Top 10 best starting hands in Texas Hold'em Poker!

Top 10 best starting hands in Texas Hold'em Poker!

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The most popular variant of poker card games, Texas holdem hands is in its prime. Ranging from playing in big tournaments to playing as a home game, this poker variant has infiltrated in almost all the major countries of the world. In this article, we have provided an overview of the game of Texas hold'em including the best poker hands to play and the best starting hands in poker, so that you can start earning more money while playing it online!

The basics of the game

The game of Texas hold'em is generally played with more than 2 players using a standard 52 card deck. Each player is given 2 private hole cards and then 5 community cards which are dealt throughout the game are placed faceup on the board. These 5 cards are placed in an orderly fashion wherein the first 3 cards placed are known as ‘the flop’, the next single card dealt on the board is known as ‘fourth street’ and the last community card which is placed on the board is known as ‘the river’.

How do you win a poker game?

In order to win a game of poker, you need to make the best 5 card combination by using the hole cards with the community cards. There is an official poker hand ranking that is used in the game. The player with the best card hands wins the pot.

Now that the game is refreshed in your mind, let's move on to knowing the poker starting hands so that you know how to navigate through the game.

texas holdem hands in poker

The top 10 Best Starting Hands in Poker!

In Texas hold'em poker, it is important to distinguish between the hands, that is, if a hand is playable or not. Knowing the poker starting hands, the players feel more in control of the game and can play the game to the best of their ability.

Due to the rules of the Texas hold.em poker hands game, each player receives 2 face down hole cards. Therefore, the total hole card combinations that can be received are 169 in number which can be –

·         13 pairs from 2’s to aces

·         78 pairs of different ranks

·         78 pairs of suited cards

Generally, suited pairs are considered stronger than non-suited pairs. Although the poker starting hands percentages depends largely upon the number of players, it is important to get the idea of all the pairs that can be dealt to a player.

Since in this poker game, the players receive 1 pair of faceup cards, let’s cover the best starting hands in poker which will help you in determining the best poker hands to play –

starting hands in poker

1.      Ace-Ace –

Also known as ‘Pocket Rockets’, the pair of ace-ace is considered as the best 2 cards in poker. Dealt once in every 221 hands and having the ability to win 80% of the time, this pair is considered a ‘pre flop’ gem. It is important to know that, although this is a strong pair, it is not unbeatable.

2.      King-King –

This pair closely follows in on the second place after the ace-ace to be among the best poker hands to play.  Also known as ‘king kongs’ or sometimes referred to as ‘cowboys’, they are favoured except they are in danger from aces.

3.      Queen-Queen –

Winding-up the top 3 poker starting hands, is the pair of ‘ladies’. Comparatively easier to play in ‘pre-flops’ than in the post-flops , this pair of Queen-Queen has an upper hand against almost every other card except the kings and the aces.

4.      Ace-King (Suited) –

Considered as the 4th best starting hands in poker, having this pair, gives you a great chance to have 2 flushes –

·         A Nut Flush – In this flush the ace is a high card

·         A Royal Flush – In this flush the player has all suited cards consisting of an ace, a king, a queen, a jack and a 10)

You can either make a flush, a straight or a pair with these 2 hold cards, in conjunction with 3 community cards.

5.      Ace-Queen (Suited) –

Also known as ‘big chick’, the Ace-Queen is the 4th one on the list of best poker hands to play. With this pair when suited, a player can win 20% of the times being better than all the jacks and 10s. With this pair, a player has a chance to make either a royal flush, nut flush, a straight or a high pair.

6.      Jack-Jack –

Also known as ‘hooks’ or referred to as ‘fish hooks’, this pair of Jack-Jack comes in at the 6th place for poker starting hands. Having this pair can make you win 20% of the time, but if an ace, king or queen is shown in the flop, there is not much you can do.

7.      King-Queen (Suited) –

Getting a suited King-Queen is in 7th place for best texas holden poker hands to play in the game of Texas Hold em. You could even get a flush.

8.      Ace-Jack (Suited) –

Also known as ‘blackjack’ or sometimes referred to as ‘ajax’, Ace-Jack is the 8th best starting hands in poker. Generally won about 18%, with this pair of cards you could make a royal flush, a nut flush, a straight or a high pair.

9.      Ace-King (Non-Suited) –

This is the only non-suited pair which makes it to the best poker starting hands.

Also known as the ‘big slick’, this pair of Ace-King has a comparatively low chance of making good flushes than the suited pair of Ace-King.

10. 10-10

This is the only non-picture card in the top best starting hands in poker. Also known as ‘dimes’, you can win even without this card appearing on the flop. Some players believe the pair of a suited King-Jack is stronger than 10-10.

After going through the above article, you are now more than ready to try your top 10 poker starting hands at Texas hold'em. Remember that with some practise, you can become a poker champ in no time!

These are the best hands in Hold em to help you win poker games.

With the knowledge of these best starting hands in poker, there’s no reason to wait! Download the GetMega Poker app and start playing with all of your friends now!

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