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Money is the most important component in today’s trying times. Those who say money doesn’t matter simply don’t know how to earn it. You don’t have to be one of those people because we have the ultimate set of solutions that you can use to earn money from playing your favorite games.

Speaking of games, chess is one of the most challenging games that require intense strategies and thorough planning. You have to be highly analytical and perceptive to successfully play a game of chess and win.

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Today, we will discuss how to earn money by playing chess online and offline. There are apps and sites where you play chess, earn PayTM cash. There are other forums where you can check out how to earn money by playing chess in tournaments and chess meets.

We also have details about a site where you can play various other games besides chess and we will get to that but first, let us take a look at how to earn money playing chess online.

Top 10 apps and sites for how to earn money playing chess online

There are plenty of apps and sites where you can check how to play chess and earn money. We have the top 10 apps and sites for how to earn money by playing chess, and here they are:

1. PlayChessOnline


One of the best sites for how to earn money playing chess online is PlayChessOnline. The site allows players from different places with varying levels of expertise to compete against each other.

The PlayChessOnline site holds several tournaments around the clock. Each of these tournaments requires a small investment with varying value for the stakes. You can choose low-stakes tournaments for $0.5 to $100 as per your level of expertise in the game.

When you win the games, you collect the pot amount invested by the players. Based on how much you invested to buy into the game, you can make quite a lot of cash. Thus, if you are looking for how to earn money by playing chess online, you may have found your destination for high earnings.

2. Big Time Chess

Big Time Chess

One of the mobile apps with a unique concept for how to earn money by playing chess online is Big Time Chess.

To start with, they offer free gameplay so you can play a game of chess against a worthy contender online and if you win, you earn real money. It is one of those apps where you play chess, earn PayTM cash.

Every time you play a chess game and win, you earn tickets. These tickets are like tokens that you can use in future games to continue playing for free. Of course, at any time you can deposit a sum of cash and convert them to tickets. Anyway, in your quest for how to earn money by playing chess, you can use these tickets, play more chess games, and keep collecting more and more tickets to convert to PayTM cash.

The site also offers several video games and lucky draws using the tickets that you earned where you can also make money aside from how to earn money playing chess online. It is a site worth trying if you are heavily inclined on earning from playing chess.

3. MBChess


MBChess, developed by MBhitech solutions, is an innovative site that makes how to earn money by playing chess a lot easier than most of its competitors.

There are two variations of chess games on MBChess. Firstly, you have access to free chess games wherein you can play the game to learn and perfect your strategies. These games pave the path for paid games since you need to have good strategies and analytical skills to succeed.

The paid chess games are where the whole ‘How to earn money by playing chess online’ comes into existence. These paid games require you to make a small payment to play the game against dedicated chess enthusiasts and professional players. When you win the games, you stand to make a substantial sum of money from them.

You can invite your contacts on MBChess and practice with them before you start challenging experienced players in paid games. So, if you seek how to earn money by playing chess then here is the solution you need.

4. Chess Puzzle Blitz

Chess Puzzle Blitz

If you are a chess enthusiast who has been a little out of touch with the concepts of chess then you can find solace in playing games on Chess Puzzle Blitz.

For starters, the app is available for Android and iOS devices, so you can download your method for ‘How to earn money by playing chess’ on your mobile devices. Once you have downloaded and registered on the app, you will find an array of playable Chess puzzles to brush up on your chess skills.

When you feel like you are sufficiently motivated and prepared to take on challenges for money, you can find players who are matched at your level of gameplay and begin spirited contests with them. Both of you will end up on the leaderboards which essentially sprout real money for winning and rising through the ranks.

If you are in need of an app that supports how to earn money from chess, you can settle on Chess Puzzle Blitz. It is a great app for training and earning purposes.

5. Chess2Play


A chess gaming community that offers not only the means for how to earn money in chess online but also provides guidance to learn and execute new strategies is Chess2Play.

The Chess2Play site is mostly run by professional chess players and volunteers who just want to help you develop your game. You can find a lot of help here to learn the game from scratch and practice against really good players. Once you gain a little proficiency, you can opt for their option regarding how to earn money playing chess online.

6. MPL Online Chess

MPL Online Chess

As you may already know, MPL or Mobile Premier League is an online gaming site where you can earn legitimate cash around the clock. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms so you can play chess against anyone who has access to a smart device.

The game works on a simple principle: you play chess, earn PayTM cash.

MPL is filled with many games but chess is one of the stars. You can practice your chess skills and strategies then challenge your friends, family members, and even strangers across the internet.

When you sign up for the MPL app, you will receive free tokens to start playing games. If you run out of tokens, you can always deposit money in your MPL account and convert them to tokens or watch adverts and videos to earn a small number of tokens. Every time you win chess games, you earn more tokens.

