Carrom Board Tricks And Tips

Carrom Board Tricks And Tips

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Carrom board game is a popular indoor tabletop game in India. It is commonly played in a group often at social events with family or with friends. Carrom is generally played by two or four people.

We at GetMega have already covered how to play carrom and the rules in our article.  Please click here to read it. If you are a seasoned player - click here to learn about the win win strategy in carrom.

In this article, we will explain the carrom board tricks mainly for beginners to improve your game.

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Carrom Board Tips

We will cover some of the carrom easy tricks for you in this section which will help you to play the game better.

Flicking the striker

The most important thing in a carrom game is your shooting style. How well you play carrom depends on how you shoot or flick the striker.

GetMega has listed the best carrom tricks to help you to become a seasoned player in no time which you can read here.

There are various techniques for flicking the striker. Which technique you want to apply, depends on the placement of the coins and your level of skill. So it is advisable to learn at least a few shots so that you can apply the best one based on the placement of the coins.

No matter which style you choose, you should keep these 2 points in mind

  • Always keep your hand steady on the board. Place the base/edge of your palm or fingers firmly. This will ensure that the striker is flicked the correct way and goes in the direction you want. If the striker is pushed, it can be a foul and a penalty is applicable.
  • You should keep your finger close to the striker, preferably touching it. This will help you to flick the striker without hurting your fingers. If you are hitting the striker from a distance, then you might end up hurting your nails. Initially a beginner may experience some pain in the fingers.

As a beginner you can bend the rules until you improve

Hitting the striker

The main trick in carrom is to hit the striker in the right direction at the right speed. To do this, you have to flick the striker at the correct angle with the correct amount of force.

  • For close shots, use less force.
  • You can try this exercise to practice-
  • Place the striker on your baseline
  • Flick it so that it rebounds against the opposite frame and try to make sure that the striker comes to rest on your opponent’s base line.
  • If  it rests on the opponent’s base line then this is sufficient force for straight line shots. You will need a bit more force for cut shots.

Keep practicing

The more you play the carrom game, the better you will get at it. Your success in potting coins increases
Also you get a better idea of more rebounds and start using more indirect strikes to increase your chances of winning

Enjoy the game!

Last of all, enjoy the game! In all games, the element of competition always creeps in as each one of us wants to win. But don't forget to have fun playing while you are also learning from your mistakes.

Carrom Board Tricks

We have listed a few carrom board tricks to help you in your carrom game.

  • At any point of the game, you should always pocket the easy coins first.
  • Try to pocket maximum coins in your shot especially if you are playing first.
  • While potting your own coins, try to place your opponent’s coins in difficult positions.
  • Learn at least 3-4 shooting styles as which style you want to apply, depends on the placement of the coins and your level of skill.

Carrom game has innumerable tricks which you will learn more as you play more.

Carrom Board Tricks For Playing With A Beginner

This section is for an experienced player who is playing with a beginner.

If you are playing with a friend who is a beginner and does not know carrom, you can make the game easier for him.

  • Bend the rules slightly for your opponent’s advantage but not for your advantage.
  • Make sure to teach them the rules so that they know.
  • Your beginner friend can also play with fewer coins. Say, you have to pocket 9 coins but your friend has to pocket only 5. Slowly increase the number of coins as they get better.

With this our article on carrom board tricks and tips comes to an end. Download the GetMega Carrom app now, and start practicing the carrom board tricks and tips you have learnt and increase your chances of winning!

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