20 Best Poker Players You Must Know About

20 Best Poker Players You Must Know About

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Earning titles in any field is a huge accomplishment. In the world of poker, Daniel Negreanu holds the title of the best poker player in history but there are many more accomplished players who can inspire you.

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List of 20 best online poker players in the world

1. Ben Sulsky

He may not be a Famous poker player but Ben Sulsky sure had a good time under the sun. He started his career at low-stake games to improve his net worth but a $1000 loss had him leaving the tables for good, or so he thought.

Ben returned to the tables soon enough and made a whopping $1 million thus securing his name in the Top 5 poker players list of the time. He never left the online circuit to try his hands at live gaming but Ben does very well in online games.

He still plays although his main focus now is to make training videos for the next generation of Top online poker players

2. Ben Tollerene

Not many of the best online poker players can say they played against Victor Blom successfully but Ben Tollerene sure did. With an innate love for the game, this high-stakes player has come a long way from $25 buy-ins to making millions in online poker tournaments.

Ben is regarded as one of the big poker players due to his constant presence on online tables for years. He traveled across the globe but continued his online indulgencies. Now, he spends hours on online forums, playing against Top professional poker players, and keeps adding to his bank account.

3. Bertrand Grospellier

‘Passion pays off.’

No one knows this better than the Number 1 poker player Bertrand Grospellier. Bertrand has not only made several million in online poker tournaments but also earned two titles worth $500,000. His passion for the game took him from the online circuit to live tournaments where he made a killing.

Bertrand still plays in both online and offline games striving for the title of Poker player of the year.

4. Bill Perkins

Bill was a hedge fund manager who soon came to the world of online poker and caught the bug. Like several poker players, he took it up a notch, studied the game, and made his way to earning $5,000,000 in winnings.

He scored big games in the Triton Million and is on his way to becoming the No. 1 poker player if he keeps up his streak.

5. Brandon Adams

An author and poker player, Brandon made quite the stir when he started playing during his college days. Now, he has self-published several books about his struggles till poker saved him from drowning.

Brandon has earned his title as one of the successful poker players in the world.

6. Brian Hastings

With 4 bracelets under his wing, Brian sure is the crown jewel in the field of online poker. He was a professional poker player for years till he hung it up to start a tea business. Brian has done it all and lives with no regret although we sure miss him in the circuits.

7. Chance Kornuth

Founder of the poker training site ‘Chip Leader Coaching,’ Chance is an avid online poker player. He is often found on the circuit be it day or night. We can’t blame him though. When you’re as good as he is, it is hard to stop.

8. Chris Moorman

Recorded as one of the best poker player in history, Chris has earned the title of Ambassador for 888poker, one of the best poker forums ever.

Chris’s love for the game stemmed from his innate interest in math and economics. He transferred his skills onto the poker tables and the rest is history.

His success story is noteworthy though. He dedicated 70 hours/week to the online circuits to develop his game and earned a place in the list of World poker players. Just goes to show, every success story comes at a price.

9. Dan Cates

Like several people who made this list, Dan was pursuing a degree in Economics despite his dream of becoming the greatest poker player ever since he was a teenager. He quit college and began pursuing his dream with online poker. In no time, Dan was playing against the Best tournament poker players in high-stake games.

His devotion paid off soon enough when he achieved titles in WPT high roller including the Triton high-roller for his intense performance. Professional poker players are regarded in high standards but Dan happened to surpass that to become one of the best poker players ever.

10. Daniel Negreanu

A true recipient of the title of Professional poker player, Daniel is regarded worldwide for his accomplishments. He won 6 poker bracelets in World Series and has hence been known as the Best poker player in history. Not only was he among the Player of the year – poker title holders but also made it to the list of Successful poker players with massive winnings.

Daniel now logs a considerable amount of time training young poker enthusiasts on how to become the Best Texas Hold’em players and more.

11. David Benefield

David started his career in online poker in a crew with Tom Dwan, one of the best online poker players in history. They crushed the Poker Boom investing several hours in online poker games. Soon, David made his way to the list of professional poker players and earned a mention in the book ‘Ship It Hollas Ballas.’

David still plays the online poker circuit but has taken a considerable step back from the hours he used to invest.

12. Di Dang

Di Dang set an example for poker players. You should know when to fold and walk away before you lose it all.

Dang was an engineering student when he first started in the world of online poker. However, in his first attempt, he failed miserably and lost his $200 deposit, which, for a college student, was a lot of money.

