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Regarding poker, the term deep stack poker is often thrown around rather loosely in most poker strategy articles. Since we understand it can be fairly difficult for amateur poker players to know the meaning of every poker term. Therefore, in this post, we have detailed the deep stack poker meaning along with the key considerations relative to deep stack poker.

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deep stack poker

What does the term deep stack mean in poker?

What does deep stack mean in poker? Regarding poker, the term deep stack poker is commonly used in a large stack that typically consists of more than 100 big blinds. In other words, in a game of Texas Holdem, a player is said to be deep-stacked when he holds a pile of chips that are worth much more than the value of 100 big blinds.

The term deep stack poker is also often used in conjunction with a poker tournament where the starting stacks initially dealt to the players are far higher than the ante and blind bets. Since the starting stacks in these games are far deeper than usual, these tournaments are thus widely known as deep stack poker tournaments.

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Deep stack poker meaning – Key considerations

Now that you have got a fair idea about the meaning of deep stack poker meaning, in this section, let us discuss the 2 key considerations relative to deep stacks in poker.

Hand values

Regarding deep stack poker, hand values generally assume extreme importance. This is because with deep stacks, while top pair hands go down in value, suited connectors and pocket pairs that support big hands like flushes, straights, and full houses often increase in importance. So, in reality, a hand like Ace, King off-suited, or even King, Queen off-suited usually commands far less value than, let’s say, 8,9 suited or 9,10 suited.

Vital to this, whenever you play deep stacks in poker, always make it a point to play only when you have been dealt premium starting hands and avoid betting your stack with weak hands. Deep stacks are imperative for you to remember here that when you play with a short stack, you can bet with weak hands because even if your opponent calls, you only stand to lose a small amount. But your opponent is already aware of your stack strength when it comes to deep stacks. Herein, your opponent will not call your bet with an average hand. So, if he calls your bet, you stand to lose big if you do not hold a premium hand.

deep stack poker meaning


Can we ever emphasize the importance of position in any poker game? Even in deep stack poker, position by far holds supreme importance. Relative to this, whenever you are deep stacked in poker, you must attempt to play in position because here, you will have far more information about your opponents and likely be able to make better decisions.

On the contrary, when you are out of position, most of the decisions work on guesswork, and with deep stacks relying on guesswork can make you lose much more than you believe. Here, players who act last in any game of poker are regarded to be in position, while players who act first or early in hand are often considered “out of position.”

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