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The Rummy game on Mega is a brilliant choice if you are looking for some real challenge and want to earn authentic rewards. Card games are generally loved by a massive population, which includes both old and new generations of players. Among the various choices, the very remarkable form of card game is considered to be Rummy. It is one of the most popular card games in India and its popularity has grown amass in different parts of the world. At the current times, the popular game of rummy is played conveniently over the mobile platform, against real proficient players. You can also get in on the fun by starting to play rummy online on Mega, where you will meet with various challenges, learn as you go, gather experience, win rewards and ultimately enjoy the game as you proceed to play.

The mobile platform, through which you can play the exciting game of Rummy, can very easily be downloaded and installed on your device. By playing rummy online on the Mega app, you will test out your skills of observation, examine your mental reflexes and take proper decisions, just like you do when playing the game traditionally. The game follows a fast-paced action and offers both a challenge and a fun time for all players. It doesn't matter whether you are just starting on the rummy online scene, an experienced player or a professional trying to enhance game abilities further, the online rummy on the Mega Rummy app is a perfect platform to put your abilities to work. Apart from the fun of playing, you also get the opportunity of earning legitimate cash rewards from winnings games on the platform. The range of table buy-ins starts from a very affordable range so you can have a go, even if you are starting out.

With more than millions of app downloads and thousands of online players, who are actively participating in matches of rummy online on Mega, you will never run out of challenges to face. On the app, there are various variants of online rummy to choose from, so you can play the modes you really want. Mega also implements shuffling mechanics and Random Number Generator or the RNG system, in order to ensure fair gameplay and opportunities for everyone. You can learn more about the variants, its rules, rummy app download procedure, etc. of online rummy on Mega, further below.

Variants Of Online Rummy Games?

The online rummy games follow the popular 13-card rummy, which is also known as, Indian rummy. There are multiple variants of this online rummy game, offered across the card game scene. The most commonly offered variants of online rummy games include Deals Rummy, Points Rummy and Pool Rummy.

Pool Rummy:

The Pool Rummy variant is the most challenging game format with two game types, called 101 Pool and 201 Pool. This game mode can last up to multiple deals, while the participating players are eliminated based on their score. If a player's score reaches the maximum table point limit, which is 101 points in 101 Pool and 201 Points in 201 Pool, then they get eliminated. The last one remaining on the table wins the overall game.

Points Rummy:

The Points Rummy game variant is the fastest and the most popular format of the game. In this variant, each game is based on a single deal/round, with each point having a pre-decided chip or cash value. The first player to make a valid declaration with o points is declared as the winner. This is a perfect mode if you are looking for some fast matches and earn quick winning rewards.

Deals Rummy:

This variant of online rummy requires ultimate manoeuvrability, rummy skills, prompt thinking and patience. Deals rummy is based on a pre-defined number of deals and this includes deals of 2, 3, 4 and 6. All participating players start with a fixed number of chips and the winner takes the chips from the loser at the end of every deal round. In order to win, the goal here is to be the player with the most amount of chips remaining at the end of the final game deal.

How to Download The App To Play Rummy Online?

In order to start playing rummy online on Mega, users will have to download the official mobile application that is available on the website. The Mega app has more than 5,000,000 downloads and is very small in size. It is available for Android, while the iOS version of the application is under development. The steps for the Mega Rummy app download are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of Mega through an internet browser or click on this link, which will directly take you to the page
  2. Locate the option that says “Get Android app link through SMS” and enter your phone number
  3. After that, press the “SMS APP LINK” button and it will send you the Mega Rummy download link via SMS, within a few minutes
  4. Click on the received link and download the Mega Rummy apk file
  5. Finally, you can proceed with the installation of the downloaded Mega Rummy apk file and start using the app once it completes.

Online Rummy Game Rules

The online 13-card Indian Rummy, which is available on the Mega Rummy app, is played with two decks and has two Jokers in total. The goal is to arrange the 13-cards on your hand under valid sequencing and sets, as fastly as possible. Apart from the basics, the general rules of the online rummy cash game are mentioned below.

Rules of Online Rummy:

  • The game moves in a clockwise direction
  • In the game, cards are dealt in a one-at-a-time manner
  • The face-down deck is the stockpile and the face-up deck is the discard pile
  • Games are comprised of 2-6 players with 2 card decks
  • Each player gets 13 cards in total
  • A random card is selected to be the Joker or Wildcard of that game
  • Players must pick and discard cards in order to form the 13-cards on hand into valid sets and sequences
  • A set is a collection of cards of at least three or more, with the exact face value but has to be in different suits
  • A set with two cards of the same face value, but of the same suit, is considered an invalid set (e.g: in K♥ K♥ K♦, where two K's are in the same suit, i.e. “♥”)
  • A sequence without a Joker or a Wildcard is called a Pure Sequence
  • A sequence with a Joker or Wildcard is called an Impure Sequence
  • The winner of the game is the player with the fastest valid declaration
  • A valid declaration contains a minimum of two sequences, which includes a pure sequence.

