Kalooki Rummy: All You Need To Know!

Kalooki Rummy: All You Need To Know!

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Kalooki rummy is a variant of contract rummy and is very popular in Jamaica. Jamaica has its own versions of this game called super kalooki and baby kalooki. Super kalooki is usually played in tournaments whereas baby kalooki is more of a home version.

Kalooki is also played in other parts of the world like Europe and North America, which have their own versions of the game. These versions follow a few basic rules of the traditional rummy with some variations.

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How to play Kalooki rummy and what are the rules of the game?

The kalooki rummy also known as jamaican rummy is usually played among 3 to 8 players with 2 or more standard decks of cards and the joker cards. The number of decks used often depends on the number of players that are playing the kalooki rummy game.

According to kalooki card game rules you have to go out by laying all your cards down which should be melded to form sets. These sets can be formed by melding 3 or more cards in a hand.

The game starts by choosing a dealer, who is chosen randomly by the players. The dealer then deals 13 cards each to the players face down. The number of cards dealt again differs based on the version of the game played; in the European version 13 cards are dealt while in the American version, 15 cards are dealt to each player.

How to play kalooki rummy

After the cards are dealt, the remaining cards are placed face down as the stockpile and the topmost card is flipped face up to form the discard pile. Wild cards and joker cards are also used which can be used as substitutes for other cards to form sets and runs.

The players should meld the cards and form sets in order to get rid of the cards as fast as possible. Sets are formed when you put cards of the faces or values from different suits together, while runs are formed when you put the consecutive cards of the same suit together. These sets and runs can be formed by using joker cards as well; this is done when you have all but one card to complete a set or a run. You can use the joker card in place of this missing card.

Before playing any game of rummy, it is important to understand the rules of that particular game. Kalooki rummy also has some specific rules but they are quite simple and manageable. The most important thing that you have to remember is the points that each card carries. In the European version of this game all face cards carry10 points, aces carry 11 points and jokers carry 15 points. Whereas in the American version of Kalooki rummy, the face cards carry 10 points, aces carry 15 points and jokers carry 25 points. Apart from these cards, all the other numbered cards carry points equal to their face value, which means a card numbered 4 will carry 4 points.

What is Bonus in Kalooki Rummy?

You might know about bonus points you get in rummy games which you earn by making the right move according to the rules of the game. Similarly in Kalooki rummy you can earn a certain bonus.

This is only applicable to the player who gets to be the dealer for a particular round of kalooki rummy. According to the rules of the kalooki rummy, the dealer gets a chance to cut the cards exactly in a number that needs to be dealt for that particular hand in the game.

If the dealer is successful in cutting the correct number of cards for that particular hand then the dealer wins a bonus of -50 points. As per the rules of kalooki, the objective is to end up with the lowest score, so these 50 points are reduced from the dealer’s score.

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Scoring Parameter in Kalooki Rummy

The hand in kalooki rummy ends when a player goes out and gets rid of all his cards and lays them down. The remaining players have to count their points based on the cards left in their hand. The scores of each player are noted.

Scoring in kalooki rummy

If the first player that laid down their cards manages to go out on the same turn, the other players get double the points. This is called bending the table or down and out. The game continues for 9 rounds and whichever player has the overall lowest score at the end of the nine rounds is declared as the winner of the game.

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