A complete guide on Betting in Poker

A complete guide on Betting in Poker

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Everyone loves playing poker. It is one of the most famous betting games out there. Almost every platform has different types and variations of poker. Betting is the main component of poker and is the backbone of the entire game. This article is a complete guide on betting in poker and the different types of bets that are placed. Read up to understand and know more about betting in poker.

How to bet in poker?

There are 4 main ways to bet in poker. These 4 ways are common for every variation of poker and most betting games. These betting ways for the structure of the game and every player and person wanting to understand and play the game of poker needs to know what these are. These 4 major betting procedures are:


Check is an action done by poker players to show that they do not want to bet in that round. This is only applicable when the players before them have also not placed any bet. Check is equivalent to a poker bet of zero. After checking, a player may keep their cards. If a game is being player blind, players do not have an option to check as a bet has been made by the players before them. If all the players check without betting in a round, that whole round goes without adding any money to the pot and the pot remains the same as it was before the round began.


Raising is when a player makes a bet on poker players in a round of poker. The first or the initial bet in poker is called opening a round. When a player makes the first bet in poker and the money goes in the pot, it is known as opening the pot. The pot already has the blinds thrown in by the two players sitting next to the dealer. When a player raises, they increase the size of the pot by adding money into it. Every player is allowed to re-raise the pot by matching what the first player bet and then increasing it to their comfort. When a player checks in a round and has to raise money to stay in the round after one of the other players raised money in that round, that action is known as a check-raise. Raises are very common with bluffing. When a player bluffs, they raise money even though their cards and hand combination are not good. In some games, there is a limit to how much a player can raise. In those games, players have to abide by those rules and can only raise a certain sum of money in each round. In No Limits Poker, a player can raise as much as they want as there is no limit to raising.


Calling is the action of matching a raised bet on poker players sitting at the table. For a betting round to end, each player needs to match a poker bet on poker players sitting at the table. This bet is raised in that particular round. If no player calls the poker bet that was raised in a round, the player who raised it wins that round and the pot goes to them. There are different types of calls. They are-

o   Overcalls- These are the calls that are made a second time. When a player has to call a poker bet on poker players sitting at the table a second time in the same round because the bet is raised twice, they overcall the second bet.

o   Smooth Calling- When a player has good cards and strong poker hands to bet on, and they still call a bet on poker players sitting at the table instead of raising one, they are called to smooth calling.

o   Crying call- When a player calls a raised bet on poker players sitting at the table to stay in the round even though they do not have good cards and a strong strong poker hands to bet on, the call is known as a crying call.   Hero Call- When a player with bad cards or a weak hand combination calls a bet raised by a player who they think is bluffing, that call is known as a hero call.


Folding is when a player resigns themselves from the game for that round. This term means forfeiting and discarding a hand because the player has bad cards or does not have strong poker hands to bet on. Once a player folds their cards, they are no longer a part of that round and have to abstain from making any sort of poker bet. Once a player folds, because they forfeit and discard their cards, can no longer win that round of the game.

What is the betting etiquette?

Every betting game has a set of rules for placing bets. These are called betting etiquettes. These rules are meant to be followed for a smooth round of that game. The betting etiquettes for online poker are:

Betting and tracking bets

Whenever a player raises or calls a bet, they are only supposed to do so when it is their turn. When a player bets, they are supposed to keep a track of how much they bet and who raised that poker bet. This is a hard task to do sometimes as in a fast paced poker game, keeping a track of the poker bet made by a certain player in that round becomes difficult. In some games, the dealer is given the job of keeping a track of the bets as well as dealing the cards. The proper way of betting is to stack up the betting chips in front of a player when they want to call a raised poker bet. Splashing the pot, or, throwing the chips in the pot before the round is over is very confusing and is not the proper way of playing the game. At the end of every round, when the players have made their bets and stacked their chips in front of them, they push them all in the pot at the same time. This helps in keeping a track of who bet how much and when.

