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The difference between a good poker player and a great poker player is the latter’s ability to play different flop textures easily. Poker has approximately 8 different types of flop textures such as dry, paired, or rainbow.

While dry and paired flop textures are pretty well-documented, the rainbow flop in poker perhaps needs some context. Therefore, in this post, we have detailed the meaning of the rainbow in poker and the ideal poker rainbow flop strategy.

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What is a rainbow flop in poker?

what is a rainbow in poker

In poker, a rainbow flop is a type of flop texture consisting of three cards from different suits. In other words, a rainbow in poker is a flop texture where every card is of a different suit. Now, let us understand what a rainbow mean in poker better with the help of a short example:

Let’s assume you are playing a game of poker wherein you have been dealt an Ace of hearts and a Queen of diamonds for starting hands. The flop round comes, and 3 cards – King of spades, 8 of clubs, and 5 of hearts are dealt face up. Herein, the flop would be represented as King-8-5 rainbow poker. Precisely because in this flop, all the cards have a different suit akin to the many colors of the rainbow. As you have learned, what is a rainbow flop poker? Now let's learn strategy for better gameplay.

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Poker rainbow flop strategy

Now that you have understood the meaning of the rainbow flop in poker, we have detailed the ideal poker rainbow flop strategy in this section.

Before we jump onto detailing the ideal rainbow flop strategy, you must understand that the rainbow flop can be of three different types. Therefore, the ideal rainbow strategy in poker differs a bit based on the type of rainbow flop dealt.

1) Disconnected poker rainbow flop

This rainbow in flop texture consists of cards with little connection or pattern. For instance, a rainbow flop in poker consists of 2 spades, 8 hearts, and an Ace of clubs.

A disconnected rainbow flop is one of the driest flop textures. Herein, the ideal rainbow in poker strategy depends on your position in the hand. If you are in a position against your opponents, consider betting aggressively but only put small bets. This is because, with a disconnected rainbow flop, it is quite likely that your opponents will miss out on a lot of hands. Therefore, you can create pressure on them by putting small bets.

2) Paired poker rainbow flop

This rainbow in flop texture consists of 3 cards of different suits, 2 are paired.

For instance – a rainbow flop in poker consisting of 9 spades, 9 clubs, and 6 diamonds.

The paired rainbow flops are not very different from the disconnected rainbow in poker flops because they do not support many hand combinations. Herein, the ideal rainbow flop in poker strategy is to bet aggressively but with small bets.

3) Connected poker rainbow flop

This rainbow in flop texture consists of 3 cards, 2 connected. For instance – a rainbow flop in poker texture consisting of – 7 hearts, 10 diamonds, and a Queen of spades.

The connected rainbow in poker flop is quite tricky because they complete many big hands, such as straights. Therefore, the ideal rainbow in poker strategy is to play these hands aggressively but cautiously.

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