How To Play Sequence: Rules, Setting, Objective And More

How To Play Sequence: Rules, Setting, Objective And More

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Sequence is an abstract board game and card game which is played by employing various strategies using sequence rules. It is an easy game to learn and can be played by anyone over the age of 6 years. This game consists of a playing board that has pictures of two decks of cards covering the board, 135 chips divided into three colors of blue, green, and red (50 green, 50 blue, and 25 red), and also two standard decks of 52 cards each (104 cards). It is a popular team-building game. There is also a set of rules that the players have to follow known as sequence rules. In this article, we will be telling you the way to play sequence and also cover the sequence rules. So, let’s begin.

How to play sequence in cards?

While keeping in mind the sequence rules of the game, each player has to select one card from the cards provided to him/her which are face-up, and place a chip on the board having the same exact card as the one he/she selected. Strategically using the sequence rules, he has to place 5 chips correspondingly either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win the game.

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What is the sequence game objective?

The objective of the game is to place 5 same coloured chips corresponding to one another either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally by applying the sequence rules.

sequence game questions

What is the setting of the game?

  1. This game supports single-player as well as multiplayer modes. This game can also be played in teams. Depending on the number of players, different settings can be created.

If the number of players exceeds 3, then teams will be formed in the following ways

  • If the number of players is 4, then 2 teams of 2 players each will be formed.
  • If the number of players is 6, then 2 teams of 3 players each will be formed.

Since you will be playing this game, in an online mode, you will automatically be assigned the chips, to ensure that the game goes on smoothly.

2.  Then according to the number of players in the team, the coloured chips are distributed equally among the players. For instance,

  • If there are a total of 2 players, then one player will get the blue coloured chips and the other player will get the green coloured chips which will be distributed equally among them.
  • If there is a third player, then that player will get the red coloured chips also distributed the same way.

3.  The players can only see their respective cards as they are placed face-up for them to see.

4.  Since this is an online game, after using a chosen card and placing the respective chip, another card will replace the used card automatically for the player.

sequence rules

What are the sequence rules?

When it comes to the sequence rules of the game, it is quite easy to understand. These sequence rules are a very important aspect of the game since one cannot play without understanding the sequence player rules. To really enjoy the game and apply strategies for defeating the opposite team, you need to keep the following rules in mind –

  1. Cards are distributed to each player according to the number of players playing the game and these also determine the sequence 2 player rules and sequence 3 player rules.

Sequence card distribution

  • 2 players - 7 cards each
  • 3 players - 6 cards each
  • 4 players - 6 cards each
  • 6 players - 5 cards each
  • 8 players - 4 cards each
  • 9 players - 4 cards each
  • 10 players - 3 cards each
  • 12 players - 3 cards each

2.  According to the sequence rules, all four corners of the board have no pictured cards. The corners have a black circle, which is treated as a bonus space, from where a team needs to place only 4 coloured chips branching off either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Both teams can use this corner space simultaneously.

For example-

If the red team has 4 placed chips horizontally extending from the bonus corner and the blue team also has placed its 4 chips vertically extending from the bonus corner, then both teams will have completed a sequence.

3.  There is no representation of jack cards on the game board because it has a special use. Under the sequence rules, when a player gets a jack card and can see both its eyes on the card, then using this card, the player can place his/her chips anywhere on the board. The jack cards are known as wild cards.

4.  Under the sequence rules, there are also anti-wild jack cards. When a player can only see one eye of the jack in the card, then the player can use this card to remove any chip from the board. This card can be used to take away the opponent’s chip to keep them away from completing their sequence. This card cannot be used on an already made sequence. Also, after using this card, your turn is over, you cannot have another turn after using this card.

5.  Sometimes, when you get a card and both the pictures of that card on the board are covered by a chip, then you have a dead card, which you cannot use. Since you will be playing online, you will not get these cards so that you can enjoy the game stress-free.

6.  Since this is an online game using sequence rules, to make it fair, this game will be time-bound. The players have to finish their turn before their allotted time runs out. If the players can’t finish their turn on time, they will miss their chance of placing a chip.

7.  One sequence is required for 2 players and two sequences are required for 3 players. That is, if the number of players is 2 then one sequence needs to be made by one player to win the game. Whoever makes the first required number of sequences wins the game.

8.  Players can make use of one of their chips from the first made sequence to branch off to the second sequence to win the game. But remember, according to sequence rules, only one chip of the prior sequence can be used to make the second sequence.

For example, a player only needs 9 horizontal chips to make 2 sequences instead of 10 horizontal chips. Some people ask that can two people play sequence games?

Can sequence be played with 2 players?

Sequence is a game that can be played with 2,3,4,6,8,9,10 or 12 players. It cannot be played with 5,7 or 11 players because when more than 3 players are playing they need to divide evenly between two or three teams.

These are all the sequence rules and sequence team rules you must know before playing the game, so that you can create an efficient strategy, to win the game.

Now that you know how the game works and the sequence rules that are used, how about playing a game of sequence with your friends today? Using all the sequence rules, strategically play the game and increase your chances of winning. Download the GetMega app now, apply the sequence rules, start playing the game of sequence with your friends and win!

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