Betting out of turn

Betting out of turn is looked down upon in almost all variants of the game. This happens when a player makes a poker bet or calls a raised poker bet before or after his turn. This action does not only look bad and unprofessional, but also disrupts the counting of the pot and makes the process of tracking all the bets even harder. On a lot of platforms, the option to raise a bet or call a bet is only available to the player when it is their turn. These options become unavailable the moment the player plays his turn. This helps keep a track of the raises and calls and also helps in running the game smoothly.


Poker games are not played with cash. They are played with poker betting chips. These betting chips can be bought by cash. This is called a buy-in. Every poker game has a minimum buy in amount. You get chips worth the amount that you give. Playing with cash is not allowed on a poker table. If needed, a player can buy more chips with extra cash. If a player is buying extra chips after their first set of chips is exhausted, they still need to adhere to the minimum buy-in amount set by that table. This transaction can be done at the table with the player giving the required cash to the dealer. The dealer then counts and keeps that extra cash in a locked box next to his seat and distributes the extra chips. These poker chips come in different amounts. Sometimes, when a player exhausts their lower denomination poker chips, they need change for their larger denomination poker chips. This change can be given either by the dealer or the other players sitting at the table. Asking for change and making the transaction should be done between rounds as it disrupts the game is it is being done while a round is going on.

Mandatory Bets

There are some bets that are mandatory to make. These bets need to be made before the game starts. Almost every betting game has a mandatory bet that needs to be played. There are two main types of mandatory bets. They are:


Blinds are mandatory bets irrespective of whether they have weak hands or strong poker hands to bet on, that need to be made by one or more players before the start of a new round of poker. This is the first bet in poker. In a lot of variations of poker, a dealer chip goes around the table moving from one player to another at the end of every round irrespective of whether they have weak hands or strong poker hands to bet on, that need to be made by one or more players before the start of a new round of poker. The player sitting next to the person with the dealer chip is supposed to throw in the small blind, and the player sitting next to them are supposed to throw in the big blind. The big blind is double the amount of the small blind. This two blind structure is usually used in games similar to Texas Hold-Em’ poker.


An ante is a mandatory bet of the smallest amount that needs to be placed before the starting of a round. These bets are made to ensure that a player who folds their cards has a monetary penalty. If a player folds their cards and forfeits the game, they also lose their antes. The reason that the ante is made mandatory is that it gives all the players an incentive to play the game as they know that they will lose their antes if they fold. Antes and blinds are similar, they are used in different games.


Limits in a game are the caps on raises and bets. These are not applicable in every game, only in games where the tables rules ask for a limit. There are different types of limits in every game. The most popular types of limits are:

Fixed limit

A poker game with a fixed limit means that the bets made in that game do not go above a certain amount. These specified amounts are the maximum poker bet that can be made in that round. A lot of tables have a fixed limit in their games. But, to allow for bluffing to happen, these limits do not stay fixed at all times. At some point in the game, these limits expand and double in size. The frequency of this happening depends on the table rules and can be changed at the discretion of the dealer. In these fixed limit games, the blinds are also fixed. For example, if a player is playing blind and wants to raise a bet, they will have to adhere to either the blind rules of the limits set for the raises.

Pot limit

In a game limited by the pot limit, players cannot raise bets which are larger than the total pot. The total pot includes:

o   The chips and the bets that have been put and raised since the first round or the starting pot.

o   The chips and bets that have been put and raised in the last round or the previous round.

o   All the chips and bets that have been put and raised in that particular rounds by all the players at the table.

In these types of games, the players can raise any number of bets they want as long as they are less than or equal to the total pot they are playing with. The term for raising the maximum poker bet is raising the pot.

No limit

A no limits poker match means that there are no limits whatsoever on raising bets. Players can raise bets of the highest amount possible for them and the other players will have to call their raised bets to stay in the game. This betting structure is most popular with the game, Texas Hold-Em’ Poker, one of the most played poker games in the world. The only exception to these limits is the opening bet for every round. There is a minimum amount of money that can be raised as a bet for the opening bet.

With this information, you are now well versed in the art of betting in poker. Download the GetMega app and start playing now!

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