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Brief about the app:

Qureka is a fun-based trivia destination where players can play live quiz games and other quiz competitions in over 25 categories for free. A few quiz games are free on entry, but some need coins to play.

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Qureka is a game that tests players’ knowledge; they can earn coins by completing some real fun brain-led activities. Qureka app has many quiz formats: Back to School, Memory Quiz, Trail Mail Quiz, and much more.

Features of the app

  • Players can play Quiz games on the Qureka App in English or Hindi.
  • Players earn coins in the Qureka App by winning games, watching videos, etc. To know more, download the Qureka App.
  • Earn bonus coins by answering all questions till the end of the quiz.
  • Play mini quiz games to score extra coins.
  • Notifications are available for the next Mini-Quiz or Live Quiz in the Qureka Quiz App.
  • Coins in the Qureka app are helpful to enter into a game and help a participant remain in the game.
  • Players can set reminders to play quiz games in the Qureka App.

Visit the Qureka website to learn more about Qureka Winners.

History of the app

When Shalini Tewari and Apurva Kumar established the Qureka Quiz game, a team of 5 developers was working on it. The team grew to over 50 members after its launch in one year.

Today, the rewarding achievement of the game is because of their vision to blend studies, entertainment, and gamification in a live quiz format. The application has become popular due to the team’s knowledge and proficiency. It has high knowledge-building features, and therefore, many plays the games.

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How to download the App for Android

Step-1: Search for Qureka: Play Quizzes in the Google PlayStore or Qureka App Download.

Step-2: Tap on Install to download the Qureka live quizzes app and install the APK.

Step-3: Tap on the Play button and start participating in Quiz games.

Downloading steps for qureka login

How to register, sign up, and create an account on the app

The Qureka Sign Up process is discussed below.

  1. Open Qureka. Tap on the hamburger menu (displayed as ≡) in the top left corner of the home screen.
  2. Tap on Join Qureka on that screen.
  3. A new popup appears with options to join via a Facebook account or Google account.

Qureka App Login

1. Via Facebook:

  • Tap on the Facebook button, and it will redirect the user to the Facebook account login screen.
  • After a successful login, the Qureka Login will redirect the user back to the Qureka app.

2. Via Google:

  • Tap on the Google button, and it will redirect the user to the Gmail account login screen.
  • After successful login into the Gmail account, Qureka Login will redirect the user back to the Qureka app.

3. Via email and mobile number:

  1. Players can also join the Qureka Quiz app via email and mobile number.
  2. They need to enter and submit their username, mobile number, and email.
  3. After that, the Qureka app will send an OTP to the mobile number and automatically detect the OTP to complete registration.

How to play on the app?

After Qureka App Download starts, players can start competing in many Quizzes.

1. Qureka Login Live Quiz:

  • Players can play live quizzes from 9 AM to 9 PM
  • The live quiz game contains ten questions (which may vary), and competitors have 10 seconds to answer.
  • The Qureka Quiz app awards daily prizes amongst all the winners equally, and if no champion, the app carries over the coins for the next game.
  • Qureka allows earning coins by watching videos and playing many mini-quizzes.
  • For every wrong answer selected, the player loses 30 coins immediately.
  • In the last question, the app does not award any coins.
  • Some quizzes have entries through coins only.
  • A player is awarded ten bonus coins for attempting all questions.

2. Live Quiz with Coins Entry:

  • In some Live Quizzes, players can only get an entry with coins.
  • Players may enter using the Join Now button, and coin deduction ensure participation in that game.
  • The players can set the alarm for quizzes.
  • In the case of low coin wallets, players need to earn coins by watching videos, inviting friends, or playing Mini quizzes.

3. Qureka App Mini-Quiz:

  • Each question has three options per game, and the player has to choose the correct one.
  • For each correct answer, the player can earn ten coins.
  • Competitors may watch a video and earn coins.

4. Qureka App Hourly Quiz:

  • Players get 90 seconds to answer as many questions as possible (the maximum number of questions players can answer is 25).
  • Qureka awards 20 points for each correct answer and deducts 10 points for each wrong answer.
  • With consecutive three correct answers, a player receives 10 points.

After Qureka login, knowing how to use Qureka and earn coins to win games with family and friends is essential. Read here to know how to withdraw and deposit money to the Qureka app.

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Types of games this app offers

Qureka App Download offers different types of quiz games to play like:

1. Hourly Quiz

2. Live Quiz games

  • With entry as Coins
  • Entry by watching a video
  • Free entry

3. Mini-Quiz games

How to play on the app?

There are many Quiz games in the Qureka App. Test Cricket Quiz is one of them. Here is how to use the Qureka App and participate in this game:

  1. Open the Qureka App and go to Qureka Sign up.
  2. If you already have an account, the screen will show the Qureka login page, where you can access your app.
  3. Tap on ‘Play Now’ to start getting the questions.
  4. The next screen shows winning coins and the number of them that a player will earn based on the ranks. (View Rank Breakup)
  5. The total playing time is 90 seconds.
  6. The player should try to answer the maximum number of questions.
  7. It also displays the Entry Fee (Free).
  8. The game will also mention the Cricket Quiz rules.
  9. Tap on Start Quiz.
  10. After you play the Quiz, the Play Now button shows Played.
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How to earn money using the app?

On the Qureka App, a player can earn coins in many different ways.

  1. A player gets a sign-up bonus coin.
  2. Competitors can play many Mini quizzes to earn coins in Coins Wallet.
  3. Upon completing all questions in a quiz event, players are awarded coins.
  4. Qureka App also provides hattrick bonus coins.
  5. Watching videos is also a way to earn coins on the Qureka App.

There are many apps like Qureka to play and earn money but the best among them is GetMega.

How to play games at GetMega?

  1. Go to GetMega’s official website and get an android app link through SMS.
  2. Choose from the categories provided: casual, cards, or trivia.
  3. Select any game and use strategy to win multiplayer games in the casual, cards, or trivia category.
  4. A player can learn the game rules through videos or read the steps of different difficulty levels.
  5. A minimum entry fee is ₹1 for the games on the app. Enjoy safe gaming on this platform.
  6. For beginners, it is best to join low-stakes games to make money till they improve their strategies and gameplay.

Download Qureka App and start winning coins. Know how to use the Qureka App and use your knowledge.

Question Answer
How to download the Qureka app? You can download the app from the Google Play Store.
Is the UI of the Qureka app easy to understand? Yes, the UI of the app is in a very lucid language.
Can we play multiplayer in the Qureka App? Yes. The app supports multiplayer gaming.
Do we need money to play in the Qureka app? No, the entry fee to start playing is free. You only need to earn and use in-app coins.
Does this app contain ranked games? Yes, your rank depends on your performance.
Is it necessary to update the Qureka app? You should update the Qureka app regularly to get new features.
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