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Quiz games are all the rage these days. Ever since Kaun Banega Crorepati hit the screens, we have been looking for opportunities to make money from the well of knowledge inside our heads, and now, we’ve found it.

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With the recent dynamic change in outlook towards the economy, software developers and app creators have found viable means to host trivia quiz shows and offer people opportunities to make money from them. This has even made for a source of income for out-of-work celebrities who host these events on these apps and allow people to earn tons of money for hardly any work.

One such app on the market is Qureka. It is known for its unique blend of daily quizzes and reasonable prize giveaways, which attracts a lot of users. Today, we shall take a look at some of the Qureka hack tricks to determine how to win in Qureka. Let’s get started, shall we? Get a complete guide on How To Download, Login, Sign In, Register Qureka?

What is the Qureka app?

In its essence, the Qureka hack app is a trivia quiz app where you can participate in daily quizzes, answer the questions correctly, and win the prize money. Of course, there are diverse nuances to this app that enables you to earn money so easily. We will discuss how to play and earn from Qureka hacks but first, let us get to know the app.

Qureka hack quizzes are hosted twice a day, once at 2:30 pm and at 8 pm. Of course, there are several other quizzes throughout the day conducted from 9 am in the morning to 10:30 pm at night. However, the two daily main events are where you can make most of your money.

Like most other quiz games, Qureka has a host for the main events. There are 10 questions that you need to answer in order to qualify to win the prize money. Of course, with our qureka hack & tricks, the process becomes much easier so read on to find out the best way to play quiz games and earn money. Know Best Apps Like Qureka For You To Play And Earn Money.

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How to earn on the Qureka app?

In order to earn real cash from the Qureka app, you first need to download and install it. The app is available in the play store so it is easier than searching for it on the official website.

Once your download and installation are through, it is time to register on the app to start making money. Just input your name and contact number. The app will generate a One Time Password or OTP for verification purposes. When you finish inputting the OTP, your registration is complete.

Upon completing the registration, Qureka will award you with a signup bonus and a referral code. There are qureka hack tricks to use these to your advantage as well but we’ll get to that. For now, remember to share your referral code with as many people as you can. It helps in playing the game and earning money.

Now, there are 5 different games that you can play daily to earn extra lives. They help when you play quiz games that offer cash rewards. Actually, aside from these 5 games, all other events are for money in the form of cash or in-app coins.

The two daily quizzes conducted at 2:30 pm and 8 pm offer the most cash prizes. The prize money for each quiz on each day is predetermined. When a player gets all the questions right and makes it into the winners’ list, this prize money is divided equally among all the players on the said list. If you get a question wrong, you will have options to either leave the game or use one of your extra lives to continue.

You can use in-app coins to partake in the quizzes every single day. When you win, the money is credited to your Qureka account and you can subsequently withdraw it to your bank account directly or via UPI, online wallets, and whatnot. Also, get to know How To Withdraw And Deposit Money From Qureka?

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Tips on how to hack Qureka

Now that you know how to play the games and earn money on Qureka, let us take a look at some of the incredible Qureka hacks that we curated. To profess this, we want to clarify that these Qureka hacks are not external apps or programs but simple qureka hack & tricks that most people do not know. Using cheats can ban your account for life. However, using our legal Qureka hacks could benefit you greatly.

