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Gaming for cash has become the new norm of this era. It all started with a few TV shows that hosted games to offer people cash. Soon, the concept was adopted by several app developers and software programmers. They designed innovative applications that you can install in your smart devices and use daily to earn cash.

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Most of them offer paid games and their offers to earn money are pretty good for building side hustles. There are also free games but those take a long time to make any real money, sometimes even months. And then there are apps like GetMega where you can play paid games and prices as low as Rs. 5 and still earn a hundred, maybe even a thousand times the amount based on your caliber.

While GetMega does have a lot to offer and we’ll tell you all about it, today, let’s first talk about Playerzpot. It is a versatile gaming platform that allows you to win real cash. In that regard, we will share a few Playerzpot hacks with you so you can devise your own Playerzpot winning strategy and earn loads of cash.

What is the Playerzpot app?

Playerzpot is an appropriately named app that allows you to play small games like Ludo, Snakes and ladders, Rummy, Carrom, quizzes, and more. They even have a fantasy sports platform so you can take part in building your own dream team and making money off of them. Thus, the name Playerzpot because it is a mixed pot of all the good games.

We do admire how much the Playerzpot app has to offer in terms of fantasy leagues and games. It supports live fantasy games as well as variations of sporting events such as Football, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and Cricket including major leagues like the NFL.

While the concept seems quite simple, thus inviting a lot of players to the platform, people do have difficulty navigating the different aspects of partaking in the diverse games. Not to mention, you need to deposit money in your Playerzpot account in order to earn cash. Thus, having a few Playerzpot hacks and tricks can go a long way in helping you minimize your losses and maximize your profits. That is precisely what we hope to achieve with this article today. By the end, you will surely know how to win money in Playerzpot.

Discover the best strategies and ways to play and win like a boss.

How to play on the Playerzpot app?

In order to partake in fantasy leagues and play games using our Playerzpot tips and tricks, you need to first download the app or sign into the website. Once you do, you will have access to numerous games and fantasy leagues in which you can participate.

The Playerzpot site is quite user-friendly. You can find all the major components in the menu and everything is well-defined. You can learn the rules of how to play different games, what elements you can add in your fantasy leagues pertaining to each sporting event, and even a segment on how to win the games.

Obviously, you will need to go through these to discover various Playerzpot hidden tricks and develop your own Playerzpot winning tricks that work for you personally. You see, all this information is accessible to all the members on Playerzpot, therefore, you need unique strategies and we have just the thing for you. We will share the best trick to win Playerzpot in a minute but before that let’s see how to play these games in brief.

For the fantasy sports leagues, you have to create your dream team with the allocated player designations. Each sporting contest will define a limit of gems that you can use to choose your players, captains, and vice-captains. Each squad has to consist of members from different teams and the total cost should not exceed 1000 gems. You need to choose an optimal team to earn bonus points and beat the score of other contestants in the contest to win money.

The smaller games are much easier. Each game has its own set of rules but the primary rule of thumb is that you use a Playerzpot winning strategy to beat your opponents and emerge victoriously. You can enter the games using tokens and play the rounds as you normally do. You also get bonus rounds in which you can score higher. If at any point, you fail to take your turn due to network challenges and other issues, the opponent is declared the winner and you have to re-enter the game.

Now that you know how to partake in the events, let’s discuss the Playerzpot hacks you have been waiting for.

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Tips on how to hack Playerzpot

Now, when we say Playerzpot hack, we are in no way implying that you use cheat codes and software programs to violate their corporate policy. What we mean is you can use several Playerzpot tips and tricks to develop a good Playerzpot winning strategy and play the game with integrity.

Here are a few Playerzpot hacks, or should we say Playerzpot tips to help you out:

