What Are The Rules Of 3 Of A Kind In Poker?


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In poker, a three-of-a-kind is when a player has three cards of the same rank, such as three sevens or three queens. This hand ranking is significant because it is higher than two pairs but lower than a straight one. 

When comparing hands with three of a kind, the highest-ranked set wins; for example, three aces defeated three kings. If both players have identical three-of-a-kind, the hand with the highest kicker (unmatched card) wins. When the kickers are similar, the pot is usually split between the players with equally ranked three-of-a-kind hands.

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What Is Three Of A Kind In Poker?

While in the three-of-a-kind hand, the three cards should be similar in some manner, as explained above, the other two cards should be a kicker. It means they should not be forming a pair, or it won’t be played as the 3 kind hands.

The 3 kind hand lies in the bottom half poker ranking. It comes under the straight hand. The best 3 of a kind would be 3 Aces which will give you a win.

Which Hands Can Beat A Three Of A Kind?

However, let’s not get overconfident, as many hands can beat the three-of-a-kind at the very last moment. Let us have a look at these hands.

  • The Royal Flush: In this hand, you must have a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace in the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: As the name suggests, in this hand, you need to have 5 cards in a row in the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind: Just like 3 of a kind, in this hand, you need to have 4 similar cards in the same suit.
  • Full House in Poker: You must have a pair and three of a kind to win.
  • Flush: In this hand, you must have five cards in the same suit, but the numerical order is not required.
  • Poker Straight Rules: In this hand, you need to have five cards in numerical order; however, not in the same suit.

The above-given hands can always beat the three of a kind at the last moment in a poker game, whether you are playing with friends, family, or online.

Hands Ranking Below The Three Of A Kind

Don’t be discouraged; the 3 kind hands can also beat a few hands in Poker. Now let’s see the type of hands it can beat.

  • Two Pair: In this hand, you have two pairs of the same card in one hand and a kicker. The suit doesn’t matter.
  • One Pair: You have one pair of the same card in this hand, while the suit doesn’t matter.
  • High Card: In this hand, you have no matching cards.

Instances When Three Of A Kind Becomes Invincible

Although the probability of winning with this hand is quite low, there have been situations in Poker where 3 of a kind have turned the tables around and given a winning shot. These hands can be three Aces, three Kings, and three Queens.

Set Up For Three Of A Kind In Poker

Now that you know and have learned the rules about the 3 kinds of hands, let’s get to know the setup of Poker.

Usually, Poker is played by a group of people around a table, and an initial dealer is selected. The dealer shuffles the deck of cards, and whoever gets the highest card is the first dealer. This is repeated again and again. The dealer is provided a token to exhibit the title. The initial dealer shuffles the deck while the player clockwise shuffles it to cut it.

If you are a beginner at Poker, let us tell you how to play Poker.

You might know that there are 13 ranks from high to low; Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 in 4 suits which are Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and hearts. You already know all the hand rankings, so let’s not get into that. Instead, let’s tell you about the betting rounds.

  • Pre-Flop: Once the cards have been dealt, the first betting round is known as pre-flop, which begins clockwise. The person on the dealer's left begins, and as soon as the betting has stopped, he can ‘check.’
  • Flop: Once the pre-flop round is over, 3 community cards are dealt by the dealer, and the second round of betting begins.
  • Turn occurs when another card is dealt with, and another betting round initiates.
  • River: River is when the final community card is dealt, and the final round of betting starts.

If a player folds during the game, they immediately leave the game. Especially in the final round, if they fold during the last round, the other player wins.

With this, you have all the information about the 3 of a Kind in Poker. Download the GetMega app and put this new information to the test in poker.


What does 3 of a kind beat in poker?

  • Three of a kind beats two pairs, one pair, and high card in poker. The only hands that beat three of a kind are a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush, and a royal flush.

Who wins in 3 of a Kind?

  • In poker, the player with the highest three of a kind wins. If two or more players have the same three of a kind, the highest side card (kicker) wins.

What is the slang for three of a kind in poker?

  • Three of a kind in poker is commonly referred to as "trips" or "set" depending on the context of the game.

What are the three of a kind rules?

  • In poker, "three of a kind" is a hand consisting of three cards of the same rank, accompanied by two other cards.

Does 2 aces beat 3 of a kind?

  • No, two aces (a pair of aces) does not beat three of a kind. Three of a kind is a higher-ranking hand than a pair, regardless of the rank of the pair.
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