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Jeet11 is a rising fantasy sports platform in India. Jeet11 allows you to play fantasy cricket, football, rummy, and much more. You can join contests on Jeet11 and win vast amounts of money with the right skill.

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Jeet11 login and playing steps are easy for the users. Jeet11 can help you win money with an intuitive UI without even stepping on a sports field. It is a legally accepted fantasy sports platform that allows users to showcase their skills. Read on to know more about the Jeet11 app download (jeet11 com or how to win money.

Features of Jeet11 app

The features of the Jeet11 online app are listed below:

• Numerous contests for a single cricket/football match.

• Users can create their contests on Jeet11.

• Jeet11 offers low-cost as well as high-cost contests.

• Besides fantasy cricket and football, Jeet11 users can play rummy and other mobile games.

• Chat with other Jeet11 users.

• The prize money in the Jeet11 account can be redeemed.

• The Jeet11 login process is simple and quick.

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History of Jeet11 app

Jeet11 was incorporated in 2015, seeing the popularity of fantasy sports. It is a fantasy platform launched by Mohalla Tech Private Limited. Mohalla Tech has been in the industry for many years and is best known for its ShareChat app. Jeet11 has already witnessed more than 1 lakh downloads.

Many verified users on Jeet11 are earning money through fantasy sports. You can also go for Jeet11 login and earn rewards by playing fantasy contests. Jeet11 login is now open for all players above 18 years in age.

How to download the Jeet11 app for Android/iOS?

The Jeet11 app is available for download on the Apple Store. You can search for ‘Jeet11’ on the app store through Apple devices. Jeet11 Mini is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users. Jeet11 Mini offers all functionalities of the Jeet11 app but consumes less memory and internet data. Jeet11 download can also be done via its official website. Once you have downloaded the app, Jeet11 login can be done within seconds. The steps for Jeet11 download via the website for Android/iOS devices are as follows:

• Visit the website or search for ‘Jeet11’ on any search engine.

• If you are an Android user, click on the ‘Download Android App’ icon. Apple users can click on ‘Download iOS App’ to proceed.

• Once the downloading is complete, install the Jeet11 application.

• Once the Jeet11 app is installed, click on ‘Open’ to start playing fantasy sports.

Ensure that the Jeet11 app download for Android/iOS is done via the official website( or designated app store. Many illegal websites run counterfeit applications for fraud activities.

The must know tips you should follow while practicing and competing.

How to download the Jeet11 app on PC?

To download the Jeet11 app on your PC, you will have to visit the official website. Since there is no desktop version of the Jeet11 app, you need to download application players like BlueStacks. Once you have downloaded an external application player, you can use the Jeet11 app on your desktop. The steps for Jeet11 download (jeet11 rummy app download)on PC are as follows:

• Visit the official website ( to download the app.

• Click on the ‘Install’ icon displayed on the homepage to download the Jeet11 app.

• Open the installed file using an external application player on your PC.

Jeet11 does not offer a PC app for now. Besides using an external application player, you can start playing on Jeet11 without downloading. You just have to visit the website and complete the Jeet11 login. Your Jeet11 account can be accessed on PC without downloading the application and an external player.

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How to register or log in on the Jeet11 app/website?

Jeet11 allows users to register or log in quickly with an intuitive UI. Before you start playing on Jeet 11, you will have to register yourself as a verified user. The steps for registering yourself on Jeet 11 are as follows:

• Open the Jeet 11 login or jeet11 login page and enter your phone number. As soon as you enter your mobile number, you will have to enter your name.

• On the Jeet11 login page, you can choose to enter your referral code. If someone has referred the Jeet 11 app to you, you can use their referral code to gain rewards.

• Once all details are filled in, you will have to agree to the terms of use presented by Jeet 11 to continue.

• Jeet11 will send you an OTP that you must enter on the login page. When OTP is entered, click on ‘Submit OTP.’ Once you have completed Jeet11 signup, you can start playing fantasy sports.

