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Games have always been a form of entertainment. Be it card games, battleground games, virtual sporting events, partaking in fantasy sports, or playing random casual games that have no intent but to pass the time, they are all fun.

In recent times though, playing games just to entertain ourselves is no longer the norm. We all have to keep hustling to stay afloat in this economy, so app developers found a brilliant solution. Why not play games to earn real cash?

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The notion picked up quickly and now, we have a ton of apps that allow us to play various types of games and keep earning from them. One such application is Minijoy Pro which has seriously brought joy to a lot of people in its small packet.

Today, we will discuss some useful Minijoy Pro tips and tricks along with the best way to win Minijoy Pro hack and earn a ton of PayTM cash. Read till the end of this article to find out the Minijoy Pro winning strategy that will change your game and the Minijoy Pro hidden tricks that most people don’t even explore.

What is the Minijoy Pro app?

Minijoy Pro is an online gaming app that encourages people to find the child within and play various games. It is also an earning platform that awards you PayTM cash and that’s where our Minijoy Pro hack tricks come in.

The app has two versions, the Pro and the Lite. While the Lite games are simpler and easily accessible, the chances of earning are much higher on Minijoy Pro.

There is some debate about the low-earning potential of the app, and we are sad to say that even after using all the Minijoy Pro hacks, you won’t be earning tens of thousands, but it is a neat app to play some games and earn cash slowly for free. Of course, you can play by depositing cash in the account too, and that would bump up your payouts. Still, the skepticism around the app discourages most people from investing money.

If you are looking for a gaming site that pays plenty of cash, read till the end of this article to discover the best one out there. But first, why don’t we discuss how to win money in Minijoy Pro. You can also find out how to download the Minijoy app and get started on it.

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How to earn on the Minijoy Pro app?

If you want to know how to win money in Minijoy Pro using our Minijoy Pro hack tricks and Minijoy Pro winning strategy, you will first have to download the application and install it on your smart devices. Once you install the app, you will have to choose your preferred language. In order to make the earning more accessible, Minijoy comes in 9 different Indian languages, including English. Choose the one you prefer so you can find the Minijoy Pro hidden tricks quickly.

Minijoy earn money

Now you have to sign up. Use your PayTM mobile number or a valid email id to register on the platform. Once you finish, the app will offer you to choose a hen from 12 different options. You can choose anyone that tickles your fancy. This hen is going to lay eggs that will reward you with your signup bonus and all future bonus earnings. Let us elaborate more on Minijoy earn money potential.

The first useful Minijoy Pro hack to earn on the platform lies here. You will receive 5 eggs that you can collect and then double your bonuses by watching an advertisement video. These bonuses can be withdrawn, as claimed by the app but it’s not a large enough sum to withdraw. That you have to earn by playing different games.

The best way to win Minijoy Pro cash is by referring the app to your contacts. Each referral will reward you with Rs. 31 to Rs. 39 based on how many referrals you make. By collecting enough of these rewards, you can start cashing out. We will share Minijoy Pro tips and tricks on how to effectively invite your friends and family to this app.

Now it is time to play. You will find a lot of games on Minijoy Pro and they are divided into free games and paid games. The free games have very, very small rewards, whereas the paid games offer a little higher rewards. When you have enough money in your Minijoy Pro account, start playing the paid games using our Minijoy Pro winning tricks. Till then, you can play the free games for a while and collect enough Joy coins and cash.

There are games like knife throw on the free platform and games like Rummy in the paid section. You can even enter tournaments to amplify your payouts with hundreds of coins.

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Tips on how to hack Minijoy Pro

There are several tricks for how to win in Minijoy Pro but before we discuss the Minijoy Pro hacks, we want to clarify that these are not exactly computer programs or external codes that you can use to hack the app. The Minijoy Pro app provides earning opportunities for free and the games are really simple. It is pointless to hack the app. Instead, use our Minijoy Pro hacks which are essentially Minijoy Pro tips and tricks that will aid you in earning more money.

