20 Hottest Poker Players In The History Of Poker

20 Hottest Poker Players In The History Of Poker

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Poker is a long-time practiced game of cards used by many varied professionals to find excitement on the edge of a knife. It inspired several songs and ballads, particularly Kenny Roger's 'The Gambler' and literature such as Casino Royale, which publicized it with much courage.

From being a game dominated by men, poker has become a challenge available to both sexes. The most attractive ladies in poker these days are not only stunning to look at, but also incredibly skilled.

The science of human psychology and math are combined in the game of poker. The mere fact that there are hot poker players on the table does not diminish their intelligence. Since poker demands a lot of mental acuity, winners are skilled at reading people and using that information against them.

Now, let's look at the hottest women in Poker and how they wiped the floor with their competitors.

Determining the "best poker player in the world" is subjective and often depends on personal opinions, playing styles, and criteria for evaluation. Several players have been widely regarded as among the best due to their consistent success, strategic acumen, and achievements in high-stakes competitions.

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List of 20 hottest female poker players (brief history)

Here are some of the hottest women in Poker who changed the course of history:

1. Maria Ho

Maria is a common household name and a well-known shark at poker tables. She made history as one of the hottest women in Poker with her innate passion for the game and amassing $1.8 million in winnings which are still growing. She regularly played in WSOP events and continues to uphold her career with a very busy schedule on television when she's not playing.

Identifying the "top 10 poker players in India" involves considering various factors, including tournament successes, consistent performance, and contributions to the poker community.

2. Vanessa Russo

The woman jumped off a Maxim cover with immense athletic skills, which she then transferred to the poker table. As one of the hottest women in Poker, she is also regarded as one of the highest moneymakers in the game. She has reportedly made $3.5 million on poker tables and continues to increase her net worth.

3. Lisa Hamilton

Lisa is one of the most practiced players in poker history. Her most significant game against Jason Wheeler earned her a lot of fame. Even though she came up second, she did surpass all the players on the table and met Jason head-on.

Most people are often mesmerized by Lisa's poker face, which resembles determination throughout the game and a dominating self-confidence.

The title of "billionaire poker player" is a notable distinction in the poker world, highlighting individuals who have amassed significant wealth through their success in high-stakes poker games and tournaments.

4. Fatima Moreira de Melo

This stunning beauty has a long history of winning. A former gold medalist in Olympics field hockey, she is now one of the hottest poker players with a master's in Law. Her intense personal accomplishments and high self-confidence make her a challenging personality in European poker games.

5. Sandra Noujoks

Often referred to as the Black Mamba, this blue-eyed talent made a name for herself when she won the largest game on Pokerstars.com with $1.2 million in winnings. She started to make a name for herself only a year before that. Therefore, her accomplishment was regarded as one of her career bests. Since then, she has continued to dominate poker tables across several games.

6. Liz Lieu

She is popularly regarded as the 'Poker Diva.' Liz is a ruthless poker queen with an aggressive style and dominating personality. Her serious poker face is one to learn; she can hide under that expression throughout the game without flinching.

7. Tiffany Michelle

Although regarded as one of the hottest women in Poker, Tiffany has done it all. She is a writer, actress, and television host, but her proudest accomplishment is killing with a smile on the poker table.

8. Kimberly Lansing

Kimberly has a background in broadcast journalism that she converted into her passion for the game. She intimidates people at the table with her calm composure and innate understanding of the game and talks about Poker on live television.

Highlighting the achievements and contributions of "woman poker players" is crucial in showcasing the diversity and talent within the poker community. From historic figures to contemporary stars, women have made significant strides in the traditionally male-dominated world of poker.

9. Liv Boree

This English beauty initially intended to become a rockstar but quickly gained stardom when she was elected as a contestant on Ultimatepoker.com Showdown. She was coached by Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, and Dave Ulliott, who helped this amateur poker player turn into a shark in no time.

10. Kellyann Hefferman

As a young woman, Hefferman often dreamed of being a biologist to study sharks. She quickly transferred her desire to deal with sharp teeth and hit the poker tables instead. Now, she is one of the highly-regarded sharks in Poker who dreams of changing the world with money she earned from her talents when people mistook her as a blonde bimbo.

11. Beth Shack

A businesswoman in her right with a collection of handbags and shoes and an innate knowledge of fashion, Beth quickly turned to the poker tables for a high-stakes challenge. She is now one of the hot poker players who are an inspiration to aspiring women around the world.

12. Lauren Kling

This blonde beauty maintains a straight poker face while effortlessly sending her opponents on 'tilt.' She knows how to read her opponents and can easily tell when someone is reading her. Lauren's analytical skills are unmatched on and off the table, which she transfers to the game to dominate her peers.

13. Jennifer Tilly

This actress and model turned poker player is a cold, calculating shark on the Poker Table. Jennifer has been named the 'Unabombshell' because of her relationship with the Unabomber Phil Laak. She won several hands in Hold' Em after her initial win in the 2005 WSOP and has since made a name for herself in the world of Poker.

14. Kara Scott

This effortless Canadian interviewer is also one of the hottest female poker players. She won second place in WSOP in 2008 and 2009 and has since been hitting tables regularly to keep her mind sharp and her skills at their best.

15. Christina Lindley

The model turned actress turned poker player quickly changed the course of her career when she fell in love with the game. She took her time to learn Poker on low-stakes tables and worked her way up slowly to become one of the hottest female poker players in the world.

16. Erica Schoenberg

This exquisite beauty with a steely poker face initiated her career in Blackjack after being trained by the team of MIT Blackjack. She soon transferred her card skills to the poker table and made a substantial $850,000 in a brief period. One of the hottest women in Poker is also regarded as one of the hottest women with her blonde hair and striking features that melt people's hearts with her smile.

17. Lacey Jones

This Texan hottie was well known for her drop-dead good looks till she hit the poker tables. Not that her beauty diminished, but she became one of the hottest poker players to outsmart everyone with a smile.

18. Victoria Coren

This stunning writer is one of the hottest women in Poker and the first woman to win the European Poker Tour. Victoria refused to be associated with promoting gambling and opted out of her endorsement benefits with Pokerstars when the site included an online casino.

19. Vanessa Rousso

This bombshell made her name one of the hottest poker players, alongside a successful career as an attorney, D.J., and a well-known personality on television. During a short period from 2005 and 2011 alone, Vanessa accumulated $3.5 million in poker winnings, which were edible.

20. Melanie Weisner

Melanie started her career on online poker platforms right out of college. With a series of high-ranking winnings, she has made a name for herself as one of the hottest women in Poker and a challenging contestant at the table.

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Are there any criteria other than poker skill and attractiveness considered for the list? While poker skill and attractiveness are the main criteria, other factors such as personality, public presence, and social media following might also influence the selection.
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