Once you have completed the Jeet11 login or jeet11 login process, you don’t have to create any password. Jeet11 Sign in can be done quickly by entering the OTP received. Jeet11 will send you an OTP every time you try to log in.

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How to play on the Jeet11 application?

With the easy-to-use interface of Jeet 11, you can start playing immediately after Jeet11 install. The steps for playing on the app after Jeet 11 login or jeet11 login are as follows:

• Look at the various live cricket/football matches available on Jeet 11. Click on the ‘Play button for the match you choose.

• Choose your contest from many available ones. Click on the ‘Join’ button to enter a competition on Jeet 11.

• Create your team and then click on ‘Select C/VC’ to choose your captain (2x points)/vice-captain (1.5x points).

• Once you have selected your captain and vice-captain, click on the ‘Continue’ button. You can also add substitute players on Jeet11, if any.

• Pay for the contest and start winning on Jeet11.

Yes, it is legal and safe.

Types of fantasy games offered by Jeet11?

The games offered by Jeet11 are listed below:

• You can play fantasy sports for live cricket matches on Jeet11.

• You can play fantasy sports for live football matches on Jeet11.

• In the ‘Games’ section, you can play Mini Cricket to earn rewards.

• You can also download the ‘Jeet11 Rummy’ app to play rummy.

How to play any specific game on the Jeet11 app?

On the Jeet11 website/app(, sections for different sports are made. On the Jeet11 website( homepage, you can find three sections (Cricket, Football, and Games). You just have to click on the sports you like, and all available matches will be showcased. In the ‘Games’ section, you will find mobile games(jeet11 rummy) that earn you rewards.

How to earn money from the Jeet11 app?

After you download Jeet 11 (jeet11 download)and register yourself, you will get INR 10 as a sign-up bonus. You can use the bonus to start playing fantasy sports on Jeet11. If you want to join a bigger contest, you can add money to your Jeet 11 wallet.

The rewards are immediately transferred to your Jeet 11 wallet if you win any contest. Make sure you have linked your bank account after Jeet 11 install. Users can easily withdraw the prize money by the linked bank account number on Jeet11. For withdrawing more than INR 10,000 on Jeet11, you will have to submit PAN cards, KYC details, etc.

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Getmega: The next generation of fantasy sports is here

Getmega is a reputed fantasy sports platform that has numerous games. You can play casual games, card games, or trivia games on Getmega. Visit to visit the official website and start playing games. Unlike the Jeet11 website, the Getmega website will come in full version for PCs.

You can choose from numerous games like carrom, rummy, poker, and other online games. You can easily transfer the Getmega reward amount to your Paytm wallet or bank account. With the intuitive interface of Getmega, you can easily log in, play fantasy games, and withdraw rewards.

You can withdraw monetary rewards on Getmega instantly to your linked bank account. You can also withdraw money to several e-wallets with Getmega. You can use Getmega coupons to play fantasy sports at a discounted rate. With its genuine rewards and diverse fantasy contests, Getmega has built a huge user base over the years.

The best thing about Getmega is that it lets you chat with your friends while playing fantasy sports. You can build gaming strategies with your friends via online chat and win rewards together. For any player looking to earn substantial money from fantasy sports, Getmega is the best platform. Sign up on Getmega now and start winning!

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Question Answer
Is Jeet11 a legal fantasy sports platform? Jeet 11 is a legal fantasy sports platform recognized by many state governments. The states where Jeet 11 is illegal are Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Odisha, Nagaland, Telangana, Karnataka, and Assam.
What is the minimum age required for registering on the Jeet11 website/app? You should be above 18 years to continue playing on Jeet 11.
Can I edit my team after a match has started? You cannot edit your team after a match has started on Jeet11. You will get time to edit your players based on availability before the match begins.
What will happen if a contest on Jeet11 gets abandoned? If a cricket/football match gets canceled, you will receive a full refund in your Jeet11 wallet.
Is the Jeet11 website secure for playing fantasy sports? Secured with SSL encryption, the Jeet11 website is safe for users. Jeet11 has a firm privacy policy to protect the sensitive info of verified users.
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