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With the progressive need for technology, apps have taken over everything. Not only can you use them for communication but also for entertainment, gaining recognition, partaking in various activities, and even playing games.

TapTap is one such platform, an app store essentially that allows you to download other apps to play games and partake in various activities. We do have Google Store and iStore for that, however, if you would like these features on a concentrated platform, then we have a few TapTap alternatives that you can use.

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List of apps like TapTap

The essence of the TapTap store is to download and play various games and get paid for activities. However, there are several apps like TapTap where you don’t even have to download so many games and apps for earning cash. You can just download these TapTap alternatives which will allow you to play games and earn money at the same time through in-app options.

Let’s take a look at some apps like TapTap that you can use:

1. GetMega

Among all the apps like TapTap, this is the one that provides the best and most profitable opportunities to earn. Like TapTap and similar apps, GetMega has a bountiful array of Trivia games, Casino games, and casual games to keep you entertained.

You start off with a signup bonus and have unlimited opportunities to earn through their referral program. The most fun part is participating in the casino games though. You can play with family and friends or even with amateur and pro-level players on the platform.

There are tournaments and contests consistently ongoing on GetMega. If you don’t think you’re up for such massive challenges, you can partake in cash games. In any case, you win a lot of money.

There’s another interesting thing. If you participate in their paid leaderboards and steadily maintain your position in the top 10 ranks, you stand a chance to win additional rewards. There are cash prizes, sure, but there are also gold coins and brand new cellphones up for the taking.

2. Facebook

Facebook, as we all know, is a social networking and media platform. However, do you know that you can play games, sell things, and partake in different contests too?

Well, you can.

There are online marketplaces built into the platform where you can sell your belongings or new items for a business venture. You can also join several pages and groups that hold contests where you can get huge opportunities to earn. Sometimes, you even get coupons and whatnot.

There are also games available on Facebook that you can play and if you are sponsored, you can even earn, although it is rare.

Just goes to show, don’t take something for face value only because it has ‘Face’ in the name. This app has a lot more to offer aside from instant messaging. You can even create your own page to escalate your popularity as an artist or business owner. You can also post videos and earn from them.

3. Mobile Premier League

This is a nice TapTap alternative where you can take part in gameplay as well as participate in little fantasy sports.

As a channel for League games, the standard and payment options are pretty sophisticated. If you have proficiency in any game, be it football, basketball, cricket, or anything of your choice, all you need to do is log onto this app and create your own fantasy leagues for a small price. When you win based on your extensive knowledge of the subject, the app makes payouts.

You can also partake in small games during your downtime and earn some additional cash to go with your League winnings.

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4. Bigo Live

As the name suggests, Bigo is a live platform wherein you can interact with people via video chat and host events. When you log on to Bigo, your first task is to find a sponsor. They will offer you timed events in which you can earn money.

The platform is a bit peculiar though. The way you earn is by receiving various gifts from people. You can entertain them with a face-off match, singing, dancing, talking, or anything you can think of, except for vulgar acts which are prohibited by the platform. Based on how well you entertain your viewers, they will keep sending gifts and the more you have, the more you earn.

It takes a while to get a hang of Bigo but you can make a lot of money by basically doing the things you do in your daily life.

5. Real cash

This is almost a TapTap alternative because it allows you to play tiny but cute games on the online platform. It is a free channel therefore we wouldn’t really suggest holding your breath to make a lot of money. The payouts are very small and it takes a while for the money to roll in, which can be frustrating. However, this is as close as you can come to finding apps like TapTap.

We don’t recommend this app unless you have ample time to play and earn minutely.

6. PayTM

You probably know it as the best and oldest payment gateway. However, recently PayTM has delved into a segment called PayTM First games.

You can find many small and odd games on this platform but the highlight is their fantasy league. You can partake in Fantasy sporting events and earn via winnings. You can also earn by recommending the app to your contacts. There is a neat phenomenon where you even earn a percentage of your friends’ winnings if they used your code to sign up.

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How to make money from these apps similar to TapTap?

TapTap and similar apps, although it is an app store, allow you to participate in games and activities to earn money. The objective for TapTap is not to initiate money making per se, but the apps like TapTap sure offer good earning potential.

If you want to earn from doing small tasks or participating in small games, then here’s what you need to do:

  • First of all, identify the apps which offer opportunities to earn. We have already shared six of them but you can find more. The best is GetMega, so you really should look into that.
  • Next, compare the earning potential on each app and see if it constitutes a side hustle or for making a living.
  • Once you’ve made an informed decision about the apps that you’re going to use, see if the games and tasks that they offer agree with you. Sometimes you might find it easier to complete small tasks, sometimes, when you are bored, you can play games to entertain yourself and subsequently earn money.
  • Apps like GetMega, PayTM, and MPL are inherently programmed to stimulate earning. Therefore, log onto these sites and find suitable games. You can find quizzes, casual games, and whatnot that hardly take up any time and you get rewarded with real cash for it.
  • Make sure that the apps you choose are compatible with withdrawals via popular options such as PayTM, Google Pay, etc. If you can transfer to these channels, not only do you add money to your bank account but any money credited to these wallets can be used to pay merchants or to balance your bills online.

Apps like TapTap are fun and entertaining but you need to earn as well. Even PUBG offers sponsored gameplay so that when you spend hours playing the game you also earn something. If you play and earn nothing then your time is completely wasted, and as we all know, Time is Money.

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How to play games on GetMega and earn big money?

GetMega, as you know, is an online gaming platform that facilitates gameplay across several convenient options.

You can play trivia games to sharpen your minds, casual games to strengthen your skills and casino games which are huge earning wells from which you can keep drawing money endlessly.

The platform actually encourages anyone who wishes to make money, which is why GetMega offers opportunities to earn from the get-go.

In the beginning itself, when you register yourself on the app, you receive a substantial signing bonus but that’s not all. You also get a personalized referral code that you can share with your contact list and across social media and networking channels. Whoever wishes to earn money by playing games can use your referral code to sign up on the site. In return, GetMega rewards you both. They get a signing bonus and you receive a referral bonus, which is also a lot.

Once you’re done and dusted with the whole signup scenario, take a look at your wallet. GetMega does require you to make a small investment to partake in your games. However, the investment starts from only Rs. 5 so it is almost negligible. Unlike spending money on apps like Swiggy and Zomato, here you make money from your investments, which is great.

Now that we have that sorted, you can start looking for games that you like. You can choose to play trivia games based on general knowledge, visual skills, or even mathematics. They help you keep yourself updated while still providing opportunities to earn.

If you are in the middle of a house party or simply getting bored on a lazy, Sunday afternoon, you can play casual games like ABC Rummy, Dot and Dash, GoPool, and a whole lot more. It will pass the time and if you emerge victoriously, you earn money.

The casino games are our personal favorite. You can partake in high-stakes or low-stakes tournaments, contests, or even cash games of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Rummy. We don’t even need to tell you how much you can earn from them but think hundreds or even thousands depending on the investment.

Once you have earned more than Rs. 25 in winnings, you can withdraw the cash using secure channels like PayTM, PhonePe, etc. We strongly suggest that you retain some money in your account though. That way you can go back and play some more to grow that amount by a hundred and thousand folds.

So there you have it, an incredible platform to earn cash with an entertaining activity of playing games. Nothing can be simpler than that.

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