Top 12 Carrom Trick Shots For A Pro

Top 12 Carrom Trick Shots For A Pro

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Carrom is an extremely popular indoor tabletop in India played often at social events with family or with friends. Carrom is generally played by two or four people. Do you want to learn how to play carrom like a pro by playing the best carrom shots?

In this article, we will explain the best carrom trick shots to try in your next game to wow your friends and earn more points.

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General Carrom shots

The most important thing in a carrom game is your shooting style. How well you play carrom depends on how you shoot or flick the striker. GetMega has listed the best carrom trick shots to help you to become a seasoned player in no time.

Firstly, we will cover the basics of how to shoot carrom striker. In the next part, we will cover the various types of carrom shots including carrom trick shots.  

General carrom shots

There are various techniques for flicking the striker. Which technique you want to apply, depends on the placement of the coins and your level of skill.

So it is advisable to learn at least a few shots so that you can apply the best one based on the placement of the coins.

How do you aim perfect in carrom?

In the following way, you can improve your carrom shot!

  • Always keep your hand steady on the board. Place the base/edge of your palm or fingers firmly. This will ensure that the striker is flicked the correct way and goes in the direction you want. If the striker is pushed, it can be a foul and a penalty is applicable.
  • You should keep your finger close to the striker, preferably touching it. This will help you to flick the striker without hurting your fingers. If you are hitting the striker from a distance, then you might end up hurting your nails. Initially, a beginner may experience some pain in the fingers.

Carrom Trick Shots

To wow your friends and make them believe that you are a pro, you can try the following carrom trick shots.

The first few are carrom easy tricks which any player can start using after a few games.

1) Simple shot

  • This is the commonest shot in the game.
  • The coin is in front of the baseline.
  • You put the striker on the baseline so that the striker, coin, and pocket are in one straight line.
  • You hit the coin straight and it falls in the pocket.
  • With this shot, if you hit the striker too hard, both the coin and striker can fall in the pocket- which is a foul.

2) Side shot

  • It is one of the most popular carrom trick shots. Side shot is played to be on a safer side.
  • In this shot, the striker is hit in such a way that it pushes the coin in the opposite direction.
  • For example, in a side shot, if you flick the striker towards the right, the coin will go towards the left after it is struck.
  • Another way you can play the side shot is so that the coin directly goes to the pocket. Even if your coin does not fall into the pocket, it may block the pocket in such a way so that the opponent cannot score any coin into that pocket.

3) Second hit

  • This trick will help you to pocket 2 coins in one shot
  • Sometimes 2 coins are placed at such an angle that they clearly point to a corner pocket.
  • In that case, if you hit the first coin of the two hard enough with the striker, both coins will go in the corner pocket at the same time.
  • A variation of this shot can be used at the start of the game. The player starting the game always plays white. As you know, the coins are arranged in such a way that 2 white coins followed by the queen face a  pocket. Seasoned players hit the white coin (near to them) so hard that 2 white coins (facing the pocket) and the queen are potted in the same shot.

4) Thumb shot & finger flick shot

Carrom trick shots
  • This style is used to pot coins in between your baseline and the edge of the board. This shot is used when the coin is close to the pocket.
  • Say you want to pot the coin into the left base pocket (assuming you are right-handed). You put the striker on the right side of the coin.
  • You put your palm on the board with your thumb and first finger. (The first finger will be on top of the thumb)
  • The thumb should touch the striker.
  • You flick the thumb against the forefinger so that the striker hits the coin at an angle which then goes to the left base pocket.
  • If the coin is nearer to the right base pocket you put the striker on the left side, You scissor your middle and forefinger touching the left of the striker. You flick the fingers so that the striker moves to the right base pocket potting the coin.

5) Backshot

  • A back shot is also used when the coin is near the pocket of your side.
  • You hit the striker to the opposite side.
  • It rebounds and hits the coin on your side.
  • The coin falls in the pocket.
  • You can play this shot for right or left pockets depending on where the coin is placed.

Why not download the GetMega app now, and start practicing the carrom easy tricks and increase your chance of winning.

After learning the carrom easy tricks, we will now move to the more difficult carrom trick shots.

6) Double shot

  • This carrom trick shot is used to put 2 coins in 2 different pockets.
  • There are two ways of playing this shot

a) Direct

  • You hit a coin in front of you, say on the right side of it.
  • Then the coin goes to the left corner pocket.
  • The striker automatically moves to the right side and hits another coin on the right side of the board so that it goes to the right corner pocket.

b) Rebound

  • You have a coin in front of you, say on the right side in front of the baseline.
  • Another coin is between the right line and the edge of the board near the right base pocket.
  • You pot the first coin in front of you to the right far pocket.
  • The striker rebounds off the other side and comes towards you, hitting the coin on the right side to put it in the right base pocket.

7) Third pocket

  • You hit the coin (say the coin is on the right side) so that it hits the right edge of the board and rebounds to be potted in the left top corner.
  • For the coin on the left side, you do exactly the opposite movement so that coin is potted in the right top corner.

8) Frame shot

  • This trick is another version of the third pocket.
  • The coin positions are the same as the third pocket (Say on the right side)
  • Instead of hitting the coin directly to the right edge, you hit the striker to the right edge, so that it rebounds and hits the coin (on its left side) and the coin goes to the left top corner pocket.

9) Middle shot

  • This is a tricky shot. You have to hit 2 coins simultaneously by flicking the striker to the space between the two coins.
  • The two coins should be adjacent to each other.
  • You hit the striker in between the coins so that they should move in opposite directions

10) Board shot

  • This is a tricky shot and is played by advanced players who have good shooting skills.
  • Here, you hit the striker in one direction.
  • The striker will touch three different sides of the board and finally hit the coin and sink it into the pocket.

This carrom trick shot looks extremely cool. With a bit of practice, you can use this trick and impress your friends.  Download the GetMega app now, start playing the exciting carrom game and brush up on your shooting skills.

11) Cut and take

  • You play this carrom trick shot when one coin is easy to pot while the other is in a difficult situation.
  • You pot the first coin into the pocket while simultaneously hitting the difficult coin either directly or by a rebound in such a way that it takes a position that is easier to pot.
  • After you potted the first coin, you pot the difficult one (which is now in an easier position) by a second shot.

12) Cut shot

  • This is a tricky shot in which easy pockets for the coin are blocked.
  • Say a coin is in front of you in the center (toward left). The left corner pocket, left base pockets are both blocked.
  • The right base pocket is also blocked.
  • You can put the coin in the right far corner pocket but not in a straight shot.
  • In a cut shot, you put the striker on the baseline on the right side of the coin.
  • You hit the coin at a tangent on the left side so that the coin goes to the right top corner pocket.

13) Alley Loop (Bonus Trickshot)

  • This is a carrom trick shot for a doubles game.
  • A doubles game is generally more difficult as it requires teamwork and silent understanding with your partner since you cannot communicate with each other during the game.
  • When you cannot find any potable coin, you can use this trick to hit the coins in such a way that your partner can pot them easily in his turn.
  • But you cannot keep using this trick constantly as your opponents will understand your strategy and will block your coins.

With this, our article on top carrom trick shots comes to an end. We suggest that you should try all the techniques so that you can apply the best one based on the placement of the coins. Download the GetMega Carrom app now, start practicing the best carrom tricks, and wow your friends and family!

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