  • Playerzpot offers Rs. 10 for your email verification and Rs. 20 for your mobile verification. The real kicker, however, is the huge cashback on your deposit. So here’s the first Playerzpot hack – deposit a large sum of money in one go. Rs. 12345 as cashback may seem bogus but you might still get around 10-20% of the amount back into your bank. That’s a good way to save up on your deposit and still play the same amount of games.
  • You need to know that the best way to win Playerzpot is by playing as many small games as you can and using the sum of money from those to participate in fantasy leagues. There’s a better chance of earning from the small games as well as Rummy since you have complete control over your money whereas winning from the fantasy leagues depends on how well-motivated the players on the field are.
  • Another useful Playerzpot hack is to devise a strategy for choosing the players in your dream team beforehand. Stay updated on the sporting events and make a list of the players as offered by Playerzpot. Now choose the crème de la crème, while bearing in mind the number of players you are allowed to select from each team.
  • You can use the Playerzpot winning tricks to win the maximum number of Rummy games too. They are one of the highest-paying events on any gaming channel, so having a defined strategy would really help with your investments.
  • Lastly, deposit the money just once in your account. Now use that amount to get cashback offers, play games, and earn more. Instead of withdrawing all your earnings, retain some amount in your Playerzpot wallet and revitalize to make more money with it. The reason that this is the best way to win Playerzpot is, technically you are not investing any more money from your pocket.

Using these Playerzpot hacks mentioned above, not only can you make money but you can save money too. We still have a Playerzpot winning strategy so keep reading.

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The top strategy for how to win in Playerzpot

For each game on Playerzpot you need different strategies, so here goes:

1. For Fantasy sports leagues

  • To begin with, check the players’ statistics and make a list of the players who have a consistent record of scoring instead of looking at their career averages.
  • For each sporting event, create a balanced team. That means don’t fill a cricket team with all-rounders and a football team with line-backers. You need to have an equal number of players who specialize in different components of the games and 2-3 players who provide the best advantages.
  • Choose the best performers as your captains and vice-captains since they have multiplier scoring systems.
  • Pick high-priced and low-priced players in equal measures so you don’t cross the limit of 1000 gems.
  • Pick players who have a high chance of scoring bonus points.

2. For Rummy

  • Take a look at your cards to identify if you have at least two possible pure sequences, i.e., two sets of two consecutive cards of the same suits. If not, quit and wait for the next deal.
  • Start making pure sequences from the get-go, more than one, if possible, and of four cards each.
  • Throw away the high-value cards if they are not part of your pure sequences.
  • Keep the cards with values from 4 – 10 to make quick runs.
  • If you finish first, check the sets and sequences thoroughly before submitting so you don’t incur penalties.

3. For Smaller Games

  • Strategize beforehand using our Playerzpot hacks to play quickly.
  • Capture your opponents’ player coins as much as you can to stay ahead of the competition.
  • In Ludo, always advance one coin safely as far as you can towards the victory zone before you start running with another.
  • Stay calm to devise new strategies as per your opponent’s gameplay.

Playerzpot sure has a lot to offer and using our Playerzpot hacks, you can get much farther in your goal to earn cash. However, keep in mind that a clear head produces more winning strategies, so stay calm and enjoy the games. You will earn, don’t worry.

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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

While Playerzpot sure is a mixed pot of various enticing games, at the end of the day, wagering your hard-earned money in fantasy sports is still a risk. You may not be able to make up for the losses you incur, which is a frightening notion.

Instead, why not play games where you can control your cash and entertain yourself while learning something?

GetMega is a tremendously beneficial platform for those who like to play games for their cash. For one, they have a much wider range of games such as trivia quizzes in different subjects including math, general knowledge, and even ones that test your cognitive skills.

T On top of that, you have variations of casino games like Poker and Rummy, which, as you know, offer much higher earning potential than any other game.

The best part is, if you don’t know how to play a game on GetMega, you can find the rules and strategies easily available on the site itself. You can try out these strategies in low-value cash games with other amateurs, develop your skills, and move on to play more challenging contests and tournaments. They are available for low-stakes and high-stakes as per your preference.

GetMega also has another unique method of helping you earn. All you need to do is take part in the paid leaderboards, play consistently, and maintain your ranks among the top contestants. Not only will you earn additional cash prizes but some people reported winning gold coins and even brand new mobile phones.

The GetMega platform is very safe. They only allow verified profiles to participate in games and screen all the frauds, scammers, and even programmed bots. Not only that but they only use secure payment channels like PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM, etc. for all your deposits and withdrawals. All in all, when comparing the two platforms, even when you use the Playerzpot hacks and strategies, your winnings will be marginally lower than GetMega, especially if you play fantasy sports. We recommend using both platforms so you can earn a lot of cash on GetMega then use it to participate in fantasy games on Playerzpot. That way you hardly spend any money from your pocket.

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