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GetMega Winners List

Players listed below are a few of the many who had earned a fortune while playing 13 Card Rummy and Poker games on the GetMega app. Their skills and passion for the game itself give them a spot on the top of GetMega’s leaderboard. Players across India are putting their skills at play and earning rightful cash rewards like the players mentioned.

Many many congratulations to them!! These players are the top winners of this week. You might be one of them next week. So, start playing today.

Name Preferred games Amount Won
Samriddh Malik Poker 1995907
Abhishek N Poker 1701327
Usha Aj Poker 1662359
Darshan Patel Poker 1581030
AYush Rathour Poker 1555856
Suraj Tiwari Poker 1391600
Jay Singh Poker 1280667
Shreya Bhatt Poker 1273239
Mihir Chauhan Poker 1261124
Kunal Kashyap Poker 1234159
Susmita Sinha Poker 1151574
Bishal Prasad Poker 1076392
Vivek Sabhachandani Poker 917449
Aneet Sharma Poker 774059
Saloni Kumari Poker 770578
nikhil ajmani Poker 672089
Dnyaneshwar Chavan Rummy 2632531
Shvoram Saini Rummy 1407393
Bhaurav Dhavale Rummy 1091967
Zala Satyajitsinh Rummy 786289
Rahul Ahire-Patil Rummy 513983
Santosh Mule Rummy 461978
Rajesh Bai Rummy 335836
Abhisheak Appu Rummy 317884
Malkesh Khoked Rummy 286393
ઉમેશ કુમાર બારડ Rummy 274201
Rocky Tarzan Rummy 260953
Neil Nayak Rummy 237828
Arvind Pal Rummy 215876
Arjun Singh Rummy 136473
Mehtab Ali Rummy 153346
Shashank Kapoor Rummy 166897

GetMega is one of India's renowned  platforms where many enthusiastic players have earned real money while playing the games they love. The platform gives access to play 13 Card Rummy and Poker games with exposure to an Indian audience. Players can play using multiplayer mode with their opponents with technical support like video-call or FaceTime options backhand.

Players just have to deposit the minimum amount, and they are all set to play. That is how easy it is! For many years, GetMega is trusted by millions of others for their safety and privacy. Players can play until their heart's content without concerns with us at their back. Play and join the Hall of Fame of GetMega.

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