Mendicot Card Game: How To Play, Rules, Tips, Strategies And More

Mendicot Card Game: How To Play, Rules, Tips, Strategies And More

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Are you fed up with routine card games? Do you want to challenge yourself with something with a twist and excitement? Look no further—welcome to the world of Mendicot. This exciting game combines trick-taking with an unknown top card, so it will always surprise every player, regardless of their skill level.

This article covers everything from the simple rules of play to the basics. Take the challenge of bluffing, using strategy, sharpen your card game skills, and start dominating the table. So, without any further ado, let's get started with Mendicot.

What is Mendicot Card Game?

The मेंढीकोट or Mendicot card game is a trick-taking game wherein players are divided into partnerships, and the partners sit opposite each other. The game aims to win as many tricks as possible with the highest tens from all four suits.

Mendicot, in English, roughly means collecting tens.

The gameplay continues for 13 rounds, where the partners with the highest number of tens win the game. If the number of tens collected is equally divided between both teams, then the highest number of tricks collected wins the game.

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Origins of Mendicot Card Game

Mendicot is an ancient Indian card game that originated in the Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is related to the card game "Dehla Pakad" and is popular in these areas. The game has historical roots in Indian culture and has spread over the world from there.

In English, "Mendicot'' loosely translates to "tens collector." The word 'mendi' comes from the Gujarati word 'minimum,' which means 'zero.' 

It signifies 10 in the game because it is the only number card with a '0'. In South Indian languages, 'kot' or 'cot' refers to a victory in which the opponent scores 'zero.'

How To Play Mendicot Card Game

In Mendicot, there are 4 players in total, with 2 players in each team playing the game. Drawing cards, choose the dealer and teams. The two players who prefer the highest cards constitute one partnership, whereas the other two make the second.

How to play mendicot card game

The Mendicot game uses a standard regulation deck of 52 cards that are equally divided among all the players, and then they choose the trump card based on the following three variations:

  1. To the dealer's right, the player, the player chooses one card from their hand and places it face-down. When the need to play a trump arises, they reveal the trump card, and the suit it belongs to becomes the trump suit.
  2. The dealer draws a random card during the shuffle, and the suit for that card is declared the Trump.
  3. The game begins when a player is stuck to play; a card from the leading suit of that round can play any card from their hand. As per Mendicot rules, the case for this card becomes the Trump for the next games.

The players try to match the leading suit and play the highest card to win the trick. The objective remains to collect as many tens as possible during the Mendicot game tricks won.

Basic Rules of Mendicot Card Game:

  • Each player must play a card from the suit leading the Mendicot trick.
  • If a trump is predetermined, the player can play a trump card to win the Mendicot tricks.
  • If Trump is not declared, a player can play a card from a suit dominating their hand. This suit becomes the Trump, thus giving the player an advantage.
  • At the end of the Mendicot game, if one of the teams has 3 or 4 tens, they win.
  • The top prior mendicant rule is to have a maximum number of tens after 13 mandi cot tricks of the game.
  • If, during the Mendicot card game, the number of tens is divided equally as 2 tens for each team, then the partners who collected seven or more Mendicot game tricks win.
  • If a team loses all 13 tricks to their opposing team, it is called a Whitewash.

Although the gameplay for Mendicot is fairly simple, you can use some tips and tricks to win the maximum number of Mendicot schemes:

  1. Store your high-ranking cards to win the Mendicot tricks where opposing players play their tens.
  2. Play your tens when the opposing players have laid down low-ranking cards.
  3. Aim to collect all 4 tens in the Mendicot card game.
  4. If you and your partner lost 2 tens but still collected the remaining two, aim to win at least seven tricks to win the Mendicot game.

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Scoring In The Mendicot Game

The team of players that has 3 or 4 tens in its tricks eventually wins the deal. If every group of players has two tens, the winners are the team winning seven or more tricks.

Mendicot is called when all four tens are captured for winning.

Scoring in the mendicot game

There is no official scoring method for Mendicot. The game aims to win as much as possible, but a mendicant win is considered better than normal.

