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What is FantasyJi?

In the era of online sports and games, FantasyJi has established itself as one of the greatest online sports apps that excite players across the globe. The app is based on the model of drafting sports players categorized into respective user teams. Thus, the game is entirely based on the concept of individual player selection as powered by the auction rule, snake, and auto pick mediums - a unique design combined to provide a better user experience for the selection of players regularly.

Let us now learn about the Fantasyji App download process, Fantasyji Login, and how to play and earn money using the app.

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Features of the app

The FantasyJi App comes with several exciting features for all sports fans across the country.

Some of the features include:

  • The Auction format for enhanced tournament league experience
  • The Snake format for regular matches
  • Dynamic Scoring Technique for all players and games
  • Utility Restrictions on age and country for a more customized experience

The Tactics you must know to master the game and secure a win

History of app

The FantasyJi App was made keeping an eye on the recent emerging trends in the field of Esports Cricket. Over the last couple of years, the game has been affirmatively declared to be a game of skill in India. Since its inception, Cricket Fantasy Apps are growing by millions and have witnessed huge success.

Fantasyji Download for android and IOS

Follow the steps below for FantasyJi app download :

  • Open the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on IOS.
  • Search for the fantasy cricket app named FantasyJi App.
  • Click on the Get option to get the app on your mobile.
  • Enter your iCloud password or fingerprint for evaluation.
  • Click on Install and successfully start playing on the app.
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Fantasyji App Download for PC (Windows and Mac OS)

Download Bluestacks, the first android emulator that enhances the play of high-end games without any lags. Go through the following steps carefully and enjoy Fantasyji from the comfort of your gaming chair.

  • Download Bluestacks app player software from the official website or click on this direct download link – Bluestacks download.
  • Install the software by double-clicking on the downloaded .exe or .dmg file.
  • Find the Google Playstore App on Bluestacks home screen after installation.
  • Search for FantasyJi and click Install.

Kudos! FantasyJi App has been successfully installed on your PC to Bluestacks.

How to register, login, sign up and create an account on the app/website?

Follow these steps to register yourself on the app :

  • Open the app after installation.
  • Tap on the ‘Register’ option.
  • Go to the ‘Have a Join Code’ to register with benefits.
  • Enter the code ‘MEUER39395’.
  • Go to the ‘Apply’ Section.
  • Enter your phone number, email address, and password to fill out the given form.
  • Click on FantasyJi Login.
  • An OTP will come and in this way, your phone number gets verified.
  • Rs 100 of the signup bonus will be deposited in your game wallet.
  • This bonus amount can be used to play in various tournaments.

How to play on the Fantasyji app?

Follow these steps to play on the app after fantasyji app download :

  • Choose the match you want to begin your gameplay with.
  • Select players of your choice and make your team like a team owner.
  • Your team should comprise five to six batsmen, one wicket-keeper, one-two all-rounders, and three-four bowlers.
  • You need to build a team out of 10 lakh points.
  • Make choices for your captain and also for your vice-captain as they generate twice and 1.5 times more points respectively.
  • Participate in leagues, daily matches, and tournaments to win huge prizes and rewards.
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Types of games this app offers

There are three categories of games offered by the app for sports enthusiasts. These include:

  • Tournament Leagues: In this type of game, a group of users has 2 to 10 players who team up in a single league. All the players stick to their team for the entire tournament.
  • Daily Matches: During daily matches, the number of players in a group varies between 2 to 6 in a single league. The users choose their team for a single match in a particular event.
  • Select11: 11 players are chosen for this format of gameplay and substitutions are permitted between matches.

How to play on the Fantasyji app?

To play a specific game on the app, follow these simple steps:

  • You have an option to choose if you want to create a league for an entire tournament or a daily match.
  • Make the preferred choice from the home screen.
  • Click on the “Create a League” button that pops up at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Private Leagues option.
  • Click on the tournament or the daily match option.
  • Enter the league code you have.
  • The details of the league will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the “Join League” option to join the league.
  • You can also join a public league from the homepage.
  • Choose either the tournament league option or the single match option.
  • Ensure the date and time of your match are correct depending on your timezone.
  • Go through all your played leagues by clicking on “My Leagues”.
  • The option for the same is present at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Once you join the type and category of tournament you want, you are ready to play with your chosen team and start earning.
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How to earn money using App?

The FantasyJi App allows you to make money by playing online Cricket Tournaments and Leagues from the comfort of your home. To make money from the app, players need to win leagues, tournaments, and matches among their list of possible choices. The amount you win can be withdrawn into your wallet to be used elsewhere in the game. To do this, first, confirm your account by the following steps:

  • Open the app.
  • Click on ‘More’ options and then to ‘Accounts’.
  • Choose to ‘Withdraw’.
  • Provide authentic validation for your Phone No. and Email address.
  • The app needs details of your Pan Card and Passbook.
  • It would take hardly four days to verify your account.
  • The minimum redemption amount of Rs 200 can be transferred to your bank then.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
What is FantasyJi? FantasyJi is one of India’s Leading Fantasy Cricket Apps that has made a tremendous mark in the Gaming Industry with over 1 million fantasyji app download in one month.
How to sign up on FantasyJi? Sign up on FantasyJi using your mobile number and receive an OTP.
What can you do on FantasyJi? On FantasyJi, you can play fantasy games like cricket by making teams of your choice and feel like a team owner.
How to earn rewards on FantasyJi? The game offers in-app purchases and has an efficient referral system. You can also earn from every winning match and tournament.
How to spend coins on FantasyJi? Play more and more fantasy games on the app to spend your wins.
Can I play on the phone? Yes, you can play from a mobile on the FantasyJi app.
How to use the FantasyJi game for PC? You can play on the FantasyJi app from your PC using Bluestacks.
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