Open Ended Straight Flush Draw In Poker: Meaning, & Strategy

Open Ended Straight Flush Draw In Poker: Meaning, & Strategy

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As we know, poker is a game of strategy, and no strategy is not as straightforward as it might seem at times. The game has many ups and downs; sometimes, you lose the chips and gain. However, you learn to deal with these situations as you play more and more.

There are many different hands used in different poker variants. One of the strongest hands is the straight draw. A straight draw is when you have four cards to complete a straight. This can be done in two ways: open-ended straight draw and inside straight draw.

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Open-ended straight draw in poker

A straight draw is an open-ended draw when a player has four of the five cards required to complete a straight, which can be completed at either of the ends. This hand has four consecutive cards, and the cards at each end would complete a straight. An open-ended straight draw is sometimes abbreviated as OESD.

Open-ended straight also makes the strongest hand possible, that is, a straight flush, by combining an open-ended straight draw with a flush draw. It is mostly played on the flop against a pair and is very strong. When the flush and the straight are drawing thin, open-ended straight can hit the nuts with a straight flush. Therefore, it is recommended to raise this flop if you want to earn a considerable amount in the draw.

Strategies of open-ended straights

Open-ended straights can be used as various strategies according to the poker variant. However, some general strategies use open straight draw:

❏  If generating a decent amount of folds is possible, your open-ended straight draw will be played aggressively.

❏  In the case of Hold’em, you should play two cards open-ended straight rather than that with one card.

❏  You should avoid using an open-ended straight in Omaha. This is because even if the hand is drawn to the nuts, it carries no value in the game.

❏  Open-ended straight draws to the nuts are usually stronger than nonnuts OESDs because nonnuts risk being dominated when they compete.

Wrapping Up

Straights are considered to be powerful, but they can be outdrawn at times. They have some advantages but involve some risks as well. However, each hand must be played according to the game variant and the level of your opponent. Suppose you are an enthusiastic amateur and want to become a professional.

In that case, this power of judging your opponent and the different strategies will come to you only if you practice hard. Download the GetMega Poker App now to practice online poker daily. Register yourself into contests and stand a chance to win big money upon winning.

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