The result determines which member of the losing team should deal with next, as follows:

  • The dealing turn is given or passed to the right if the dealer's team wins.
  • If the dealer's team loses, the same player continues to deal unless they lose a whitewash (all 13 tricks), in which case the deal passes to the dealer's partner.

How to play whist card game? Whist is a classic trick-taking card game that has been enjoyed for centuries. The game is typically played by four players in two partnerships. The objective is to win tricks, with players following suit if possible and the highest card of the suit led winning the trick. Unlike many modern card games, Whist does not involve bidding or betting. Instead, the focus is on strategy and teamwork as players aim to win the most tricks possible.

Different Variants Of The Mendicot Card Game

In मेंढीकोट (Mendicot card game), more than 4 players, like 6 or 8 people, can play as two equal teams, each player sitting between two opponents. In this case, the four twos are discarded from the deck, and the remaining cards are dealt equally to the players.

Dehla Pakad is a variant of the mendicant game played in northern India.

  1. The main difference is that Dehla Pakad tricks are gathered only when a player wins two consecutive tricks.
  2. When a player cannot follow suit, he can play any card.
  3. The first team to win 5 Kots is declared the winner.

Sequence is a popular board and card game that combines elements of strategy and luck. Players aim to create sequences of five chips in a row on the board by placing cards from their hand onto the corresponding spaces. The game can be played individually or in teams, adding an extra layer of competition and cooperation. With simple Sequence rules and engaging gameplay is enjoyed by players of all ages, making it a great choice for family game nights or gatherings with friends.

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How do you play mendicot with cards?

  • To play mendicot players need to deal 13 cards each and lead any card. Follow suit if able, otherwise play any card. Highest card of led suit wins, or highest trump if played. Aim to win most Tens and tricks. Team with 2+ Tens or most Tens wins.

How many cards do you distribute in mendicot?

  • In Mendicot, each player receives 13 cards from a standard deck. Although card games start with the dealer, who is switched after the first game and picked at random, shuffles the deck and distributes every card to the player.

How to play mendicot online?

  • The same restrictions apply to Mendicot online as they do offline. Starting with the player closest to the dealer, each player plays any card if they don't have the same suit. The highest card wins. The game is available for play on a number of gaming websites, including Adda52.

How do you play the mendicot game?

  1. Find a partner and sit opposite another pair.
  2. Shuffle & deal cards evenly (e.g., 13 each with 4 players).
  3. Highest bidder picks a trump suit or goes "no trump."
  4. Starting player leads a card. Others play the following suit if possible, else trump or discard. Highest card (or trump) wins the trick.
  5. Each Ten in a trick scores 1 point for your team.
  6. Winner of the last trick leads in the next round. Play until someone reaches 7+ points (or agreed goal).

How do you decide on the trump suit in the mendicot game?

  • In Mendicot, players choose the trump suit based on the strength of their cards. Priority is given to suits with higher-ranking cards. Factors like the number of trump cards and overall hand strategy also influence the decision.
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Question Answer
What is the Mendicot card game? Mendicot is a popular Indian card game played with a standard 52-card deck. It is a trick-taking game where players aim to win tricks and avoid certain cards with penalty points.
How do you set up and deal the cards for Mendicot? To set up Mendicot, remove Jokers from the deck. The dealer shuffles and deals 13 cards to each player. The remaining cards form the draw pile. The dealer then reveals the top card of the draw pile to determine the trump suit for the round.
What are the basic rules of Mendicot card game? Players take turns clockwise, playing one card each in a trick. The highest card of the leading suit or the highest trump card wins the trick. The player who wins a trick leads the next one. Players must follow the leading suit if possible, and failing that, they can play any card.
What are the scoring and penalty rules in Mendicot? At the end of each round, penalty points are awarded for holding certain cards, such as the King of Hearts or the Queen of Spades. The scoring varies, but typically the player with penalty cards earns points based on the face value of those cards. The objective is to accumulate the fewest penalty points over several rounds.
What are some tips and strategies to improve at Mendicot? Here are some tips: Keep track of the cards played to better predict what cards opponents might hold. Pay attention to the trump suit and try to use it strategically to win valuable tricks. Avoid leading with penalty cards unless necessary. Aim to offload high-value penalty cards on opponents whenever possible.