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We never stop learning. As humans, we are pretty much programmed to keep feeding our brains with more information so that we can accommodate and adjust to our ever-changing lifestyle.

Nonetheless, what do we do with all this knowledge? True, we retain a lot of information that we picked up over time but we don’t use them in our daily lives. The only logical conclusion is to find an outlet where we can use this vast array of data to earn some money.

Thus, apps like Qureka came to be.

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The concept of this app is to allow people to participate in quiz contests conducted on a daily basis to earn money. While Qureka provides unique opportunities to prove your knowledge and make chunks of cash, there is a problem though. If you get all the questions right, only then do you qualify for the grand prize. However, the reward is equally distributed among all the participants who correctly answered all the questions. Thus, the true earning is a lot less than you expected.

Hence, diversification is the key. You can partake in quizzes across more apps like Qureka and escalate your overall earnings for the day. We have a few recommendations of apps similar to Qureka that you can use and today, we will take some time to discuss them.

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List of apps similar to Qureka

Qureka-like apps provide opportunities to build a side hustle based on your years of knowledge. These are excellent means to keep your brain sharp and alert. It is something we encourage the entire populace of our great nation to look into so they can also earn more money.

Here are some other apps like Qureka that you can use:

1. GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming platform that allows you to take part in various types of games. It is the best app like Qureka because not only do you have access to trivia games based on general knowledge but you have more.

On GetMega, you can play trivia games based on visual and cognitive skills like ‘Pic Me,’ games based on math like ‘123,’ and even general knowledge quizzes dubbed as ‘GK.’

What’s even more fascinating is that if you get tired of participating in quiz games, you can play casual games like Warship, Pool, Dot and Dash, Carom, ABC Rummy, and a lot more. Even cooler is your access to authorized casino games such as Poker and Rummy. The earning potential is never-ending.

GetMega has an incredible referral program that also helps you earn. Furthermore, you can take part in the paid leaderboards which offer more chances of earning cash rewards as well as cool prizes. All you need to do is keep up your rank among the top 10 competitors on the list.

2. IQ Live

Hosted by Rohit Roy, this Qureka alternative offers 12 questions that you need to answer correctly in order to win.

The app features live quizzes once at 1:30 pm and once at 9 pm on a daily basis. This trivia app is available on both Apple and Android platforms so no one is left behind.

The cash prize for each quiz contest is predetermined. Each player who gets all the answers right is marked in a record. Once the quiz ends, the amount is equally distributed among all the players so the winning sum is not a lot but it is still something considering that you earn the money in a short period of time by answering only 12 questions.

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3. Loco

This Qureka alternative app is hosted by Gaurav Kapur. Much like Qureka, this app also features live quizzes only, they host them twice a day. Once at 1:30 pm and once at 10 pm.

The platform is in the process of improvising its offerings but the classic trivia game does offer a lot of benefits. For one, the prize money on Loco is considerably higher than other Qureka competitors. You have to get the questions right in your allotted time period. However, if you happen to get a wrong answer, you can use an extra life that you earned by referring the app to other players.

The only problem is, Loco is available on Android but not on iOS platforms. Therefore, some people are going to miss out on the amazing money-earning fun.

4. Zupee

Although a worthy Qureka competitor, Zupee actually is a differentiated trivia platform.

In order to set itself apart from apps like Qureka, Zupee has opted to host the quiz games in text format with no live host as such. The game timings are also not specified. You need to check the app for upcoming quizzes and register yourself at the earliest.

Another reason why Zupee is unlike apps like Qureka is that the quizzes are based not just on general knowledge but also on several other subjects like Science, history, geography, and more.

The platform does provide good earning potential because it is not like any other site or app for the most part.

5. Brain Baazi

A similar app like Qureka is Brain Baazi. Much like the former, the game hosts live quizzes with a quiz master. There are 11 questions that you need to answer correctly to qualify for your share in the grand prize.

You have 10 seconds to answer each question so you take the quiz for nearly only 2 minutes. When you get an answer right, you freely move on to the next one. However, if you get an answer wrong, you have two choices. Either you opt-out or you can use an extra life to stay in the game. You can earn this life by successfully referring the app to your contacts.

The timings for Brain Baazi quizzes is at 9 pm. You can also play Bingo and Poll-taking games on this platform.

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How to use Apps like Qureka to Earn Money?

As we have mentioned, Qureka-type apps are a great way to refurbish your mind with knowledge and use these nuggets to earn real cash. The platforms that we mentioned above all support the quest for making money with information and academic skills. Thus using these Qureka jaisa apps, you can actually put your vast array of information to good use. It also goes to show that knowledge is the ultimate power.

Here’s how you can make money from Qureka and similar apps like Qureka:

  1. Start by downloading all the apps that we mentioned and create your accounts on each of them. There are daily quizzes on each platform that will inadvertently improve your chances of making more money from Trivia games.
  2. Create a chart to map out the game timings on each of the Qureka competitors. Each Qureka alternative app has different times for when the quizzes are held. If you plan it out, you can partake in more than one quiz in a day. If you get the answers right, you earn a lot of money on a daily basis.
  3. Brush up on current events and general knowledge. Even when a Qureka alternative has options for trivia based on other subjects, there will always be one quiz on General Knowledge.
  4. Be realistic. Even the top competitors and professional quiz takers get one or more questions wrong sometimes. Keep a calm mind and take it as a learning experience. You are more likely to remember the questions you got wrong than the ones you got right. Next time, you won’t be making the same mistake.
  5. Most of these apps like Qureka run on a timer. You will have a limited window to answer each question. Practice answering quickly by sharpening your cognitive functions. Use free apps that don’t need investment, neither do they pay. Sharpen your skillset and learn how to identify the right answers quickly and accurately.
  6. We cannot stress this enough but if you want to make money from apps and other sites like Qureka, you need to stay calm. Your brain has the capacity to process information but it needs peace to do it right.

You see, apps like Qureka are extremely beneficial to help you earn. If you do your part of studying up, gathering information, and recollecting them with a serene mind, then you can earn tens of thousands in a single day.

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How to Benefit from Playing Games on GetMega?

GetMega is an online gaming platform very much similar to apps like Qureka except they have a wider range of games. The developers of this platform had one single goal in mind: to allow people to make money while playing any kind of game. Thus, not only is their user interface extremely simplified, but they also encourage more and more earning potential through various ways.

Here’s how you can benefit from playing games on GetMega:

  • You also get a referral code that you can share with friends, family, and even strangers if you like.
  • The gems have monetary values that you can use to play games.
  • There are trivia games similar to apps like Qureka. You also have options to participate in casual games and casino games.
  • Cash games in any category are available so you can practice your skills.
  • There are regular contests and tournaments starting from Rs. 5 and higher. You can choose the game budget that suits your needs and play both high-stakes and low-stakes games for equivalent earnings.
  • You can take part in the paid leaderboards and win additional cash prizes and exciting rewards such as gold coins and cell phones.
  • You can learn new and exciting games from the rules and strategies available on the platform itself.
  • You can earn anywhere from Rs. 50 to Rs. 5,00,000 in a day by simply playing different games.
  • You can withdraw your earnings using simple and secure payment gateways like PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM, etc.

You see, the GetMega platform encourages people to play games with genuine profiles and improve their skills while earning lots of money. With a little practice and realistic expectations, you could end up making a lot on this platform.

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