Rummy Betting: All You Need to Know!

Rummy Betting: All You Need to Know!

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Rummy is one of the most popularly played card games in India both offline and online. It is a card game in which you have to gain fewer points than your opponents by forming sequences or runs by your cards.

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What is Rummy Betting?

Rummy betting is a game that has its roots all over the world including Spain, France, China, and Japan. It is believed to have originated from an original Spanish card game and hence it is believed that rummy betting originated in Spain.

There are many theories based on the origin of rummy betting but India has really made this game her own. A lot of platforms both online and offline are available where you can play rummy, where you bet a certain amount of money and try to win it back by winning the game.

What is rummy betting

The objective is to have a better hand than you have been dealt originally and form sequences so that you are left with fewer points than your opponent in order to win the bet.

Rules of Rummy Betting

As with any other card game, rummy betting has its own rules that you need to know and understand if you are new to the game. The following are the rules of playing rummy betting:

  • The rummy betting game is usually played between two or more players with one deck of cards consisting of a total of 52 cards. If the players are more than six, two decks of cards can be used.
  • Ace is considered as the highest card while 2 is considered the lowest.
  • In order to play the game successfully, you need to meld your cards,  which means you need to form runs or sequences and sets of the cards in your hand by either drawing new cards from the stockpile or picking the cards that are discarded by other players.
  • Laying of means adding a card from the discarded cards to your hand for melding. You are only allowed to discard one card at a time.

The rules may feel a little hard to understand at the start but as you play, you will get more and more familiar with them and you will be easily able to manage them.

Is Rummy Betting Legal?

Gambling and betting have been an age-old practice in India be it by using cards or dice. But there has been a lot of legal turmoil surrounding these games due to the possible negative effects they may have on both the financial, emotional, and mental aspects of a person’s life.

While some part of the society has always been eager to make betting and gambling completely legal, the other part has been reluctant as there is also a great deal of risk with these games and many people have encountered fraud and money laundering as a result of betting and gambling.

Nowadays, online card games are becoming more and more popular and there are many applications that act as online platforms for rummy betting. So the question that comes to the minds of people who are interested in playing is if rummy betting is legal?

Well, if that’s the question in your mind as well then you should know that apart from a few states, playing online rummy is completely legal in India. The only places rummy betting is not legal are Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Odisha.

The reason why rummy betting is made legal in the country is that the reputed Supreme court of India has named rummy as a game of skill and not gambling. The Supreme Court has categorized rummy with other games like carrom, chess, etc. which require a certain amount of skill to win.

There have been a lot of legal battles surrounding the game of rummy over the years. In the year 1967, rummy was categorized as a game of skill by the Supreme court of India, according to which the game requires good skills to win which are required in similar games like chess or carrom.

This decision of the Supreme Court taken in the year 1967 was again affirmed in the year 1996 and it was made clear that there shall be no involvement of law in the game of rummy played with some stakes as it is not merely a game of luck but requires skills to be played. This decision in1996 was taken by a three-judge bench and it was clear that rummy betting is considered to be a game of skill and not a game of pure luck.

Even then, in 2015 a petition was again filed to make rummy illegal in the Madras high court but this petition was withdrawn and many lawyers and legal experts have agreed with the Supreme Court's decision of rummy being a skill set game.

Even today many people have a lot of misconceptions about online rummy betting as they consider this as a game of pure luck that falls under gambling. But you should understand that, as with any other board or card game, rummy requires a lot of patience and skills. There are a lot of complicated rules that take time to understand and manage.

If you ask any regular rummy player, they will tell you how hard it gets for new players to follow all the rules while playing and complete the game successfully without getting frustrated or distracted. Not only that, but this game also requires forming intelligent strategies in order to stay a step ahead of your opponents, you have to know when to discard a card or when to keep a high card with you in order to form a sequence without costing yourself the whole game.

When you come across all these rules and skills that you need to acquire to successfully play a game of rummy, you will realize that mere luck can never take you forward in this game. The Supreme Court has stated that gambling means wagering money on games of luck, betting on games of skill is not gambling, games of skill are exempted from penal provisions of maximum gambling acts and rummy is a game of skill and not of mere luck so it does not fall under the category of gambling.

Is rummy betting legal

After rummy has been legalized by the supreme court of India, a lot of online applications have arrived which can be used as online rummy betting platforms for rummy enthusiasts. These apps are formed by rummy game development companies that give you a choice to set your day-to-day or month-to-month goals in order to prevent you from spending more than you can afford on the game.

These companies also have to be very careful with the verification of all the players that register on the app. It is important that the age of the player is verified for preventing underage players from playing. Also, all player profiles should be verified in order to prevent any fraud and illegal activities through the application.

These companies need to be strict in maintaining each and every player’s confidentiality and make sure to take strict actions against any illegal or fraudulent activity through their apps. They also have to ask for the player’s KYC and other details for their and all the other players’ safety.

The whole point is to tell you that playing rummy is totally and completely legal other than the few states that were mentioned before. As it is considered a game of skill, no legal action can be taken against rummy betting. But even then it is your responsibility to stay safe while playing and only trust the right platforms.

There are various apps available for online rummy betting, but only the certified ones should be chosen. If you go for just any app, you would be subject to a lot of risks. The certified apps may take a bit of time to register as you have to finish your KYC details both while registering and while transferring the money but it is only to ensure that there is no fraud and you are safe both while playing the game and redeeming the cash prizes you have won.

So, playing online rummy in India is legal and if you want to play it merely for fun or to win cash prizes, you can do that by registering on the certified online rummy playing app like GetMega to play safe and win amazing cash prizes.

What is Gin Rummy Betting?

Gin rummy betting is an alternative to rummy betting, in which you need to reach a number of points before your opponent does, that have been agreed upon before starting the game. These points are usually above 100. The basic rules remain the same that is melding cards by forming sets and sequences.

Best Online Rummy Betting Sites

Top Online Rummy Bet Sites:

1.        1xBet

2.        Vbet

3.        Betway

4.        Parimatch

Is rummy wealth safe?

Yes, your rummy wealth is safe if you play and earn on a certified rummy platform. For that, you need to check whether they have an RNG certificate and are following the responsible gaming policy. If all these criteria are fulfilled you are good to go.

RNG certificate is necessary for clients of a gambling site to be confident in the reliability and honesty of online casino.

Which online rummy is best?

You can have the best rummy gaming experience on the GetMega app. Hop up and start winning!

How does betting work on GetMega?

Once you choose rummy as your game of choice on the GetMega app, you will have to meet the decided winning criteria. After that, your winning amount will reflect on your portfolio. You can transfer this amount to your UPI, Paytm wallet, or directly to your bank account.

You will be asked to complete KYC before the transfer, to ensure a safe transfer of money.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family on video-chat with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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