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Answer fun questions from movies, cricket, maths, etc.

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Remember screaming the right answers to the TV screen, while the contestants kept thinking? Did you dream of earning money by playing a quiz on the hotseat? And did you congratulate yourself with your imaginary wins?

You no longer have to imagine winning, when you can actually do so in reality! With the internet in every pocket, you can enter live trivia contests or play online quiz games for real money. Here’s the golden opportunity to put your brain to work, all with a few taps on your phone. Answer right and finish the fight.

Online Trivia & quiz for money games cover a variety of genres — complex topics, general knowledge, speedy calculations or simply identifying logos. Other online apps let you play quizzes to win money - but only once a day, for a fixed period of time, with the prizes distributed amongst any number of participants. That doesn’t sound fair!

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Arushi Gupta
Arushi Gupta
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Yes! GetMega is definitely my favorite quizzing app. GK has my favorite topics - Bollywood & Cricket, and it’s always fun to defeat other players in short & fast rounds. Plus there’s real money at the end of each round! I am all set.
20 January, 2021
Anuj Kumar Sharma
Anuj Kumar Sharma
Mohanpur, Jharkhand
It's so difficult to find good quiz games online, but GetMega Trivia is a class apart! Clean app, wide variety of games & topics! I finally get to play with real people in real time. No waiting - play anytime & win cash after each game!
28 January, 2021
Manoj Raj
Manoj Raj
Bengaluru, Karnataka
GetMega resolved whatever queries I had instantly — the support team is very responsive. Playing with real players is quite fun, and with so many games to choose from, this becomes a truly unique & reliable real money gaming experience.
4 February, 2021


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