Poker Roller: Meaning, Characteristics, & How To Beat


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In the world of poker or any other cash game, every player holds different intentions in their mind while playing. Some play just to enjoy, some play to earn money and make a living out of it, and some play to learn something new and inculcate it as a hobby. There are players who do not own a high amount of money and so, in most cases, they play low stake games.

However, there are also players who are rich, and in almost every game, they play high stakes. They are willing to spend huge sums of money to play poker. These players in poker are named “high rollers”. The opposite ones are known as “low rollers”, who play in low-stakes tournaments. Let us learn what is high roller poker.

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Poker roller or High roller

A poker roller or a high roller meaning poker is a player who frequently wagers a high amount of money. These players usually play in tournaments with very high buy-ins or high roller tournaments. The amount that a poker roller brings to the table varies from country to country.

High poker rollers are provided with several incentives from the casinos such as free private jet transfers, limousine use, first-class accommodations, etc. to lure the players onto the table.

Poker roller

The poker rollers have a major effect on the income of casinos where they play. That’s why they sometimes extend credit to a player so that he can bet continuously and even offer rebates on losses.

The poker rollers also join the different casino-sponsored tournaments and international poker tournaments. Though not all the high rollers are exposed in public, those who are well-known in public, act indirectly as a brand ambassadors for the casinos.

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Characteristics of a poker roller

There are some special features or characteristics of poker rollers that differentiate them from the others. There are some habits inculcated in them that are not there in other players at the table. Here are some characteristics of a poker roller to consider:

Characteristics of poker roller
  • Play regularly: A poker roller is a regular player and they are regular at a specific type of game. So if you want to become a high roller, you have to be regular and frequent in your game.
  • Wagers big amount: The high rollers always wager a big amount and also bet bigger. This makes them more confident about themselves and more prepared to win or lose.
  • Character: Even if you have enough money still your character counts the most. A true high roller never behaves inappropriately with the casino personnel. They have to be as disciplined as the other players are, if not more.

Now you get an idea of what is high roller poker. Poker is considered to be the best casino game. However, to become a better player whether you are a “high roller” or a “low roller”, you need to take out some time for playing it on a daily basis. The more you play, the better you get at it.

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