Now, you may be thinking about how to earn money by playing chess if I only receive tokens, right?

Well, the tokens are actually in-app currencies. Once you earn enough tokens from playing chess games against worthy opponents, you can cash out your winnings directly to your bank account or convert them to PayTM cash.

Ideally, it is one of the gifted sites for how to play chess and earn money.

7. is not a site, it is a community. The site offers various chess-related articles and training tools so you can learn the game from scratch. You can find various opening moves, middle game moves, and endgame moves to help you during gameplay. offers opportunities for how to earn money with chess. You can play a lot of games with good displays and high-quality content. It is a good site for how to earn money by playing chess legitimately.

8. Chess24


Another useful app for how to earn money playing chess online is Chess24, which comes on iOS and Android devices. Not only can you find methods of how to earn money by playing chess but you can also watch live-streamed games and read a lot of relevant information on the app.

There are two distinct modes of gameplay on Chess24. You can choose to play the free games and watch free tourneys online to develop your own game or subscribe to the premium plan.

In the Premium plan, you can challenge worthy opponents to a spirited game of chess and even stream it live for other players to watch and learn new moves. This is also here that the concept of ‘How to earn money from chess’ comes in. You can compete for money and earn quite a lot of cash by playing your best moves and winning the games.

9. Chess Cube

Chess Cube

Chess Cube is a globally used app that allows how to play chess and earn money. The platform has over 30,000 games that you can play including Blitz, bullet games, and a lot more.

You can play Chess Cube with friends and strangers. The platform is well-equipped with tutorials too so you can learn the game before you start contesting pro-level chess players. If you want a medium for how to earn money by playing chess then Chess Cube is certainly a good choice.

10. ChessMoney


The last of the sites that we like is ChessMoney. It is an online multiplayer site where you need to invest a little cash to play chess games and earn real cash.

The site charges a small fee, of course, for connecting you to other players and facilitating how to earn money by playing chess from the comfort of your home. You can buy into chess games and when you win, you earn the invested pot minus the site’s commission.

These sites and apps that allow ‘how to earn money with chess’ can be really useful regardless of your proficiency in the game. You can learn a lot, especially from expert players on some sites, and improve your critical thinking abilities.

How much money can you earn from playing online chess?

The amount of money that you can earn from playing chess depends on two very important factors:

  1. Your level of gameplay
  2. The site, app, or offline forum that you use for how to earn money by playing chess.

Based on these factors, you can actually earn quite a substantial sum of money by playing chess.

Let’s say that you play on an online site or app. If you take part in small cash games, you can earn little sums of money for every game that you win. You can switch to tournaments, which will inadvertently multiply your earnings by a hundredfold at the very least.

Now if we consider offline modes for how to earn money by playing chess, you have a few options there too. There are regular games hosted at chess clubs and community buildings where you can challenge a player to play for money.

If you are really good at playing chess, you can also opt for state-level, national, and international tournaments. There are chess games held for all age groups where you can not only learn how to play chess and earn money but also achieve titles and medals.

Is playing chess for money illegal?

No, if you play it on a legitimate site, then it is not illegal.

This is a legit question in the minds of those who seek how to earn money by playing chess. You see, gambling games in India are illegal but chess requires a lot of brainpower and strategic planning. This intensive inspiration that supports the gameplay makes chess more than legal in India.

No, the question arises about earning money. Well, as long as you are playing chess with good strategies and not breaking the corporate policies of the apps and sites that allow how to earn money in chess online. Don’t try to hack the sites and apps by developing bots to earn more money and you are golden. You can keep playing chess to earn cash legitimately, which is supported in India since as a country we like to motivate people who use their critical thinking abilities to achieve big things.

Benefits of playing games on GetMega

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  • The buy-in value for the games on GetMega starts from Rs. 5 and ranges to hundreds and thousands. Your earnings will depend on the stakes you invest but most of the time, you end up earning tens and hundredfold of the amount that you invested.
  • There are casino games like Rummy and Poker where you can make thousands from a single session.
  • Each game is available in the form of cash games but GetMega also hosts contests and tournaments where you can earn a lot more when you win.
  • They have a unique offering in the form of paid leaderboards where maintaining your ranks among the top players can help you earn cash rewards, gold coins, goodies, mobile phones, etc.
  • The gaming site uses secure payment methods for all their transactions and verifies each profile to keep the games fair for all.

There are several more benefits like their user-friendly interface and communicative channels but the most important benefit is the earning potential. On GetMega, not only can you earn small cash for small expenses but you can actually make a substantial living from winning games.

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