  • For starters, use someone’s referral code to sign in to the app. Not only will they receive lives, which are now converted to 10 coins for each, but you can also earn from using their code. You will receive two lives along with your signup bonus.
  • Refer the app to as many people as you possibly can. Not only do you earn a small referral bonus cash but you also earn additional lives. These lives are useful to stay in the game, especially when you are nearing the end of the quiz and get a question wrong at the last minute.
  • Play the 5 games that offer extra lives. Let us warn you, it is not going to be easy. However, your efforts will pay off when you play the big-prize games and use these lives to continue your turn. Keep in mind, these lives are now displayed as coins since the app upgrade, which means you have a higher chance of buying your way out of the puddle when you give a wrong answer.
  • Play the other games that offer numerous coins. As we said, these coins can help you stay in the game instead of the extra lives now.
  • Watch videos and advertisements to earn more coins.
  • Partake in the mini-quizzes throughout the day. Their prize amounts are much smaller like Rs. 1000 or Rs. 2000. However, not many people take part in these quizzes and fewer of them actually get all the questions right. Therefore, for hardly a minute or two of answering questions, you can earn an odd Rs. 50 – 100 each time.
  • When you earn Rs. 30, you can start withdrawing your winnings. However, we suggest you wait a while till you have nearly Rs. 200. That way you can withdraw a substantial sum of money and still leave something in your Qureka wallet for future participation in quizzes.
  • Keep collecting lives throughout the day and take part in the major quiz event in the evening. This one provides prize money of Rs. 20,000 daily, which is divided among all the winners. You are likely to earn a good amount of money from this quiz.

Using these Qureka hacks, you can certainly improve your chances of earning real cash every day. Of course, tweaking the formula and devising a winning strategy helps even more, so we got one for you.

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Top winning strategy for Qureka

As you know, Qureka offers a lot of opportunities to earn lives that can save you, so you can continue playing in the quizzes. Not to mention, there is a host who announces the questions to you. Keeping these very useful features in mind, we have the perfect Qureka winning tricks to assist you in your gameplay.

  • Share the referral code, play the small games, and earn as many lives and coins as you can throughout the day.
  • Join the first big quiz at 2:30 pm that offers prize money of Rs. 10000 in total and answer all the questions correctly or use extra lives to stay in the game.
  • Continue to earn more lives and coins again till the next main event at 8 pm.
  • Now, here’s where it gets tricky. You can use the two-device method as a Qureka hack without explicitly violating their company policies. Here’s what you do:
  • Download and register on Qureka on one smart device.
  • Use the other device to activate Google Assistant or Siri in your search options.
  • When the big events start, keep your Qureka app on full volume and the other device on mute or attach headsets.
  • Make sure that the virtual assistant can hear the voice of the host when they read out the questions.
  • The virtual assistant will automatically search for the right answer and spit it out. Check the option that matches the Google responses.

This method is bound to get 80-90 percent of your answers right. If it takes too long to finish the search, just go with your gut and answer the question before the timer runs out.

Be careful when you use the two-device method though. Your Qureka app should not detect any unlawful activities. Still, it is an easier way to get all the answers right without violating the qureka hack & tricks policies. Just plan ahead, and you’ll be fine.

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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

While Qureka is a decent app that can help you earn small amounts of money throughout the day, we have another option to help you out where you can play games for large amounts of real cash.

The site called GetMega has become widely popular these days. It is an online gaming channel where you can participate in various types of games under different genres.

  1. There are also casino games like Rummy and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

When you get bored of trivia questions, you can simply switch to other gaming categories and continue to earn. The reason this site is better is that the rewards are much higher than most other gaming apps.

You can find a lot of cash games for each gaming category. This is a good opportunity to practice your skills for the big leagues. Once you are proficient, you can start entering contests and tournaments that are conducted on a regular basis. Needless to say, the earning potential on these is much higher.

There is a multitude of benefits for playing games on GetMega. First of all, they start you off with a handsome signing bonus and equip you with a referral code. For each successful referral, you earn more bonuses.

Among other things, the games on GetMega start from a mere Rs. 5 and range up to thousands. Based on your level of expertise and desire to earn, you can choose the options that suit you best. You can also partake in paid leaderboards for the GetMega games wherein, if you keep up your position among the top 10 rankers, then you can win more cash, goodies, and prizes. Some people even win mobile phones and gold coins here.

GetMega has a simple user interface, so even if you have language difficulties, you can easily navigate through the site and find suitable games for yourself. All in all, GetMega is an excellent site to play games and earn a lot of money quickly and effortlessly.

If you consistently play on GetMega, soon your earnings will surpass what you earn at your regular job. It has the potential to become your primary source of income.

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