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These days, eSports are all the rage. Gone are the days when we spent hours on our laptops and desktop computers with a headset plugged in while yelling at our fellow gamers on A3 India, Counterstrike, Delta Force, and whatnot.

Ever since PUBG introduced e-gaming formats, we are all about playing challenging multiplayer battles on our phones, although it may have actually started with India Games introducing Modern Combat back at the turn of the 2010s.

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Regardless, websites and apps like PlayerZon quickly picked up on the idea and introduced a massive market for multiplayer eSports. The twist, however, came up when they added an option to earn money by playing games. We all know how much we love to sit in front of the system, or PlayStations, or even on our cellphones and play for hours. The opportunity to earn money while we do so is like Christmas in summer.

Although PlayerZon is a viable platform to play such games, there are other Playerzon-like apps that have much more to offer. Hence, today, we are making a list of apps like PlayerZon to help you find ideal forums to earn money while you play various games.

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List of apps like PlayerZon

PlayerZon similar apps make for an excellent side hustle to earn extra money. It’s not even that difficult because you get to enjoy your favorite games and earn substantial cash without a sweat. Let us take a look at some of these incredible apps like PlayerZon that you can use to play games and earn money.

1. GetMega

Apps Like PlayerZon - GetMega

One of the best PlayerZon like apps that supports opportunities to earn real cash in abundance is GetMega.

Our personal favorites are the casino games though. You can play Poker and Rummy with both amateur and professional players and earn a lot of dough.

The GetMega platform hosts several tournaments and contests on a daily basis to help gamers earn more money. If you are new to earning through games, you can participate in the cash games till you get a hang of the strategies and techniques.

Although you do require small investments starting at Rs. 5 to play these games, the site offers tremendous opportunities to earn real cash. You can withdraw all your earnings to your bank account via verified UPI channels or transfer them to online wallets like Paytm.

2. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Who in this generation hasn’t heard about PUBG, right?

It is a popular battleground mobile game that sprouted several sister games as well. The concept of this gameplay is free, therefore for a long period of time, people wasted several hours partaking in this game and earned nothing, rather wasted opportunities.

However, in recent times, the game has drawn the attention of several investors. It is still rare but if you are a proficient gamer then you might get sponsored by people who like to indulge. This option is much more suitable if you can live-stream your gameplay on platforms like Bigo Live or YouTube, or Facebook to draw more attention.

Although the game is perhaps the most popular among BGMIs today, due to the original free gaming concept, it may be a while before you start earning from this app. Have fun playing though. The game is pretty exciting.

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3. GamZo


Unlike most apps on this list, GamZo is a site dedicated to gaming news and updates. You can find a lot of information on your favorite Battle Ground Mobile India games or as we popularly call them, BGMI.

You will have access to information pertaining to new tips and tricks introduced in the games you love, what gaming channels are offering promotions, which gaming companies are indulging in BGMI, and other such valuable information.

GamZo also has a few free games that you can play such as strategy games, racing, adventure sports, etc. Since you don’t make money, there is no need for investments or withdrawals. It is just an entertaining channel.


Star war

As you probably guessed, this particular PlayerZon like app supports participation in gameplay inspired by the popular movies of Star Wars, although the games offered on this platform have nothing to do with that.

It is a multiplayer platform wherein you can participate in games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, Ludo games, etc. Similar to apps like PlayerZon, requires small investments to participate in the games. You can earn from each kill that you make or even for winning the casual games.

All your earnings can be withdrawn via trusted payment methods like PayTM.

5. Mobile Premier League

PlayerZon similar apps - MPL

This is among those apps like PlayerZon that allow you to play multiple small and challenging games but also provide an option to partake in little Fantasy sport.

The premise of this app is to support sports enthusiasts to form their own leagues in games like Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, etc. You can choose your players, teams, and leagues as per your idea of the sports picks.

There are also small, casual games available to keep yourself entertained while you wait for the results of your fantasy leagues. You can even find popular casino games on this platform, which is a neat way to make some additional cash.

You can withdraw your earnings via secure payment methods such as PayTM.

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How to make money from these apps similar to PlayerZon?

Apps like PlayerZon are not only great sources of entertainment and gameplay but also offer unique opportunities to earn money. These platforms are optimized to support multiplayer games thus you can partake in events with your friends, family, and random strangers on the internet. You can learn a lot from them too.

Any game you play requires strategy so multiplayer games are actually the best ways to develop cognitive capacity. The more you learn, the better you get at your favorite games. What’s more, it improves your chances of earning cash.

With that in mind, here are a few ways you can earn on apps like PlayerZon:

  • Choose a gaming platform that you prefer. Do you like action gameplay or would you much prefer to play relaxing games while earning cash?
  • With apps like PUBG and other BGMI games, you need to find sponsors to earn money. This is appreciative when you have innate skills in the game such that you can find high-paying backers. So, improve your gameplay instead of playing for fun.
  • In the case of apps such as GetMega and MPL, you need to have a little patience and a willingness to earn big. There are diverse games available on each channel that can be relaxing as well as challenging. Learn the games before you start playing because they require small investments.
  • If you like nail-biting fun but don’t like action games such as those available on apps like PlayerZon, opt for casino games on GetMega. You can not only earn a lot of money but can also evolve into a professional Poker player like Daniel Negreanu.
  • Download the PlayerZone app and register yourself to start playing. Learn the process of Playerzon apk download free fire.
  • Keep a calm mind. Regardless of what games you play, frustration is the enemy. Whether you are in a battlefield game or at a Poker table, you need to have your wits about you to make smart, strategic choices.

You see, gaming to earn money is simple but strategies are still very important. If you have a penchant for playing various games, then take some time to explore the sites and apps like PlayerZon mentioned above. You won’t regret it. If anything, you’ll thank yourself for taking a chance that paid off so well.

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How to earn by playing games on GetMega?

GetMega is your new and best online gaming platform where you can partake in multiple multiplayer games of a wide variety. You’ve got Casual games, Trivia games, and Casino games to aid in your quest of playing to earn money.

The primary motive of the GetMega platform is to encourage people to earn money doing what they love during this tumultuous economy. Therefore, it is no surprise that they promote multiple ways to start earning from the get-go.

For starters, GetMega offers you substantial signing bonuses and referral bonuses so you can play games with very little investment from your pocket. The signup bonus is one-time, of course, but you can earn a lot from referrals. All you need to do is motivate people who are lazing around playing pointless games to start playing on GetMega to earn money instead of wasting their time. They will end up thanking you for your words of encouragement.

Once you have set up your profile on GetMega, take a look at the drop-down list of games in the menu. Identify the games that you know well and start playing. If you also find games that you know for a fact that help you earn a lot but you don’t know how to play, then don’t worry. GetMega has an abundance of information pertaining to each game, including how to play them, the rules, strategies, and a lot more.

You can partake in numerous contests and tournaments for each game. If you don’t feel so confident yet, just play the cash games and aim to win. While you practice and develop your skills, you will still be earning, so that’s a massive benefit in itself.

All the money that you earn on GetMega can be easily withdrawn. You simply need to go to your wallet and click on withdraw. Your earnings will be credited to your bank account via secure payment gateways such as PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc.

And that’s how easy it is to start earning on GetMega. We suggest you get started soon and make a side hustle that will eventually develop into earning a living.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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