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What Is Pineapple Poker?

Pineapple poker is a variation of the most popular poker game in the world, Texas hold'em. Although fun, it has always been a private poker game and never played at the World Series of Poker. The pineapple poker game branches out to its 2 variations known as crazy Pineapple and lazy Pineapple. This game can be played as a no-limit game, but it can also occasionally be changed to a pot-limit game. If you play it responsibly, the game is enjoyable.

Since pineapple poker and Texas hold 'em poker are almost the same, let's first revise the game of Texas hold 'em to understand pineapple poker. This article will discuss the pineapple poker game, including its variations.

Rules Of Pineapple Poker

As discussed earlier Pineapple Poker is a variant of traditional Texas Hold'em poker and shares some similarities with Omaha Hold'em. The main difference lies in the number of hole cards each player receives and the way they are used. Let’s dive into the basic rules of Pineapple Poker:

Starting Hands:

  • Each player is dealt three hole cards instead of the usual two in Texas Hold'em.
  • Players must then choose one of their three hole cards to discard before the first betting round begins.

Betting Rounds:

  • The game follows the standard betting structure of Texas Hold'em with betting rounds including pre-flop, flop, turn, and river.
  • After the initial betting round, the community cards are dealt.

Community Cards:

  • A total of five community cards are dealt in the centre of the table.
  • The community cards are dealt in three stages: the flop (three cards), the turn (one additional card), and the river (the final card).

Discarding Cards:

  • Before the flop, each player must discard one of their three hole cards.
  • This adds an extra layer of strategy, as players need to consider which card to discard based on the community cards and their overall hand.


  • After the final betting round, if more than one player remains, there is a showdown.
  • Players use two of their remaining hole cards in combination with the five community cards to form the best possible five-card poker hand.

Hand Rankings:

  • The standard poker hand rankings apply, with the Royal Flush being the highest and a high card being the lowest.
  • Players use two of their hole cards and three of the community cards to make the best hand.

How To Play Pineapple Poker?

Setting Up a Game of Pineapple Poker:

Blinds and Ante:

  • Like traditional Texas Hold'em, Pineapple Poker typically involves blinds (small blind and big blind) or an ante to initiate betting.

Dealing Hole Cards:

  • Each player is dealt three private hole cards.
  • Example: Player 1 receives [7♠, 9♥, K♦], and Player 2 receives [A♣, Q♠, 4♥].

Discarding a Card:

  • Before the first betting round, players must choose and discard one of their hole cards.
  • Example: Player 1 decides to discard the 7♠, leaving them with [9♥, K♦]. Player 2 discards the 4♥, keeping [A♣, Q♠].

First Betting Round:

  • Starting with the player to the left of the big blind, a round of betting occurs.
  • Players can bet, check, raise, or fold based on the strength of their two remaining hole cards.

Flop - Community Cards:

  • The dealer reveals the first three community cards.
  • Example: Flop - [3♦, 8♠, J♥].

Second Betting Round:

  • Another round of betting commences, starting with the player to the left of the dealer.

Turn - Fourth Community Card:

  • The dealer reveals the fourth community card.
  • Example: Turn - [5♣].

Third Betting Round:

  • The dealer reveals the final community card.
  • Example: River - [10♠].

Final Betting Round:

  • The last round of betting takes place, allowing players to make their final strategic moves.


  • If there are two or more players remaining after the final betting round, a showdown occurs.

Hand Evaluation:

  • Players use two of their remaining hole cards and three community cards to form the best five-card hand.
  • Example: Player 1 combines [9♥, K♦, 8♠, J♥, 10♠] to make a straight.
  • Player 2 combines [A♣, Q♠, 8♠, J♥, 10♠] to make a high-card hand.

Determining the Winner:

  • The player with the strongest hand wins the pot.

Example Outcome:

In the above example, Player 1, with a straight, wins the pot. The discarded card played a crucial role in shaping the final hand. The game concludes, and a new round may begin with blinds or antes adjusted accordingly.

What Are The Variations Of Pineapple Poker?

Below, we have discussed the variations of pineapple poker, their main difference factor being the betting round in which one of the three-hole cards is discarded.

Regular Pineapple-

The hole cards are discarded in regular pineapple poker before ‘the flop’ betting flop, And after that, the game resumes as it would under Texas Holdem.

Crazy Pineapple –

In crazy pineapple poker, one of the 3 hole cards is discarded after the ‘flop’ betting 'and' The players will have 2 hole cards for the ‘turn’ betting 'round' After the flop, the game continues as it would under Texas hold'em.

