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Casino games are no longer limited to the confines of a designated casino building. The popularity of these games has inspired app developers and website builders to diversify platforms such that casino games are now available on your smart devices.

Online casinos in India are growing every day, so let us take this opportunity to explore the options for casino online games for real money.

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How to earn money from playing at an online casino India?

In order to earn real cash from an online casino India, you need to register on the casino websites that best suit your requirements. Once you do so, the online casino sites in India will verify your profile to ensure that you are not using any fake accounts to collude or hack the platform and cheat other players.

Upon completing the registration process along with your profile verification, online casino websites will offer you a signup bonus, and in some cases, loyalty points to elevate your earning potential. Of course, you need to invest a little in casino online games for real money earning benefits.

On the best online casinos in India, you will find a series of games. The most popular choices that you absolutely need in order to make a lot of cash are Rummy and Poker. Therefore, the best casino sites in India will always offer these games.

It is to your benefit if you take some time to learn the gameplay in theory by going through the rules and strategies beforehand. Most online casinos in India offer cash games where you can take some time to play and strategize all the while earning real cash. Use these cash games to your advantage and perfect your strategies for casino online games for real money before you indulge in high-stakes events. You need to win the casino games for real money in order to earn, so make sure you have a good strategy and keep your mind as calm as the ocean breeze while you play.

List of the ten top casino sites in India

As you know, there are lots of casino websites that allow you to play casino games for real money. It is difficult to tell which ones are legitimate and which are fake. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best casino sites where you can play games and earn real cash:

1. GetMega

Possibly the best online casino in India is GetMega. It is a gaming platform that supports various types of games with their major attraction being the casino games like Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Rummy.

GetMega offers multiple verticals to earn cash from their online casino India platform. For one, they start you off with a substantial signing bonus and provide a referral code. You can share this code to earn a lot more bonuses and use them to play more games.

The site also hosts multiple tournaments and contests regularly for both high-stakes and low-stakes games.

Another incredible method of earning from casino online games for real money is by partaking in their paid leaderboards. These lists are updated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even hourly basis. If you are a consistent player with one of the top ranks, you can earn additional cash rewards and even exciting goodies like brand new mobile phones, gold coins, etc.

2. Betway

A progressive and possibly one of the best casino sites in India is Betway. The USP of this site is that not only do you have the unique opportunity to play various licensed casino games but you can also partake in sports betting. To start you off joyfully, Betway offers a handsome welcome bonus that you can use to play casino games. The earning potential on the site is quite rewarding even though their game selections are limited. You can definitely play casino games for real money and earn quite a substantial sum.

3. 888

An impressive option among online casinos is 888 where you can play a wide range of casino games and earn tremendous benefits. They offer spin cashback and others with 100% returns and they have a rewarding loyalty program.

Aside from these promotions, 888 also has a wide range of tables to play multiplayer casino online games for real money. The earning potential on this platform is really rewarding.

4. MegaRush

An online casino India site with a unique principle is MegaRush. The site allows you to take part in live casino games like live roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more with a live dealer.

If you are looking for the best casino in India, then you can play games on MegaRush to get the feel of a real-time casino with their live gameplay. Aside from that, players also enjoy their progressive casino winnings under different gaming categories.

5. Parimatch

An exciting online casino India site is Parimatch that not only supports casino online games for real money but also allows you to partake in sports betting.

The site provides incredible earning potential from the start. They offer top-ups for your first 5 deposits to amplify your ability to play games and earn real cash. They even offer 300 spins for free so you can make a lot of additional cash by partaking in the spinning wheel alone.

Parimatch is a boon for high-rollers.

6. 10Cric

Another option among the best casino sites in India is 10Cric that also allows you to participate in sports betting. You can earn a lot of playable cash through their bonuses and accessing the 10Cric but that’s not all.

10Cric has several tournaments and periodic gift-earning opportunities. You can literally earn enough cash and goodies from their bonuses to play a ton of casino game rounds and escalate your earnings.

7. ComeOn

A truly rewarding online casino in India for real money is ComeOn. The site allows you to play various casino games on a daily basis, aside from their sports betting options, of course.

It is a high-earning platform not only in terms of paid games but also has free casino games available. You can win the jackpot, play slots, and take part in daily contests and campaigns. Casino gamers simply love their wide range of promotions that encourage you to keep earning on this platform.

8. Royal Panda

An experienced member on this list is the online casinos of Royal Panda. Not only do they have a tremendously wide range of games to play but they also offer incredible bonuses along the way.

