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FSL11 is one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. Whether you want to watch matches, create teams, or win money, FSL11 is the place to visit! Download the FSL11 app to recreate the thrill of witnessing a real cricket match on the field. Moreover, players get to create virtual teams comprising the real players of a professional sport.

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Here, the participants get to earn cash and other benefits as well. They can participate in existing cash contests or create a customized one and invite friends for a one-on-one game on FSL 11. Read on to learn how to download Fsl 11 app and Fsl 11 Login.

Features of FSL11

  • After FSL 11 app download or fsl app download, the participants can create their own squad of 11 players from both teams.
  • When the actual match on the ground starts, users will receive points based on the performance of the team of 11 players they had chosen.
  • The points can be converted into cash and cash rewards.
  • You can play fantasy cricket and fantasy football on the same app.
  • FSL11 is a skill-based game and not gambling. Hence, it is 100% legal in India.
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History of FSL11

Founded in 2018, FSL11 was the brainchild of IIT Kanpur alumni Mayank Ram and Lokesh Jangid. Before FSL 11, they had built a start-up in the logistics domain called Opinio, which was later acquired by CureFit. FSL 11 is their second venture and is India's fastest growing fantasy sports website, developed for sports fans, especially fans of cricket and football.

FSL 11 is owned and operated by Brainy Bucks Games Pvt. Ltd. It has evolved into a well-known brand in a short time because it constantly improves the quality of its offerings and the range of its services. Explore all its offerings by Fsl 11 App Download and Fsl11 Login.

How to Download FSL11 app for Android and iOS

Fsl11 App Download is a very simple step-wise process as illustrated here.

  • Go to the FSL 11 website and click on the Download App button or fsl11 fantasy app download.
  • Next, go to your phone’s settings and enable the Allow Unknown Source to Install App feature.
  • Click Install.
  • Sign in or log in, and use the Code FSL100 to get an instant joining bonus of INR 100.
  • Add a minimum deposit of INR 100.

You’re all set for FSL 11App Download now!

How to Register, Log In, Sign Up, and Create an account on FSL11

FSL11 Login is a very simple process!

  • Click on the LogIn button or fsl11 login on the home page in the top-right corner.
  • If you are a member already, sign in to your account and select whether you want to use a password or an OTP.
  • Once you have filled in your email or phone number and entered your password or OTP, you are all set to play!
  • You can also log in via email or Facebook if you have synced your accounts with the app.
  • To create a new account after FSL11 app download(fsl gamer app download), you need to enter the following details
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Referral code, such as FSL100, to avail of an instant INR 100 joining bonus
  • Click on the Agree to T&C button and sign up. Your account is ready!

How to Play on FSL11

  • Select the match you are interested in and click on Join Contest; the entry starts are INR 1.
  • Create your Fantasy Team of 11 players utilizing the virtual budget of 1000 gems for all the players in a specific match. A good mix of players can include one wicket keeper, three to five batsmen, one to three all-rounders, and three to five bowlers.
  • You also need to assign a captain and a star player from your team. The star player gets 2x points and the captain gets 1.5x points, so they are crucial to winning.

How to Play with Fantasy Cricket App : FSL11

  • When the live match begins, your Fantasy Team begins gaining points dependent on the sincere exhibition of the players on the field chosen by you.
  • The least points, rankings, and victories are announced after the live match ends.
  • You can withdraw the money earned after the match is over via Paytm or continue to invest it in the upcoming games of your interest.

Types of Games FSL11 Offers

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Auction
  • Gully Cricket

The Tactics you must know to master the game and secure a win

How to Play on FSL11

  • Select a match. Pick any ongoing or upcoming matches that interest you. Click on Create Team.
  • Create your FSL 11 team of 11 players within a budget of 100 credits per the permitted combinations.
  • You can check the performance of the players by clicking on their pictures and sorting them based on credits, points, or teams.
  • Assign a captain and a vice-captain; they get 2x and 1.5x points scored by the actual players in the live match. You can create a maximum of six teams and join the contest with any of them!
  • Follow the match and withdraw your winnings according to the points scored.
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Fantasy Auction

  • Choose the series on which you want to bid.
  • Based on your convenience, pick the time you want to participate in the auction.
  • Bid and fight for your favorite player. The Fantasy Cricket auction gives you an assistant tool that bids on your behalf when you are away. Once the auction is over, your team will include the players you won.

How to Earn Money Using FSL11

  • You can deposit or withdraw cash anytime from your FSL11 account using the My Account link on the app.
  • You will need to go through a one-time account verification process before you withdraw any money from your FSL11 account. This process will not be repeated. However, if you change any personal details, you will have to go through the verification once again.
  • Money in your FSL 11 account is divided into three categories.
  • Winnings make up the money you earn from the leagues and games in which you have participated. No processing fees will be deducted if you wish to withdraw any amount.
  • A cash bonus is given to you by FSL 11. It cannot be withdrawn, but it can be used to join any public cash league and win more money. However, this bonus comes with an expiry date, so be sure to use it in time.
  • Unutilized money is what you have deposited but not yet used to join any league through your FSL 11 account.
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How to Play on GetMega

  • Go to the site. Enter your phone number to get the app download link.
  • After downloading, you can start playing a variety of games offered by GetMega with online opponents. Alternatively, you can invite friends.
  • The games offered by the app are divided into three categories: Casual, Cards, and Trivia.
  • Casual games include pool and carom.
  • Card games include rummy and poker.
  • Trivia has interesting games, such as GK, Pic Me, and 123.
  • Withdrawing money is simple and incredibly flexible.
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Question Answer
How do I play real-money-earning games? Download the GetMega app now and play a plethora of fun games to earn real money!
Do I need a Facebook account to play games? A Facebook account is needed, but only to sign in to the app. For further security, mobile number verification is also required.
I am below 18 years. Can I still play games on GetMega? No. GetMega does not allow any player below the age of 18 to register on the platform.
Can I play one-on-one games? All GetMega games are multiplayer games, where you compete against real players online, in real-time. The exact number of players who can join a contest will reflect on the contest page.
What does GetMega do? You can play games such as carom, rummy, and poker and have the option to turn on their audio and video to create a real-life experience.

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