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Do you know that now you can play Ludo to earn cash prizes?

Yes, that’s true. You can now relive your childhood memories to play the classic board game and win money.

These days, people are so inclined on earning that nothing is worth doing unless you can earn from it. With this in mind, app developers and software programmers are coming up with new strategies that you can use to make more and more cash every day.

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One such app is developed by ludo circle app. Their motto is ‘Sense is a line, intellect is a circle.’ Hence, they named the game quite aptly.

Today, we will discuss this genius app to earn money while you play your favorite board game. We will discuss how to play the game, of course, but also a few Ludo Circle hacks and Ludo Circle winning tricks that will put your strategy over the edge and help you earn big money.

Ludo Circle

What is the Ludo circle app?

Ludo circle is yet another Ludo game app wherein you can play the classic board game on a multiplayer platform. When you win the game, they reward you with cash that you can quickly withdraw. The game is developed by 18 Minds, a company that prides itself on being one with the people.

Of course, not everybody is a Ludo champion. The game may be simple but it requires a strategy to solve the puzzle and reach your destination to be victorious. That is why the app offers practice games where you can try out new strategies with an offline bot or three and find the best way to win Ludo Circle.

We also have another app where you can play the games that you played in your childhood, also to earn money. We’ll get to that so read this article till the very end. By the time you finish, you will have so many alternatives at your disposal to play games and keep earning real cash.

But first, let us take a look at some of the incredible Ludo Circle hacks that you can use to elevate your earnings.

Apply these tips and trick shots to overpower your opponents

How to earn on the Ludo circle app?

If you want to play the classic game of Ludo and use our Ludo Circle hacks and tricks to build yourself a side hustle, you will first need to download the app. It is available on the official Ludo Circle website.

Once you install the app, you have to register on it too. This is to simplify the process of earning credits and withdrawing them as per your preference.

The Ludo Circle app, although inspired by the classic board game, does have a few heightened rules. These rules are accessible in their ‘laws and rules of the game’ section. They have amped up the gameplay with a few Ludo Circle hidden tricks of their own to make it much more challenging. The idea is to get a taste of what it is like to confront your opponents and emerge victorious even if it is with a simple game like Ludo.

The basic objective of the game is to unlock all your player tokens, 4 to be exact, run through the board with them, and ultimately reach the finish line to emerge victoriously. You will have 3 opponents in most games and you need to beat their Ludo Circle winning strategy or circle hack with your own.

When you roll sixes, you have an opportunity to release your player tokens from their cells. After that, it is a race during which you can capture your opponents’ tokens to send them back to the home cell again. You get to move the same number of steps as shown on the dice. You can choose which of your player tokens you want to move. That’s where our Ludo Circle tips and tricks come into the picture. We will share these Ludo circle hacks in a minute.

Upon sending all your player tokens to the victory slot beyond the line, you will receive earnings in the form of game credits. These can be withdrawn once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. The game credits will be converted to cash or coupons for you to use.

Now that you know the main components of the game, let us take a look at some Ludo Circle hacks so you can determine how to win money in Ludo Circle.

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How to Refer & Earn Bonus Cash?

  • Open the Ludo Circle app.
  • Click on the Friends icon on the bottom left.
  • Click the invite and share your referral code with your friends.
  • Make sure they verify their phone number.
  • Receive a bonus of ₹5 on completing your registration

Tips on how to hack Ludo circle

In order to win the game ludo circle hack, you need a killer winning strategy in Ludo Circle. We have one at the ready that we’ll share but first, we want to discuss the Ludo Circle tips and tricks that you need to know in order to devise your strategy to the letter.

