Live Cards In Poker: Meaning, Rules, Uses, & Examples

Live Cards In Poker: Meaning, Rules, Uses, & Examples

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Regarding poker, starting hands generally have a rather significant role to play. After all, it is based on the starting hands only that a player’s relative strength is determined in the game. Vital to this, sometimes players are dealt live cards in poker. In this post, we have covered the contextual meaning of live cards in poker as well as some working examples of the same.

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What does the term live card poker mean?

The term “live card poker” is usually used when a player holds an inferior hand to his opponent but one that is not dead and has a significant chance of winning. For instance – suppose you are playing a game of Texas Holdem and have been dealt an Ace and a 9, and your opponent holds a pair of Queens. The flop round comes, and three cards, 9, 2, and 3, are dealt. Herein, your Ace and 9 will be referred to as live cards because just one more Ace or 9 and you have a significantly higher chance of winning against your opponent.

But, when it comes to Texas Holdem, a card is said to be live for a player when he can win with it if they successfully make a pair. Note that the probability of winning generally depends greatly on whether the pair the player so made with his live cards is better than the opponent’s pair or not. In some rare scenarios, the term live card poker is also used to refer to cards that have not yet been dealt in the game or the cards that are still in the deck.

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An example of Live card poker

If you are still a bit confused about what the term “live card poker” implies, don’t worry because, in this section, we have illustrated the meaning of live cards in poker with a short working example.

Let us assume you are playing a game of standard Texas Holdem, wherein you have been dealt a Queen of diamonds and a Jack of diamonds. Being relatively strong starting hands, you push all in from an early position. The game moves forward, and now the action folds around to the player who is in the big blind position. Having been dealt a Queen of clubs and King of clubs, this person decides to call your bet.

In the abovementioned situation, you will notice how you hold one live card poker – the Jack. If you can successfully pair your Jack in the upcoming rounds while your opponent fails to pair his King, you are well on your way to winning this hand, provided your opponent does not hit a flush or a straight.

Herein, only the Jack will be considered a live card but not the Queen because even if you pair the Queen, your opponent can win the hand because the King would be the kicker. Since there is no proven poker strategy to play with live cards in poker, the least you can do is practice your live card poker skills as much as possible. To do the same, register on the Get Mega app and start playing live card poker in no time.

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