Raked Hands in Poker

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n a game of poker, a player bets against another player and in between all that, they incur profits and losses. However, most of the poker games are organised either by casinos or by online poker sites. So, how do they earn from the players if the game only includes the players?

Actually, they charge some amount from the players as a fee. It is charged by the casinos either when a player enters into a game or during the game. This charge is regarded as “raked hand” in poker.

A raked hand in poker

In a game of poker, a raked hand is any hand which contributes something to the poker room for running any game and the amount contributed is known as “rake”. A rake is generally a fee collected by the poker rooms as a percentage of the pot. The percentage can range from anywhere between 0 - 10% of the pot for casinos and 0 - 7% for online poker rooms.

Since poker is a player versus player game, the raked hand acts as a mechanism to generate revenue for the poker rooms. Rake is a one-time fee taken before a player enters any tournament. Most often there is a maximum amount set for the rake.

In many poker rooms, a raked hand is made only when a ‘flop’ is seen. This is known as “no flop no drop” policy. In online poker, rake is collected automatically. In poker rooms, there are three common methods to collect rake:

❏ Pot rake: It is the most common type of rake collection in which the dealer directly takes out a percentage of the pot chips and sets them aside. However, some poker rooms take a set amount regardless of the pot size.

❏ Time collection: This is also known as a timed rake or table charge. After every half-hour during the game, a set fee is collected in two ways:

Player Time: A set fee is taken from each individual.

Time pot: A set fee is taken from the first pot over a certain amount.

This type of rakes is generally collected in higher stakes games.

❏ Dead drop: The dealer collects the rake before any cards are dealt after every player places a set amount of rake on the dealer button.

Raked hands have a great impact on your strategy. A number of players don’t care much about the rake and start playing on any poker site or at any casino without caring how much they are paying. There are some casinos and online poker sites which charge overly rake making it impossible for the players to beat a game.

Therefore, it is recommended to take raked hands into consideration before jumping into any game. You should look at the rake structures of various sites and make comparisons and calculations so as to make your game profitable.

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