Here are the Ludo Circle hacks, tips, and tricks:

  • Start by taking a hard look at the app. You may come across promotions and offers from time to time that will help escalate your winnings legally.
  • Create a defined ludo circle earning app winning strategy before you start. It is a popular game and you already know the rules. Just think before you make a move.
  • Always focus on releasing multiple player tokens from the home cell. In the case of Ludo, another player can easily capture your token, which will leave you stranded in the cell if you don’t think ahead. That’s what makes this the best trick to win Ludo Circle, or at least gives you a head start.
  • Another important Ludo Circle hack to keep in mind is you need to take your tokens to the victory slot. The more tokens you have that complete their rounds, the higher is your point average. This will affect how much credit you win. We suggest releasing all the tokens from t6he cell but taking them one at a time to run the board, at least till it is safe for them to do so.
  • Count the number of moves and where your token will land before you move them. The dice will show you the number of moves and once you click on a token, it will move on its own. Count the slots accurately.
  • Always aim for the opponent’s home slots or the stars marked across the game board. Your tokens are safe here so no one can capture them.

That said, we have the perfect Ludo Circle hack for you. Before we go any further to discuss the winning strategy in Ludo Circle though, we want to clarify the point about Ludo circle hacks. Though they are called hacks, you must not try to violate the policies of the Ludo Circle app by using eternal programs and cheats. We know that the gameplay is challenging but the idea is to relive your childhood memories while learning how to strategize correctly.

It may not seem like it but even with such a simple game, you can learn to strategize in your real life, not just the board game. So, follow the Ludo Circle hacks, or should we say Ludo Circle tips and tricks in this article to win instead of looking for ways to cheat.

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Top winning strategy in Ludo circle

The best trick to win Ludo Circle is to use a strategy that cannot fail. Of course, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but for the most part, you just keep on winning. Here’s the winning strategy in Ludo Circle that you’ve been waiting for:

  • You have to roll sixes to release the player tokens, so if you roll consecutive sixes, first release the tokens. In the beginning, release at least two and the remaining steps that you earn from rolling the dice, use them to forward one token as far as it can go.
  • A good Ludo Circle hack is also knowing when to modify your plans. When you roll the first six, look at where your opponent’s token is. If it is right behind you then, upon rolling another six, use it to sprint with the token that you released and get it out of your opponent’s range.
  • Capture your opponents’ player tokens as much as possible to hinder their progress.
  • If there is a choice between capturing an opponent’s token and moving up the victory line to hit the victory slot with the number of steps you earned from rolling the dice, choose the latter. It is difficult to get the required number on the dice when you are on the victory line.
  • On the other hand, the best way to win Ludo Circle is to stop other players from reaching the victory line. Therefore, when you have the choice mentioned above with an opportunity to capture an opponent’s token right when it is about to reach the victory line, capture it.
  • When your player tokens are closer to your victory line but in a safe place, keep them there until the coast is clear. If there are any opponent’s tokens on your tail, don’t move from their home slots till they pass you by.

Playing a game of Ludo is meant to be enjoyable. Don’t get caught up in the money-earning tornado. Use the Ludo Circle hacks that we shared to get an edge and earn credits as they come. However, if you lose a couple of games, don’t lose your cool. The app pays very little anyway.

If you want to earn big money from playing games, use the next app on this list. It is safer and much more rewarding.

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Ludo Circle app

Benefits of playing games on GetMega

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GetMega believes in helping people earn the big bucks, which is why they start you off with a handsome signing bonus and equip you with a referral code. You can share this code with your contacts on social media and social networking sites. Each time someone uses your code, you earn more bonuses.

Moving forward, you can choose from the variety of games mentioned above. If you find a game to your liking but aren’t sure how to play, then simply check out the rules and strategies on the GetMega site. You can learn a lot of cool games and increase your earning potential.

There are unlimited cash games on GetMega for each game that you want to play. You can even find regular tournaments and contests in which you can partake for a lot more earnings. The games on this platform start from a mere Rs. 5 and range to thousands. You can choose the ones that are best suited for your needs and level of gaming proficiency. In any case, you stand to make tens, hundreds, even a thousand times the amount that you invest.

Apart from earning money by playing games, you can also earn additional cash rewards and cool goodies. All you have to do is join the paid leaderboards, play and win consistently, and keep up your rank among the top contenders.

GetMega is an excellent and quite innovative site where you can earn a truckload of money. Just join the platform and you will see how easy it is to win real cash by playing simple, everyday games.

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