How To Play Carrom And Rules Of The Game

How To Play Carrom And Rules Of The Game

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Carrom is a popular indoor tabletop game. The carrom game is commonly played in a group in India often at social events with family or with friends. Carrom is generally played by two or four people.

It originated from India and was believed to be invented by the Indian Maharajas. The carrom board game has grown progressively over time and now there are now many clubs which hold tournaments and competitions. While it has always been a popular pastime in India, the carrom game is also gaining popularity in the west.

The game is also known by many other names around the globe such as carrom, couronne, carum, karam, karom, karum, and finger billiards.

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Objective of Carrom Board game

The carrom game is played on a polished square wooden board with the following pieces:-

Carrom board game pieces-

  • There are 9 white pieces and 9 black pieces. Each color is assigned to a player. These are smooth, wooden pieces.
  • The red piece is the queen, and it can be pocketed any time after pocketing the first piece.
  • There is a heavier striker made of hard plastic

In each round, the players attempt to use the striker to knock these pieces into the board's pockets. The objective of the carrom game is to sink all of your carrom men, using the heavier striker, in any of the pockets (called pocketing) before your opponent. Your turn continues for as long as you are pocketing your carrom men.

Carrom Board Rules

Most players follow the simplified carrom game rules while playing with friends and family. However, the formal international carrom rules are followed by the International Carrom Federation and the various organized tournaments world wide.

How to Play Carrom Board Game

Carrom is a relatively simple board game. Learn how to play carrom board game easily  in the following points. Also you will learn carrom board rules so that you can avoid fouls and score points easily.

Step 1: Arranging the pieces

The black and white pieces (carrom men) are arranged alternately in circles with the red queen at the center. The whites are lined up to form a “Y” shape and the  two sides aim directly towards the corner pockets.

In an online game, the carrom men will be arranged by the computer

Step 2: Position of the players

Each player sits on 1 side of the board and can only strike from that side. The contestant playing white plays first or ‘breaks’. Color of your piece can be decided by the toss of a coin .

Step 3: Breaking

Breaking is the first shot of the carrom board game. The first player has to break the circle in the middle by taking the first shot with the striker.

  • If a player gets a piece in the pocket on the first shot, he will continue to take turns until he fails to pocket a piece.
  • The player must always return the striker to the rectangle before taking a new shot.

Step 4: How to shoot

This is very important as the carrom game depends on how well you shoot the striker. Your style of shooting determines how soon pieces are pocketed and you get points. Bad shooting can result in fouls which you will read in this article later.

Since you are playing online, you will drag and click to release the striker. Your prowess in the game will depend on your mouse movements and control.

While keeping the striker on the board to shoot, you must remember that it should touch both ‘base lines’, either covering the end circle completely, or not touching it at all. The striker cannot  touch the diagonal arrow line.

Step 5: Turns

You and your opponent take turns shooting the striker.

If you pocket a piece, you continue to play and shoot your striker again. You can continue to shoot your striker until you fail to pocket a piece.

Step 6: Covering the Queen

  • You can pocket and cover the Queen if you have already pocketed at least one piece of your color.
  • If you pocket the Queen before pocketing your color first, your turn continues. But you must sink one of your carrom men before covering the Queen. If you cannot  pocket your color piece at the end of the turn then the Queen is returned to the center  by the opponent. Now that you have learnt the basic carrom game rules, let us move on to how to win the carrom game.
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How to Win the Carrom Board Game

In carrom, players play rounds. Each round may have a different winner. The final game is won by the player having the highest points after adding up all the points from the rounds.

Playing a round

  • A round is played until one player has pocketed all of his or her carrom men.
  • The first player to pocket all their pieces wins the round, and then gets points. However, for a round to end the queen must be pocketed and covered by a player.
  • Complete the game
  • There are no fixed number of rounds to play in carrom. The scores have to be added up from each round.
  • Rounds are played until a player hits 29 points.

Other Carrom Board Rules

There are a few other carrom game rules which you must remember

  • Pieces returned to the center can be placed on top of the other pieces which are there in the main circle.
  • If pieces come to rest standing on their edge or overlapping another piece, then they are left as they are. They are only moved again in the normal course of play.
  • If the striker comes to rest under another piece, you must slowly remove the striker in such a way so that there is very little disturbance to the covering piece.

Fouls of Carrom Board Game

While playing carrom, if you are not careful, you might commit fouls which will incur a penalty. To avoid this, learn the fouls in carrom board rules.
After a foul your  turn comes ends immediately and a penalty is incurred.  As a penalty, one of your pocketed pieces is returned to the board and placed by the opponent anywhere within the main circle. Your opponent will  always position the carrom men in such a way so as to have an advantage.

A foul happens in the following situations:

  • Pocketing the Striker
  • If you pocket an opponent's piece
  • If a piece leaves the board
  • If your final piece has been pocketed before covering  the Queen
  • You have incorrectly positioned the striker before taking a shot
  • If your arm crosses the diagonal  line on the board
  • If you fail to break correctly on three attempts

If there are no pocketed pieces

  • If a penalty is incurred but there are no pocketed pieces to return, then the penalty is owed till a piece becomes available.
  • If a penalty is owed, and a piece is pocketed, then it is placed at the centre by the opponent at the end of the turn. However, if the opponent forgets to do this before the start of the next turn then any owed penalties are lost.

This is why your shooting skills become so important as it will help you to avoid the fouls. Download the GetMega app now, and start playing the exciting game of carrom board game and brush up your shooting skills!

Scoring In Carrom Board Game

In this section, you will learn all about the carrom points rules and how to score and win the carrom board game.

At each round

  • At the end of each round, to determine your score, count how many of your opponent pieces still remain on the board.

For example, your opponent has 4 pieces remaining on the board. Your score would be 4.

  • If you have pocketed and covered the queen during the game, then an additional 5 points are added to your score if your score is below 24.

For example, if you had 4 points based on your opponent's pieces, and you covered the queen, your score for the round is 9.

  • You will no longer get the additional 5 points for covering the queen once your total points reach 24

Keep adding up the points as you continue to win rounds.

At the end of the game

  • There are no fixed number of rounds  in the carrom board game.
  • Scores from each round are added up.
  • When someone hit 29 points or higher the game ends and the highest scorer is the winner

For example, you score 11 points in the first round. In the next round, your opponent wins, scoring 9 points. In the third round, you score 13 points, giving you a score of 24. The  fourth round is won by your opponent wins and scores 5 points which gives him a total score of 14 points. In the fifth round, you score 8 points. You now have a score of 32 which exceeds the 29 points you need to win. Therefore, you have won this game of carrom.

With this, the carrom game comes to an end. Now you know the carrom board rules and have learned to play the game. Why not download the GetMega Carrom app now, and start playing the exciting game of carrom with your friends and family!

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