Winning Strategy In The Carrom in 2024 | Play & Win

Winning Strategy In The Carrom in 2024 | Play & Win

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Carrom board game is a popular indoor tabletop game in India. There are some variations in carrom which is commonly played in a group often at social events with family or with friends. Carrom is generally played by two or four people.
We at GetMega have already covered how to play carrom and the rules in our article. In this article, we will explain how to win in carrom.

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Winning Strategy in Carrom

The most important thing in a carrom game is your shooting style. How well you play carrom depends on how you shoot or flick the striker. GetMega has listed the best carrom tricks to help you to become a seasoned player in no time.

Start playing the exciting carrom game and brush up on your shooting carrom skills! There is no straight shortcut to winning a black and white carrom game. However, we will explain some of the points which will help you to win. If you follow this win win strategy in carrom, your chances of winning will definitely increase!

carrom skills

General Win Win Strategy in Carrom

  • At any point of the game, you should always pocket the easy coins first.
  • While potting your own coins, try to place your opponent’s coins in difficult positions.
  • Learn at least 3-4 shooting styles as which style you want to apply, depends on the placement of the coins and your level of skill.

Win Win Strategy in Carrom during breaking

  • If you are playing first then you need to master the breaking so that you can pocket maximum coins.
  • Seasoned best players can pocket 2-3 coins in the first shot and can sometimes pocket all 9 coins along with queen without giving chance to the opponent .
  • One strategy you can use during breaking- The coins are arranged in such a way that 2 white coins followed by the queen face a pocket. Seasoned players hit the white coin (near to them) so hard that 2 white coins (facing the pocket) and the queen are potted in the same shot.
  • You should also try to break in such a way that while you pocket a few coins you can free the other coins.
  • While playing carrom, be careful, you might commit fouls which will lead to the end of your turn and have to pay a penalty. To avoid this, learn the fouls of the carrom game.
how to win in carrom

Win Win Strategy while covering the queen

If you find that you cannot pocket the queen, you can keep it in a difficult position so that your opponent also cannot pocket it. Later in the game, you can try to pocket the queen.

You can easily apply these strategies to the digital carrom games since they follow the same game physics that of the physical board game.

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