He did not give up though. He invested another $200 and did not stop till he became one of the best poker players. Once he achieved what he set out to do, Dang cashed out of online poker and invested his winnings wisely in a chain of restaurants.

He may not be playing now but no one can take away his Poker player rankings.

13. Fedor Holz

If someone knows how to clean up poker tables with huge winnings, it is Fedor Holz.

The man-made $1.3 million in a single tournament in the mid-2010s and became one of the Top earning poker players. Since then, he has been spotted at various online tournaments and even came 25th in the WSOP Event, taking home a huge cash-out amount of $262,574.

He used his winnings to penetrate the business world but we have no doubt that his love for the game will pull him back. It is only a matter of time before he becomes the Number one poker player in the world.

14. Martin Jacobson

Jacobson believes that you never stop learning when you love something so dearly.

As one of the best poker players, he continues to learn and upgrade his strategies with the changing times. Not for nothing is Jacobson known as the best poker player. He understands that despite his massive winnings in the online circuit, it is important to improve and develop new strategies to build the odds when everyone is relying on poker tools to help them.

As a candidate of November Nine, Jacobson dedicated 500 hours in studying all about poker before he played the tournament. He is an inspiration to poker players around the globe.

15. Mike McDonald

Growing up as a competitive chess player with an affinity for mathematics, it was no surprise to anyone that Mike began playing online poker before he turned 18. Although ill-advised, his risks paid off and he became the greatest poker player of his age.

These days, Mike’s winnings are recorded in the range of $13 million from live games but in reality, most of the money comes from his online struggles. He will forever be the World no. 1 poker player who started as a teenager because he realized his dream.

16. Patrick Antonius

One of the most famous poker players in history is Patrick Antonius. He has played tournaments across the online and offline poker tables and appeared in several television programs for poker to discuss his passion for the game.

Patrick’s accomplishments have made him a Best heads-up poker player in a PLO tournament where he won $320,000 at a $25,000 buy-in table. His love for high-stakes games has ranked him one of the best poker player in the world ever known.

17. Phil Galfond

The greatest poker player in the world had such a good run on online tables that in 2019 and 2020, there was a poker challenge named after him. Players across the globe joined the greatest poker player in the world for the title and no one was disappointed.

Galfond created an online training site for poker enthusiasts and has dedicated his time to raising the bar in the field. The number one poker player has won close to $10 million in poker winnings and continues to play against the best professional poker players for high-stakes and big money.

18. Phil Ivey

One of the household names as a world-famous poker player is Phil Ivey. He has won several tournaments in online and offline poker games alike. During the Poker boom, Phil shared the table with the most famous poker players and managed to earn himself not just a bracelet but also a title in WPT.

Phil is undoubtedly one of the best poker players of all time he has been featured on television poker events as well for his dedication and passion for the game. He is a living, breathing proof that top poker players are never confined to one particular forum.

19. Tom Dwan

If we speak of poker, professional poker players get a shout-out.

Tom was pursuing college at Boston University when the poker bug bit him. He left college and took off on his own journey to make a career in online poker with the screen name ‘durrr.’ It was no surprise that Tom made his way to the top online poker players list in no time.

His victories were grounded in multi-tabling with high-stakes poker players where people began to fear the name ‘durrr’ whenever he joined the table. He has a special mention in the book ‘Ship It Holla Ballas’ because of his excellent skills.

If you’re making a list of the greatest poker players of all time then Tom truly deserves a spot on that list.

20. Viktor Blom

A teenager with the screen name Isuldur1 took the online poker world by storm. At age 15, the kid had $275,000 in his bank account, and soon after, when he introduced himself to the world by his real name, Victor Blom, he started entering tournaments.

Blom is such a dedicated player, he made $1.3 million in two weeks way before it was cool to earn money online. He has since participated in a series of tournaments and made a name for himself. When you do what you love, it doesn’t really feel like work, right?

In the women's poker world, Mimi Rogers is among the best poker players.

We can talk for years about online poker player rankings and the most successful poker players of all time. However, the truth of the matter is legendary poker players are truly rare and Blom happens to be on top of that list.

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Question Answer
Who is the world’s best poker player? Daniel Negreanu is the world’s best poker player.
Who is the richest poker player? Dan Bilzerian is the richest poker player with a net worth of $150 million.
Who is the best poker player 2021? Justin Bonomo is the best poker player in 2021 with a total winnings of $44,040,711.
Who is the G.O.A.T of poker? Phil Helmuth is the G.O.A.T of poker with an illustrious carrer of over four decades.
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