  • To start off, use the Minijoy Pro hack to earn a lot of referral bonuses. Since the app offers free as well as paid games, write a small introduction explaining how playing games can help people earn cash. Now send it to your contacts, particularly those who are students or are not currently working. You can also send it to your friends who are homemakers or have a lot of free time on their hands to play free games and earn slowly.
  • Make another list of your contacts who are business people and have established their business enough that they can play paid games in their free time to earn more money. Share your referral code with a different write-up for them.
Minijoy Pro tips and strategy
  • In the beginning, play the free games unlimited times to increase your chances of earning. Once you get the hang of the games, aim for high scores since that’s what determines how much you earn. These are useful Minijoy Pro winning tricks that will help you to start playing paid games without investments.
  • There is something called Aladdin’s Lamp in which rubbing or actually tapping the lamp will help you win cash. This is one of the Minijoy Pro hidden tricks that not many people know about. The payouts from this lamp are available every hour but you can use it only 5 times per day. The earnings from this are separated from your Joy wallet and you can withdraw Rs. 200 from here every day. Even if you are too busy to play, just log in and rub the lamp. It is the best trick to win Minijoy Pro cash
  • Another best trick to win Minijoy Pro cash is by using scratch cards and Lotto tickets every day. These are available once a day so you can log in once, play, and log out.
  • Lastly, there is a very simple answer for how to win Minijoy Pro cash and that is the spinning wheel. You can watch ads to spin the wheel three times. You can earn cash or Joy coins from it. Either way, it will help you play more games, thereby making it easier to earn money.

These Minijoy Pro hacks are really useful to earn small amounts of cash every day. We also have a Minijoy Pro winning strategy to help you so let us take a look at that.

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Top winning strategy in Minijoy Pro

Now here’s the gold that you’ve been waiting for, the winning strategy in Minijoy Pro that will help you actually make some decent cash:

  • Let’s start with the best trick to win Minijoy Pro games, which is to play unlimited times. It takes a while to get accustomed to the game so play as many times as you can and keep earning Joy coins. You need a lot so aim to score high so you can win at least 5-10 coins per game.
  • Once you have collected 100,000 coins, you can start converting them into cash. Using the Minijoy Pro hacks, you can convert 1000 coins to Re. 1, i.e., 100000 coins are worth Rs. 100. Collect a lot and withdraw because you can only do so once a day.
  • Play the minigames in the early days since they pay large amounts of cash at that time. Collect Rs. 7 at least, then deposit a little money in your wallet or use the Minijoy Pro winning tricks to earn coins and convert them to cash. Once you have enough, join the Rummy table.
  • To win a game of Rummy, you need to build sequences. Aim for as many pure sequences as you can so your losses will be limited and you can even win faster.
  • Take part in the Poker games if you are better at that than Rummy. You stand to win a lot of cash with a good Minijoy Pro strategy for poker.
  • Partake in the quiz games since they are shorter and offer a chance to win more money instantaneously.
  • Play the Mega games that offer one point for winning one challenge. The higher your points, the higher your chance of winning Minijoy earn money rewards.
  • Spin the Wheel, Scratch the card, and play the Lotto at least once a day to keep up your coin earnings and even stand to win real cash.

Minijoy is a decent platform to earn some extra cash without much effort. However, since the payouts are limited, you will need an alternative method of playing games and earning cash. Check out this gaming site below to increase your earning potential.

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Benefits of playing games on GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming platform that supports solo and multiplayer games in different categories. You can win a lot of real money from the beginning. Since the platform is paid and verifies all its profiles, it is extremely secure so you will always earn from your winnings.

GetMega has a wide range of high-paying games. There are licensed Casino Games like Poker and Rummy where you can win loads of cash based on your skills and strategy. They have Trivia games where you can partake in quizzes such as GK, 123, Pic Me, etc. to not only earn but sharpen your minds. You can even play casual games such as Warships, ABC Rummy, Dot and Dash, Fruit Kaat, etc. If you are hankering for challenging virtual sports, they also have Pool, Carrom, and more.

You can play all the games on GetMega in the form of cash games till you get the hang of them. If you don’t know how to play any of the games, just access the guidelines and strategies available on the platform to learn rewarding gameplay. Once you are confident in your abilities, you can partake in various contests and tournaments hosted on the platform on a regular basis.

Even though you need to deposit cash in your GetMega wallet to play games, there is an upside. You can start playing games with these. Furthermore, the games on GetMega begin from only Rs. 5 so even if you deposit Rs. 100, you can play at least 20 games. If you win these games, you can just continue to play using your earnings. When you feel like you’ve earned a sufficient amount, you can withdraw your winnings using secure channels like PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.

There are high-stakes and low-stakes games to amplify your earnings plus their paid leaderboards. If you play consistently on GetMega and hold on to the top ranks on these leaderboards, you will win additional cash. You may even win mobile phones and other cool goodies.

There are lots of rewarding benefits to playing games on GetMega. You can earn, socialize, and even launch a career as a professional gamer. The user interface is pretty simple and self-explanatory, which is really helpful for beginners on this site. Who knows, you might become the next best poker player from India to win the Asian tournaments, and all because you started playing on GetMega.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!
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