Hold'em Pineapple –

Also known as Tahoe Pineapple poker, each player keeps all 3-hole cards throughout the betting rounds in this variant. The players must discard one of their 3-hole cards only after the last betting round, ‘the river’. From here, the game continues as it would under Texas Hold'em.

These were the main variations of pineapple poker. As Texas Hold 'em poker, the objective of the pineapple poker game is to make the best 5-card poker hand and win the pot. In the event of a tie, the pot is split between the tied players into equal amounts.

What Are The Betting Limits In Pineapple Poker?

Just like in Texas Hold'em, pineapple poker has 3 betting options, which are as follows –

1. Limit Pineapple – The bet size is determined before the game starts in this type of pineapple game. Since the pineapple game spans 4 betting rounds, the first 2 rounds have bets that are half the size of bets in the last 2.

2. No-Limit Pineapple – In this type of pineapple game, the players can bet any size or amount limited to their amount of chips. The lower limit amount of betting is predetermined and varies from one place to another.

3. Pot-Limit Pineapple – In this type of pineapple game, the betting limit is equal to the size of the pot. The players cannot bet more than the size of the pot.

Difference Between Pineapple Variants & Texas Hold’em


Crazy Pineapple Poker

Lazy Pineapple Poker

Texas Hold'em Poker

Number of Hole Cards

3 (1 discarded after the flop)

3 (1 discarded after the river)



Discard 1 hole card after the flop

Discard 1 hole card after the river

No discarding

Community Cards

Flop (3 cards), Turn (1 card), River (1 card)

Flop (3 cards), Turn (1 card), River (1 card)

Flop (3 cards), Turn (1 card), River (1 card)

Total Community Cards




Final Hand Formation

Use 2 hole cards + 3 community cards

Use 2 hole cards + 3 community cards

Use 2 hole cards + 3 community cards

Betting Rounds

Pre-flop, post-flop (with 3 hole cards), turn, river

Pre-flop, post-flop (with 3 hole cards), turn, river

Pre-flop, flop, turn, river

Discard Timing

After the flop

After the river

No discarding

Strategic Element

Discarding after the flop adds an extra layer of strategy

Discarding after the river introduces strategy

Standard strategic elements

Starting Hand Variability

Higher variability due to discarding

Higher variability due to discarding

Standard starting hand variability

Common Hand Rankings

Same as Texas Hold'em

Same as Texas Hold'em

Same as Crazy Pineapple and Lazy Pineapple


Popular in home games and some casinos

Less common than Crazy Pineapple

One of the most popular poker variants

What Are Some Of The Basic Strategies Of The Pineapple Game?

 Although Pineapple and Texas Hold 'em poker is almost the same, you cannot apply the same pineapple poker strategy as in Texas Hold 'em. The strategies should also be slightly different as both games are different.

· Compared to Texas Hold 'em, the avhold'emand value for winning in the pineapple game is higher. Remember to pay more attention to hands better than the average Texas hold'em hands hold 'em the winning side.

· You need to concentrate more on having the nuts than Texas hold'em.

· Hold 'em pairs are always a good idea to start a hand, and low pairs are tricky.

· The strongest combination for Pineapple is a pair of aces followed by a suited third card.

These are basic strategies to remember before trying your hand at the Pineapple poker game. These strategies will help you go a long way in your pineapple game journey. With this, we come to an end of our explanation of pineapple poker.

Now that you know all that is needed to know, why wait? Download the GetMega Poker app now, start playing the pineapple poker game with your friends, and enjoy it together!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pineapple Poker

What is pineapple poker?

  • Pineapple Poker is a Texas Hold'em variant in which players are dealt three hole cards instead of the normal two. The twist is that they must discard one card following the flop, which adds another degree of strategy to the game.

How are the cards dealt in Pineapple Poker?

  • In Pineapple Poker, each player is dealt three hole cards at the start of the game. Following the flop (the first three communal cards), players must select and discard one of their hole cards before moving to the usual betting rounds.

When and how do players discard cards in Pineapple Poker?

  • Following the flop betting round, players discard one of their hole cards in pineapple poker. The discarded card is laid face down, and the player plays the remaining two hole cards for the remainder of the hand. This selection is critical to constructing the finest possible hand.

What are the betting rounds for Pineapple Poker?

  • Pineapple Poker uses the conventional Texas Hold'em betting structure, with preflop, flop, turn, and river rounds. During each round, players can check, bet, raise, or fold, with the communal cards shown in stages.

How is the winner determined in Pineapple Poker?

  • The winner of Pineapple Poker is chosen by regular Texas Hold'em hand rankings. To build the highest-ranking hand and win the pot, players employ their best five-card combination, which includes the three community cards and the remaining two hole cards.

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