Benefits of Playing Rummy at Mega

The primary reason behind choosing to play online rummy on Mega is the numerous benefits that are offered on the platform. Fun and enjoyment for the player base are promoted by Mega, which is why responsible gaming is encouraged. This helps to protect players against the negative effects of gaming, through their age verification procedure and by spreading awareness about accountability while gaming. Apart from these, the other crucial benefits of playing rummy at Mega are:

24x7 Chat Support for Customers

If you are stuck with a query or have any game-related issues, you can always ask for assistance from Mega's 24x7 chat support system. Your questions will be answered quickly, so you can resume playing Mega Rummy online.

Privacy and Security of Data

By selecting Mega, the topic of security and privacy doesn't stand out as a concern for players with the platform's assurance of keeping all player data secured. Mega's best-in-class architecture and strategies are utilised in order to safe-keep all your data, so you can enjoy playing the game without any major problems.

Zero Tolerance Regarding Deceptive Practices

Once again, to provide players with a Fairplay system and maintain game integrity across all tables, Mega implements frequent security scans and checks on their platform. These are randomly done, in order to detect complicity or any possible deceitful activities on the app. With a zero-tolerance policy regarding deceptive practices, Mega immediately bans such players and profiles from the platform.

Certified Gameplay

To guarantee game fairness for all participating players, Mega rummy uses the authentic shuffling mechanics and Random Number Generator, also known as RNG. These systems are all certified by iTech Labs, based in Australia, so there are no reasons to raise any suspicions about the game and you can enjoy playing rummy properly.

Verified Player Profiles

At Mega, you will be playing against real and genuine players. They run age verification and overall check and only allow profiles that are 100% verified. This is done in order to maintain the authenticity of their game's matchmaking system. Mega ensures a safe gaming experience, where you can earn real money from playing online rummy.

Why Mega Rummy is the Best?

When selecting a rummy card game, there are numerous choices available on the internet, the Mega remains the perfect rummy app for various reasons. The game of online rummy on Mega works like a charm and runs very smoothly. With Mega, you are facing off actual legitimate players, winning real cash rewards and getting advantage of their safe and secure gameplay system. You can earn referral rewards, withdraw your winnings in just seconds through popular mediums of online transactions and utilise their in-app audio and video chat feature. The platform also offers “Fairplay Gameplay Certified“ technology and games start at a very affordable price point of just 1 rupee (INR). This is why the Mega mobile app is the best rummy app for you.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Cash on Mega?

To add cash to your Mega wallet, you will have to click on the wallet option that is available at the top of the main app screen. Under “All Wallets”, click on “Add” beside the deposit wallet option, in order to deposit money to your game wallet. You can use the popular online methods of payment like UPI, online wallets, net banking or cards for making a deposit. Make sure to check out the minimum deposit value while adding cash.

In order to withdraw cash, you will have to select “Withdraw” beside the “Winnings” wallet option. Select the withdrawal amount and use any of the popular online payment methods, including UPI, direct bank transfer or online wallet. You will have to complete KYC in order to start the withdrawal of winnings. There is a minimum of INR 5 and a maximum of INR 1,000 limitation for daily withdrawal.


Is it safe to play rummy online?

Playing rummy online is very safe, as long as you are using a trusted app or website. As most of the time, the online rummy cash game involves real cash, you must be careful about how and where you spend it. Players should only play online rummy games at secure websites and applications. You should check out the responsible gaming guidelines in order to keep yourself safe and have an overall fun experience when competing in this game. In India, participating in skill-based competitions that involve cash prizes is legal, excluding the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, Odisha, Kerala, Nagaland and Telangana.

What is an online rummy game?

An online rummy game is based on the concepts of the real card game called “Rummy”, which is played among 2-6 players per table. Players start with a number of cards and they can draw or discard cards as they go on with the game. This popular and real game of rummy has been implemented on the mobile platform, where you can utilize its offering of convenience and play rummy online against actual players, from anywhere and at any time. In an online rummy game, the winner, who has the fastest valid declaration, wins the match. Some online rummy games involve real cash while others are purely for casual fun and don't involve actual money.

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Exciting Rummy Games
Exciting Rummy Games
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Great Offers & Rewards
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Premium Customer Support
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Best Rummy Experience
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Fastest Withdrawals
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Vishal Rajput
Vishal Rajput
Jaipur, Rajasthan
The selection of games, especially Mega Rummy, keeps me engaged for hours. The platform's commitment to fair play and security gives me confidence in each wager. The regular tournaments and bonuses are a great motivator, and the seamless withdrawal process ensures I can enjoy my winnings with ease. Mega Rummy is hands down the best online gaming platform!
28 Feb 2023
Shital Pandit
Shital Pandit
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
The games are interesting, and the platform's user-friendly layout makes navigation a breeze. By playing rummy I'm always met with a seamless and glitch-free experience. The frequent updates and new features keep the platform fresh, and the social aspect of interacting with other players adds a fun element. Mega Rummy is the ultimate destination for endless entertainment!
09 Mar 2023
Md Rizwan
Md Rizwan
Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir
I must say, Mega Rummy has exceeded my expectations! The range of games, from card games to board games, ensures there's something for everyone. The platform's dedication to creating a safe and secure gaming environment is commendable, and the fair play policies are truly reassuring. I appreciate the convenience of playing on both the app and website, making it accessible wherever I go. Mega Rummy is my go-to for thrilling and reliable online gaming!
19 Mar 2023


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