winners list

Mega Winners List

Players listed below are a few of the many who had earned a fortune while playing 13 Card Rummy and Poker games on the GetMega app. Their skills and passion for the game itself give them a spot on the top of GetMega’s leaderboard. Players across India are putting their skills at play and earning rightful cash rewards as the players mentioned.

Many many congratulations to them!! These players are the top winners of this week. You might be one of them next week. So, start playing today.

Name Preferred games Amount Won
Padma Poker 15,325,715
Mihir Chauhan Poker 7,681,603
Ashfaque Ansari Poker 6,454,847
Harsimran Singh Poker 6,069,683
D Bos Poker 5,705,270
Johar Singh Rawat Poker 4,712,481
Kunal Kashyap Poker 4,475,000
Pranay Khatri Poker 3,826,556
Chavda Digpal Poker 3,631,468
Vikram Nayan Raj Poker 3,234,315
Aneet Sharma Poker 2,927,377
Susmita Sinha Poker 2,921,115
Kapil Choudhary Poker 2,802,441
Faisal Hussain Poker 2,656,266
Nargis Tinwala Poker 2,533,803
v95376Ac0c5gIJ Rummy 6,00,355
salim Rummy 5,50,576
Rahul Rummy 2,20,694
Farhaan Khan Rummy 2,19,944
Roman Subba Rummy 1,80,098
87349xnb97XQH Rummy 1,62,424
Upalakshya Rai Rummy 1,57,044
86683kDq7G9fx Rummy 1,55,678
mubena85ayan Rummy 1,50,851
kamal Rummy 1,37,220
Ganesh Borde Rummy 1,22,214
rushikesh Rummy 1,14,402
punith Rummy 1,09,434
Dinesh pandhele Rummy 1,06,891
96041X47ysdGF Rummy 1,04,338

GetMega is one of India's renowned platforms where many enthusiastic players have earned real money while playing the games they love. The platform gives access to play 13 Card Rummy and Poker games with exposure to an Indian audience. Players can play using multiplayer mode with their opponents with technical support like video-call or FaceTime options backhand.

Players just have to deposit the minimum amount, and they are all set to play. That is how easy it is! For many years, GetMega is trusted by millions of others for their safety and privacy. Players can play to their heart's content without concerns with us at their backs. Play and join the Hall of Fame of GetMega.