Pocket Rocket in Poker

Pocket Rocket in Poker

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Statistically speaking, you are way ahead of any other drawing hand in a game of standard Texas Hold'em if you have been dealt a pocket rocket in poker. Now, we understand the term pocket rockets actually sounds a bit strange but then poker is a strange world with practically endless nicknames one of which is pocket rockets. If you are not aware about what pocket rocket in poker means then keep reading because in this post, we have detailed the meaning and the ideal poker rocket strategy.

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What are pocket rockets in poker?

When a player is dealt pocket Aces or Ace-Ace for starting hands, he is said to have been dealt a pocket rocket in poker. To put it simply, in poker, rocket is a slang term or nickname that is popularly used in reference to the hand of pocket Aces in poker. Now, as surprising as it might sound, in poker, rockets or pocket aces are actually called by over 20 other nicknames, some of them include – Bullets, batteries and American Airlines.

It is imperative for you to remember here, when it comes to poker, rocket is by far the most powerful starting hand out of all the 169 possible hands in Texas Hold'em.

Pocket rocket strategy

By now you must have understood what pocket rockets in poker mean. Now, in this section we have detailed the ideal pocket rocket in poker strategy. So, let’s begin.

In poker, rockets are the strongest preflop holdings. Therefore, if you have been dealt a starting hand consisting of pocket rockets in poker then you should be looking to raise and re-arise as aggressively as possible. In fact, it is common for players to place 3-bet and 4-bet in poker when they have been dealt poker, rockets. When you raise preflop with pocket aces, one of the following two things will happen. The player who holds Broadway hands or the kind of hands that they like would most likely call your bet, and since you are holding pocket Aces this is exactly what you want. After all, to win big, you first need to build the pot so do not fret even if you end up betting half of your chip stack to build the pot. The other kind of players with marginal holdings will likely fold to your aggressive bets, and this in turn will reduce your competition manifold during the post flop rounds.

Now, let’s talk about the post flop rounds. When it comes to poker, rockets should be played aggressively in the post flop rounds as well especially if the board is wet.

When it comes to pocket rockets strategy always remember if you are playing against random opponents then raising and re-raising pre-flop and post-flop is the way to go. But if you are playing against known opponents then mix and match your play a bit in a bid to deceive and crack down on your opponent.

Finally, let us take a brief look at how pocket rockets can be played in Texas Hold'em with the help of a short example:

Let’s assume you are playing a game of Hold'em wherein you have been dealt Aces of spades and Aces of hearts for starting cards otherwise known as a pocket rocket. You are currently at the button position and there are several players with big chip stacks at the table. In the current poker round, you have already seen two raises and another player, say Mike, who sits two places to your right has now put a 3-bet worth 100$. Despite holding just $500, you decide to 4-bet as you presently hold the best starting hand in poker. The action again folds around to Mike who after some serious thought calls your bet. Herein, while you show pocket rockets in poker, Mike turns over a pair of Queen or pocket Queens. The flop round thereafter gives 3 cards – 8 of hearts, 8 of diamonds and 3 of spades, while the turn and river reveal 10 of clubs and Aces of clubs respectively. With the board texture fairly wet, you finally win the pot.

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