How To Play Poker Game & Win Always? | Updated 2022

How To Play Poker Game & Win Always? | Updated 2022
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When it comes to playing a poker game, one thing you definitely need to keep in mind is that it is not always about luck! Yes, the cards you get in your first hand play a huge role but there have been thousands of cases when players have won the pot, even without having the best hand to start with. This is where your skillset and mental toughness come into play. You may believe that luck can help you win poker games at times but this is not true - only by mastering the tactics and getting a clear understanding of how poker is played, you can end up being on the winning side, more often than not.

If, like many others, you want to know “How is poker played to always win?”, then keep reading because the strategies we have written below should definitely help you out!

Take your game beyond the starting hand!

To start with, you must have a clear idea of the fact that there is more to a poker game than just the first hand. This shift in mentality is what separates the professionals from average players. Once you have mastered the art of being confident about the first hand you get, based on your position on the table, nothing can stop you.

You should never forget that it is not about how you start a poker game but how you end it that makes the difference. For this, you need to be good at calculating odds, have a clear understanding of how the cards move, recognise betting patterns, bluff intelligently and do more.

Practicing all this can help you understand the answer to - How is poker played to always win?

Hone different styles of play

How is poker played? Well, this does not have a fixed answer as there are various styles of play that you can master. While some players end up following one style and become a pro at it, some players go for learning different styles of play. We would say that opting for the latter approach is much better because then you can bring in other variables of the poker game into play as well. Our app can take you through multiple styles thanks to our comprehensive poker guides so that you can improve your skills and learn poker online.

  1. Tight: This is an approach used by players who are more worried about not losing a huge amount of money. Therefore, they tend to make fewer bets and play it safe.
  2. Loose: This is the exact opposite of ‘Tight’ where the player ends up taking a lot of risks and is ready to play more.
  3. Aggressive: This is a style of the poker game that involves a lot of betting and making moves that put other players under pressure.
  4. Passive: This is the kind of style in which the player ends up making more calls than bets. In this style, you are basically allowing your opponents to dictate the terms of the game and you end up reacting to their moves.

Considering all these four common playing styles, the ideal approach when it comes to how is poker played would be to have a mix of everything. You should have a flexible playing style, where you can shift gears in accordance with the hand you have, the community cards on the table and the playing style of your opponents.

This way, you have higher chances of winning poker games on a regular basis and can truly master the art of how is poker played to always win. In fact, this is one of the most efficient tips when it comes to poker for beginners.

Your position on the table matters

The later you play in a poker game, the better are the odds of making the right move, as you already know what other players have played. The dealer is usually the last player to play and this role is changed every game so as to keep it fair and square. Therefore, you should be able to capitalise with a slightly aggressive gameplay when it’s your turn to play last. You should play more hands, bet more and make the most out of your advantageous position in the round.

Your bluffs should make sense

Bluffing is a key aspect of poker games and when it comes to knowing how is poker played to always win, this technique can help you the most. However, bluffing should be done intelligently with a clear strategy behind it. The very basic idea of bluffing is that you are trying to make your opponent believe that you have a better hand than what they have.

To be a pro at it, you need to build a reliable story around the cards you want them to believe you have. Every move of yours should be made in a way that leads the other player to believe that you have a great hand. Mastery over bluffing will definitely make you win more poker games than usual.

Work out your odds as well as your pots

Now, this is where you need to use all the probability theories you learnt in school to always have a clear picture of your odds. In a poker game, it is all about what you do with the cards you have and it is incredibly important to know where all the cards of the deck might be in the game.

For example, let’s say there are four ♠, with two of them being in your hand and two on the table. You need one more spade to make your flush and eventually win the pot. You should calculate the probability of having that card eventually to win the poker game and place your bets accordingly.

This is where the calculations come in. Out of the 13 spades in the deck, you have 4, leaving 9 behind. Out of the 47 cards left, only 9 cards will make your flush and 38 won’t. Therefore, you have a 38/9 (around 4/1) odds of making a flush. These are slightly risky odds but again, it depends on the state of the poker game you are in. If your pay-out odds are 2/1, then playing that against the 4/1 odds of getting a flush can turn out to be a bad play. However, if the pay-out is, let’s say, 10/1, then taking that risk is acceptable because if you end up winning, you will win big. Being able to calculate all this quickly is arguably the most important step in learning how is poker played to always win.

Always maintain your calm

Now, here is a psychological tip that you must definitely follow under all circumstances of a poker game – maintain your calm! If you stress about the game, then you will not be in a position to think clearly and end up making big mistakes. In fact, if you look at how successful players play, the most striking thing about them would be how calm they are on the table, irrespective of the hand they have.

Even while playing aggressively, you must only make every move after thinking it through completely. You need to try and be one step ahead of your opponents in a poker game. Since there are no real time constraints in most versions of poker, you can sit and think at length before making a move. Once you have mastered the art of playing calmly, you should be able to find the right strategy to identify how is poker played to win. Now that you know how is poker played to always win, you should be able to participate in a series of poker games where you end up on the winning side. Play exciting poker games on our app and win big!

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