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Oh! No this is not a medical article about nosebleeds, here we are referencing the term nosebleed as used in the poker world. Poker consists of a number of stake levels right from Nano stakes, mid stakes, high stakes to the most lethal and perhaps hugely dynamic nosebleed poker stakes. Since the world of nosebleed poker stakes is relatively unfamiliar to the poker masses, we are going to explain it in this post. Along with that, we have explained the ideal nosebleed poker stakes strategy.

What does the term nosebleed in poker mean?

The term nosebleed is often used in the poker world in conjunction with ultra-high stakes games where the stakes often go unbelievably high. To put it simply, the term nosebleed refers to the highest of the high-stakes game in the poker world where the money swings are so quick and immense that it might cause a nosebleed (not literally).

In average poker games, the blinds generally range between $10/$20 to $20/$40. But, in the case of nosebleeds, the blinds in No-limit Texas Hold'em and pot limit Omaha generally go much higher than $200/$400 while in case of fixed limit games the blinds are usually kept at $500/$1000. In fact, a few years back at a popular and exclusive nosebleed game at the Bellagio casino, Bobby room the blinds at a nosebleed game quite literally touched $4000/$8000.

As you might have guessed by now, the nosebleed poker games are by far the biggest games ever to exist in the world of poker. Vital to this, nosebleeds in general are populated by successful maestros and professional poker players only. This is precisely because top poker players in general play quite aggressively and as such have a bankroll big enough to finance the high buy-ins required to play in the nosebleed poker games. Yes, as surprising as it might sound, but the buy-ins in nosebleeds generally range from 5 figure to 8/9 figure sums. Needless to say, the nosebleed poker games are definitely not for the faint hearted.

Nosebleed poker strategy

When it comes to nosebleed games, the competition generally becomes much higher as compared to average poker games. This is precisely because the players who bet their money in nosebleed games are usually much more skilled and tough than the ones who compete at lower stake tournaments.

Relative to this, in nosebleed poker games players are generally advised to play as aggressively as possible and target the weakest player on the table early on in the game. Alternatively, due to the higher-level skills of nosebleed stakes players, players must always pick a nosebleed game as carefully as possible. Generally speaking, exotic variants of nosebleed poker games are usually far softer than say Texas Hold'em nosebleed tournaments. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, always target softer nosebleed poker games if you are looking to win huge amounts in a short period of time.

As unlikely as it might sound, but most of the online poker sites do not offer nosebleed stake games precisely because there are not enough players to support the action that takes place at nosebleeds. However, some popular online poker sites such as GetMega actually offer their players a chance to try their hand at nosebleed poker games. Now, what are you waiting for just register on the GetMega Poker app and start playing today.

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