The app design is very appealing too and they have simplified the deposit and withdrawal processes to make them more convenient for players.

9. Wheelz

This is another among the best casino sites available these days. Wheelz starts you off with a high reward as a signup bonus, which is enticing as it is. To top that off, they have a wide selection of games and exciting graphic designs to keep you entertained. One such attraction is David Hasselhoff welcoming you to the casino website. The themes on this site are enough to excite anybody, then they go ahead and add their benefits of high-earning potential, gaining real-time experience in the online casino for real money, and offering quick and hassle-free withdrawals.

10. Wildz

One of the best casino sites with upstanding customer support is Wildz. They have integrated casino games for real money with trust so you can play on the site knowing that you won’t be cheated.

They offer a handsome welcome bonus and daily winnings from jackpots, not to mention, 200 spins for free to support your earning potential. They also have beneficial promotions and offers that work in your favor all the time.

How online casino sites in India became popular?

For a long time, online casino India did not gain the recognition that it deserved. This was simply due to the lack of awareness and the ban on casino games for real money.

However, with time, app developers and website builders started to create gaming platforms with valid licenses so people can play games legally and earn real cash. Additionally, the boom of online poker games impacted the popularity of online casinos in India. People started earning loads of cash by playing the game online to challenge worthy opponents and climbing the ladders to professional poker tournaments held worldwide. Furthermore, since the dawn of covid19 obstructed the earning potential of many people, they turned to online gaming in order to keep up their finances. Since online casino for real money provides the best means to earn. Players began flocking to the best online casinos to earn money.

Benefits of playing on online casino sites focused on India

India has a long-standing tradition of hosting card games and casino games even in the comfort of people’s homes. They play it for fun at weddings, functions, celebrations, and every opportunity they can find. There are even smaller casino games that are held in back-alleys and low-budget gaming destinations.

Online casino India provides a leeway to play these games on licensed and verified platforms where the earning potential is higher, especially with the benefits of bonuses.

An online casino in India for real money usually supports multiple games including card games, roulette, spinning wheels, slot machines, Keno, Baccarat, Bingo, and a lot more. These varied game types facilitate more options for earning real money on online casinos, thus making them highly beneficial. Additionally, the best online casino sites in India allow multiplayer gaming with friends, family, and strangers across the internet. Therefore, the games are more fun, especially if the online casinos have communicative channels like video chats and texting options.

Are online casinos legal in India?

Yes. Casinos, in general, need to be licensed in order to facilitate casino games for real money. Online casino India requires casino websites to register themselves and acquire a license. This is one of the primary reasons that the best casino sites in India ask for your documentation or at least to verify your profile.If you play casino online games for real money on a licensed platform, it is legal. However, if you play these games on an unlicensed app or website, you could face serious problems.

Can people make a living from only playing on an Online Casino India?

People can, undoubtedly, make a living from playing online casino games for real money. There are platforms that allow gaming around the clock, throughout the year.

You need to choose the games that you know very well or pick a high-earning game and spend some time learning the rules, strategies, and advice from accomplished players. Once you have a winning strategy that you can subconsciously modify to fit the ongoing gameplay during a contest and tournament, you are already halfway there to earn a living from online casino India.

The other half lies in choosing the right platform. You need to select the best casino in India that is available online based on their promotions, bonuses, range of games, payouts, the kind of users they allow, and the genuineness of the gameplay. If you are playing on the right platform, you can launch a viable career with casino online games for real money and earn a substantial living.

How to play games on GetMega?

GetMega, as you know by now, is an online gaming site where you can play casino games. What’s more is that they have other games as well, including trivia quiz games to test your skills and knowledge in various subjects and casual games to pass the time. Every gaming category on GetMega is a minefield to earn real cash.

In order to play these trivia games, casual games, and partake in the online casino for real money, you first need to register on the platform using your Facebook account.

Once you register on the app, you will find a list of the available games. You can choose the games you know really well or learn a new game from the rules available for each game on the site. You receive a signing bonus to get you started but at any point, if you run out of playable cash, you can use secure payment methods to deposit money into your GetMega wallet.

The games on GetMega start from Rs. 5 and range up to thousands. You can choose from a variety of cash games, tournaments, and contests to play at different costs to accommodate your specific needs to earn. Playing games on GetMega is very simple and it offers high earning potential. It is definitely worth registering on the platform to play at the online casino for real money and launch a career or simply earn to support your financial needs.

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