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Button in Poker

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If you are exploring the world of poker, then you must have read the term button in poker in some or the other poker strategy articles. Now, if you are wondering what does button in poker mean then keep reading because in this post, we have highlighted the meaning of the term button in poker and detailed an ideal Texas Hold'em button strategy.

What does the term button mean in poker?

In Texas Hold'em, button generally represents the position of the dealer for the current round of poker. When it comes to Texas Hold'em, button generally moves around the table clockwise by one seat. This way each player seated at the table gets a fair chance to play from the button position. But, why would a player want to play from the button position? This is because the player at the button in poker is usually the last to act in most rounds of Texas Hold'em except for preflop. In Texas Holdem, button player thus gets the chance to see all the other players act in the current round before he has to make his own decision.

For instance – Let’s assume you are playing a game of Texas Holdem wherein you have been dealt Ace-10 as your starting hand. You are currently at the Texas Holdem button position and see the flop – Ace, Jack and Queen. After the bet, you witness a $1000 bet followed by a raise then a re-raise. Despite holding a top pair, you decipher you hold a weak hand and thus decide to fold.

In poker, the player who is seated one position to the left of the player designated as the button is regarded as the small blind. While the player who is seated two places to the left of the player at the button is regarded as the big blind.

During the preflop round, the button in poker acts third to the last, while the small blind acts second to the last and the big blind usually acts last. Conversely speaking, the player with the button in poker is generally the last to act during all the other rounds of poker namely flop, turn and river.

Texas Holdem Button strategy

Since in Texas Holdem, button is such an incredible position to steal the blinds, the player designated as the button is usually recommended to open raise aggressively when given an opportunity. Now, what is an open raise in poker? When a player is the first to raise in the first betting round namely preflop in Texas Holdem, he is said to be open raising in poker. It is usually recommended to open raise preflop because by raising aggressively a player can use his positional advantage to make the blinds fold to his bet.

For instance – Let’s assume you are playing a game of Texas Holdem, where you are currently at the button position, you have been dealt Queen-4 off suit and it is your turn to act. Having read the small blind and big blind, you are pretty sure they are weak-tight and you thus decide to raise 3x the big blind. As a result, both the blinds fold and despite holding a weak hand you win the pot.

In all the other rounds of poker, the button is generally the last to act, for this reason, this player enjoys a considerable informational advantage over his opponents. This is because he gets to see what his opponents are doing before, he has to act. The button in poker player must therefore consider 3 betting and cold calling, as he holds a significant positional advantage post flop. In a game of poker, if there is a bet, raise and a re-raise then the re-raise is known as a 3 bet. On the other hand, when a player who has not invested anything in the pot, calls one or more raises he is said to be cold calling in poker.

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