Is Ace considered a Face Card in Poker?

Is Ace considered a Face Card in Poker?

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Poker is one of the most popular games in the world that involves use of money, and to be really good at it, you need exceptional skills. Bets are placed against each other depending on the number of chips one has at the end of a particular round. These chips are then exchanged for money or counted as a whole towards the end to determine the winner of the game. Poker is always played with a standard 52 card deck, with suits – hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs, consisting of King, Jack, Queen, Ace and other 9 cards from 2 to 10 in each suit. Having knowledge about the cards is absolutely essential when it comes to playing poker. One of the common confusions faced by people is about the Ace being a face card or not. So, in the article, we clear this confusion and give you an idea of the role of Ace in poker.

What are face cards and is an Ace one of them?

In a deck of 52 cards, a face card or court card is generally used to describe a card that depicts a person such as King, Queen or Jack as opposed to the pip or numerical cards. These are also known as picture cards or coat cards by some. Hence, this can be used to determine that Ace doesn’t qualify as a face card simply because it doesn’t have a face on it when compared to the ones that do. Only K, J and Q cards are known as face cards and none of the other cards including ace can be considered to be a face card.

In poker, the Ace card is the highest card and the 2 card (Deuce) is the lowest. Therefore, an Ace is considered to be the most powerful card in the whole deck. If we had to rank all the cards in a deck, Ace would top them all of because of its rank strength and also because of its importance in the other variants of poker. But fun fact, Ace can be considered to be the card with lowest strength as well, making it a really deceptive card to use and possess. Hence, in the most common variants of poker, Ace is considered to be both high and low.

All about Ace

An Ace is considered to be high in the following conditions - High Card: A9532 beats KQJ53, One Pair: AA beats KK, Two Pair: AA88 beats KK99, Three-of-a-Kind: AAA beats JJJ, “Broadway” Straights: AKQJT beats QJT98 (“Ace-high straight” vs “Queen-high straight”), Flushes (always): As-Qs-8s-6s-2s beats Ks-Js-Ts-9s-7s, Full Houses: AAATT beats KKKJJ etc. Any other combination of Ace as opposed to this would come across as an Ace with low strength like “Wheel” Straights: A-2-3-4-5. A “wheel” straight would lose to any other higher straight. For example, A2345 would still lose to 34567. In this case, the Ace in the straight is low, meaning that the hand rankings would be a 5-high straight vs a 7-high straight. The same principle would be true for “steel wheels,” or rather straight flushes that have an Ace being low: As-2s-3s-4s-5s would lose to 6s-7s-8s-9s-Ts (5-high straight flush vs T-high straight flush).

Therefore, in conclusion, the Ace card isn’t considered to be a face card in poker. However, this doesn’t hold back the Ace from being the most powerful and highly ranked card in the deck, which when used efficiently could win you games for sure. So, download the GetMega Poker app now and hone your poker skills to win big money while sitting at home during this pandemic.

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