Ring Game in Poker

Ring Game in Poker

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Poker is a game that comes with multiple formats and variants, suiting everyone’s preferences perfectly. The player isn’t always required to put in their entire stake into the game for them to learn and acquire new skills as a beginner. The same goes for an expert as well. The experienced players don’t have to stick to playing monotonous chip games if that doesn’t float their boat. Ring game in poker is one such type of poker, in which a player can exchange the chips for actual money. Entering this ball game would give the player the benefit of taking home some dollar bills and also an intense satisfaction of having won the game on true merit. This article entails the definition of ring game in poker and all about its rules & origin.

What exactly is ring game in poker?

Ring game in poker is supposed to be a non-tournament-based format that involves actual cash as the main stake. Many times, the term ring game is used instead of cash games and can be used to refer to the same game format. The players can register at a particular table and buy in any amount of chips that they prefer before the beginning of the game. However, in some formats, there is always a cap on how many chips one can buy-in legally. Ring game in poker is quite flexible when compared to other formats because they allow the players to leave at any point of the game and exchange their chips for cash.

How to play a ring game in poker?

There are no pre-specified rules to this game as the players can enter and leave the game depending on their wish, except they would have to follow some regulations and requirements at the table before starting to play. The table requirements of ring games in poker can differ with respect to the online website or house hosting the game.

Usually, the player would have to do a buy-in, which basically means that the player would have to put down some amount of money to be a part of the table. Once they begin the ring game in poker, the player is supposed to avoid going south. This means that the player is not allowed to get rid of a part of their stack in order to reduce their stake in the game. This could potentially be a form of cheating and is not entertained during ring games in poker. Going south with the chip stack also defeats the sole purpose of playing the game at the table with other players.

Some of the main rules of ring game in poker are -

·         Ring games in poker cannot be played similar to a shorthanded game where the table isn’t completely filled before starting. In ring games, it is obligatory for the dealer to ensure that the table is full before proceeding further.

·         Unlike poker tournaments, ring games can be unpredictable and do not have many rules tied to them like a specific duration for the game, predetermined list of players, tournament chips etc. Ring games in poker are quite different and they also tend to use cash money to swap for the chips.

·         Ring games in poker cannot entirely be compared to cash games or live games as their rules vary tremendously. Ring games are supposed to be much more lucid and precise when compared to other cash games.

·         The origin of the name “ring game” in poker for this format sprouted from the realization that a full ring is formed at the table during this game but this definition has loosened over the years and some might not believe the same in recent times.

Now that you know what ring game in poker means, it is time for you to try your hand at poker. To play online, download the GetMega Poker app now and register yourself.

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