Different Types of Poker Players

Different Types of Poker Players

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You will find a multitude of poker players on a table. Newbies to experts, you will find different types of poker players playing at one poker table. Identifying the type of poker player you are playing against is the best way to change your moves and strategies to win. So, here we bring you a a guide about the different types of poker players you can come across a poker table and how to identify them.

Bingo Player

This term is for players who are new to the game. These types of poker players also go by the name of Newbie, Noob and Chancer. These terms are used to describe a specific type of poker player who does not know how to strategize and does not possess the skill needed to play poker yet. Due to their lack of skill and strategy skills, it makes it difficult to read these players. This is because they themselves do not know how they are going to play and what their next move will be. These players graduate from games like Bingo, a game based on luck more than skill, before coming to play poker on the grownup table.

The problem with noobs and newbies is that they play poker the same way they play bingo, by relying on their luck. Poker is not about luck at all. It requires strategy and skill to win. These players play by impulse and not by skill. They do not analyze the game to figure out patterns. As a result, even the experienced players have trouble reading noobs and bingo players. Bingo players have the tendency of bragging about their skills if they end up winning as well as being sore losers when they end up losing a round.

The Fish

This term is given to the type of poker players who like to play things out. This specific type of poker player plays it safe. These types of poker players are also called the Calling Station and the Trigger. It is very common for players to fold their hand if they do not see a good set of community cards on the table. These types of poker players end up calling most of the raises just to see how things are going for them. They do this until the flop. After the first three cards are revealed, this type of poker player decides their next move. The fish is known as the calling station because of their tendency to call almost all the raises but not raise any bets of their own.

They are known as the trigger because their moves trigger most of the other players on the poker table. As long as the raised bets are not very significant, the fish keeps on calling all the raised bets so that they can stay in the game and see if they have any way of winning. The other players get triggered by these types of poker players because it is very hard to read these players. This is because these players keep on calling almost every raised bet. This masks their calls on something that is of interest and benefit to them. The fish also ends up profiting from the other players’ cautious moves and plays. But, if a player figures out the fish on the table in the earlier parts of the game, they can easily change their tactics and strategies such that they profit from the fish’s moves.

The Rock

This specific type of poker player is arguably one of the most annoying players on the table. The only hand that interests this poker player is a premium hand or a hand with which they can surely win. This type of poker player also goes by the terms Tight Passive, The Nit, The Stone and Old White n’ Tiger. These poker players do not bet big or bet at all until they see a hand which they like. They play on blinds and the smallest raises in the game. if the flop goes their way or if the flop has face cards with a 90 percent chance of winning, they start raising bets. They are one of the easiest players to spot on the poker table.

Most players can identify rocks at their tables within four to five rounds of the game. The easiest way to identify a rock is to observe their calling and raising actions. This is because the rocks barely raise anything and barely call any raised bet until and unless they have cards that can win, if they have cards that can win, they start raising huge amounts of bets. Once the other players have identified these types of poker players on the table, they can easily alter their betting pattern. Once the rocks start raising big, the other players can fold and get out of harm’s way because the rock will only bet if they have a winning chance.


The sharks are the type of poker players who are absolute professionals. They have excellent skills and always have some or the strategies up their sleeve. With loads of poker experience backing them, these types of poker players come to win. The best way to identify a shark is by not being able to identify them. With such experience with them, sharks blend in with the rest of the players and use different strategies to play. They tend to rely on misdirection so as to confuse their opponents into taking the bait. They then pounce on their opponents and slowly take them out of the game. It is all tact when sharks play. These types of poker players tend to wipe away everything from their opponent’s wallets and leave them with nothing. This specific type of poker player has the ability to masquerade themselves as the rock, the bingo player and the fish, all simultaneously. This ability gives them all the ammunition they need apart from their stellar skills to win poker.

The Coffee Houser

These types of poker players are known for their trash talk. They try to talk trash to break your confidence and make you doubt yourself and your moves while playing. This specific type of poker player is frowned upon on many platforms for using their techniques.

Mr. ABC Poker

This specific type of poker player is known for playing by the rules. These types of poker players stick to the basic plays of poker by doing everything by the book and not thinking out of the box. These types of poker players use nothing but their limited poker knowledge to navigate through the game.

Now that you know all there is to know about the different types of poker players, it is time to put what you have learnt to the test. Download the GetMega app to play poker online and see how your opponents play.

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Kanchan Sharma Author
Kanchan Sharma Author
Kanchan Sharma

Kanchan Sharma started her career as a learning designer at an MNC while pursuing poker as a hobby. However, she soon pivoted to becoming a professional MTT (Multi Table Tournaments) player. She is currently a leading player, who has taken the male dominated poker world by storm. During her stint as a poker player, she has bagged many titles including India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) for Rs. 17,98,906, Winter Celebration Series for Rs. 6,62,500 and has final tabled multiple tournaments. She continually seeks to improve her poker game and work on her mindset to win the WSOP title soon. Her journey from being a recreational player to a poker pro is inspiring for many people out there.

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