that combines elements of card and board gameplay. Players aim to create sequences of five chips in a row on the board while also blocking opponents from doing the same. The game involves drawing and playing cards strategically to place chips on the corresponding spaces on the board.

Basic Rules Of Strip Poker

Although it is an entertaining variant of the original game, and the guidelines are pretty flexible, setting some ground rules to keep the game fair is good.

  1. Value – It could get ugly if a female player has to take off her shirt while the male player gets to take off a sock. The fun goes out the window pretty soon if the players are competitive. Assign a value to each item of clothing to keep the game fair, especially in a group. Jewelry, glasses, watches, and hairbands do not count as wagers,
  2. Folding – A player can fold at any time during a game of strip poker. They must still discard the clothes they bet before they fold them.
  3. Forfeiting – If a player is uncomfortable, maintain an allowance to forfeit the game any time they choose. However, they must discard the item of clothing they had wagered during gameplay.
  4. Blinds – There are no big and small blinds in strip poker. If you include a betting element or one round of wagering money, you can have a big and small blind at the players’ discretion.
  5. Clothing – To keep the gameplay fair, ensure all players have a specified number of clothing items. If someone has more, that gives them an unfair advantage.
  6. Betting – Players can decide if they want to bet on one item of clothing in five individual rounds as the cards are dealt. They can also bet money until the last round, where they must bet on clothing.
  7. Turns – The player sitting on the dealer's left side starts the game. In the next turn, the player on the left of the starting participant goes first.
  8. Winning – The player with the highest hand value, i.e., the combination with the highest value, wins. If all players have exchanged and checked their hands and no one has a sequence, the player holding the highest pair of cards wins.

The rules of strip poker are not very stringent. Therefore, if you want to have fun, be considerate towards your opponents and allow some concessions.

Although not a rule, if you are hosting a strip poker game, maintain a warm and amiable temperature so as not to freeze the losers. Also, don’t jump at people’s throats if they playfully ignore the rules. You don’t need to be Monica Geller to win the game. Just have fun.

Tips And Strategies To Win Strip Poker

Although strip poker games or holdem induce fun and laughter, you can still follow some simple tips to win.

The first and foremost thing to remember is strategy. Regardless of whether or not you are competitive, always strategize first. This can start at the beginning when you’re deciding the game's rules.

For instance, if all players agree, each shoe can be used for individual betting rounds. Similarly, if no one specified a certain number of clothing items for fair play, opt for additional items.

However, when the rules are set, follow the basic strategies to win.

  1. Always evaluate the hand of cards you were dealt before you bet your clothing.
  2. Minimize the amount of bluff unless you want to strip quickly.
  3. Unless you’re in a blind position (only if all players agree on a blind game), try not to play the round.

Remember, the winner of the overall game is the person with the most clothing still on them. You don’t win the clothes that the others discard. You can only keep what you haven’t betted and lost yet. Therefore, if you’re playing to win, strategize in advance.

Forms of Strip Poker

Strip poker is rarely played, and most games do not include any betting rounds! However, depending on how much poker you want to play, there are three popular forms of strip poker:

  • Fast Strip Poker
  • Steady Strip Poker
  • Boring Strip Poker

There is no poker playing in the quick version. Instead, deal each player a hand, run the board, and the winner gets to keep their garments on while everyone else has to remove one. The game continues in this way, with everyone except the hand winner removing a piece of clothes. The loser is the individual who becomes naked first. Depending on your want to see people naked and your plans for the rest of the night, this may be the best option.

The stable version does not include any poker playing, but it takes significantly longer to accomplish. This is due to the fact that only the player with the weakest hand is required to remove an article of clothing.As the name says, this game is played at a slower pace, especially when you disclose your hands at the conclusion. Slow Rolling is permitted and encouraged in some games, but be careful what body parts you leave exposed!

Finally, the boring version is the game for purists. Those who would complain that there is no poker involved in this game of stripping people. In this game, the chips are used as usual, but if a player does not have enough chips to complete the hand, they can bet an article of clothing instead. So, if you're playing with a lot of tight players at the table, it may take some time before someone shows you their one-eyed Jack.

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How do I make strip poker more interesting?

  • To make strip poker more interesting, consider adding variations like wild cards, different clothing items worth varying amounts, or incorporating dares for the losers.

What is the best strategy in poker?

  • The best strategy in poker involves understanding the odds, managing your bankroll, staying focused, and adapting to your opponent's playing style.

How do you play 5 card strip poker?

  • To play 5 card strip poker, each player is dealt five cards. Players then bet on their hands, and after betting, they have the option to exchange up to three cards for new ones. The player with the best hand wins after the final round of betting and can request clothing items to be removed from other players who have lost.

Are there different variations of strip poker?

  • Yes, there are various versions of strip poker, including Texas Hold'em, Five Card Draw, and Seven Card Stud, each with its own rules for betting and gameplay.

Is strip poker suitable for all ages?

  • No, strip poker is an adult game and should only be played by consenting adults who are comfortable with the concept and understand the potential consequences.
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Question Answer
What is strip poker? Strip poker is a game where players bet clothing items instead of chips or money, removing garments when they lose a hand until someone is fully undressed.
How do you play strip poker? Players use standard poker rules, betting clothing instead of chips. Losing a hand means removing an agreed-upon piece of clothing. The game ends with nudity or per agreed rules.
Any tips for playing strip poker? Focus on strong hands, like pairs or suited cards. Bluff carefully since unsuccessful bluffs lead to clothing removal. Set clear boundaries and keep the atmosphere light-hearted.
Can strip poker be played non-sexually? Yes, it can be played for fun in mixed-gender settings. Emphasize a playful vibe and ensure everyone's comfort. Adjust rules to make it enjoyable for all participants.
Are strategies important in strip poker? While luck is significant, basic poker strategies apply. Observe opponents, bluff when appropriate, and make informed bets to enhance your chances of success.