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Cricwars is one of the most happening cricket gaming apps online. It has already been downloaded 10,000 plus times and enjoys an average ranking of 3.13 on Google Play Store, which indicates its popularity.

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India is home to the world's biggest cricketing fraternity. Nine out of every ten youngsters are fans of the gentleman's game. Cricwars offers an amazing virtual platform for these young minds to indulge in fantasy cricket gaming and showcase their cricketing skills. People who wish to sharpen their understanding of this sport find this app gripping. With the Cricwars App download, all of this is possible as it offers a multiplayer 3D battle game with mind-blowing challenges. It is literally a war on the cricket field in the digital world!

Features of the Cricwars App

  • Free cricket gaming app
  • Multiplayer battle game
  • Sensational 3D gaming ambiance
  • The real-time thrill of playing online
  • Leaderboard
  • Voice-over commentary by none other than the super batsman of the 80s & 90s, Kris Srikanth
  • Available in 4 regional languages of India, besides Hindi and English
  • Play with Zeal coins, earn rewards, and upgrade kits

History of App

Cricwars has been developed by Zealcity and was first released in May 2019. The app is available in English, Hindi, and four local languages, namely Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. The app has been created to offer the real-life thrill of playing in a cricket stadium. Offering an incomparable 3D experience, the app comes from experienced developers who launched the highly successful cricketing app in 2016 called Cricket Career 2016. The app format lets you invite your friends, family, or colleagues to play challenges and test their cricketing knowledge. Additionally, the gameplays are all in the top cricketing fields of the world—Lords, Eden Gardens, Chepauk, and more.

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How to download the Cricwars app (in steps) for Android & IOS?

1. Cricwars app download on Android

  • Cricwars app download can happen only from third-party sites as it is unavailable on Google Play Store. You will need to download the APKFab App to install the same. Find the right.XAPK file on your Android phone. Once the APKFab APP is downloaded, go to the Management of APK/XAPK list, and find the.XAPK file and install it.
  • Now, go to Click on the Download App button to start the process.
  • Once the download is over, click on the app shortcut to open it.

2. Cricwars app download on iOS

  • Go to a third-party website for Cricwars App download on your iPhone or iPad. Remember, you will not get the app on the App Store.
  • Click on 'Download Application'.
  • It will take only a few minutes for the download to finish.
  • Now, you are all set to start playing the fantasy game.

How to download the Cricwars app (in steps ) for PC (Windows and Mac OS)?

The Cricwars app has been made for gameplays on the phone: Android or iOS. However, since laptops and desktops come with bigger screens, the experience is different on these devices. To download for Windows or Mac, players need first to install an emulator, and here’s how you can proceed with the Cricwars app download on your PC.

Cricwars download for PC

For Windows and Mac

  • The first step is downloading a game emulator like Bluestacks. You need to follow all the given steps to ensure that the file is installed entirely on your Windows/Mac PC. Avoid purchasing anything from this app and stick with the free feature of downloading Cricwars.
  • Once BlueStacks is installed, you need to register your Google account.
  • You can search for Cricwars and download the app directly to your system.
  • Follow all instructions while the .exe file is getting installed. Once done, you need to register to start playing.

How to register, log in, sign up and create an account on the app/website?

1. Register

Once the Cricwars app download is complete, you need to register yourself.

Open the app. The first page will have tabs to enter the Referral Code, Email ID, Mobile Number, and Password. If you have a Referral Code, this is the time to enter it for a sign-up bonus. Ensure that you enter the correct info to complete the registration process.

2. Cricwars login, sign-up and create an account

Now, let's head over to the Cricwars login process. Once the initial process is over, open the app to log in. Explore the various options available so that you are comfortable and test the connectivity. It should not take you more than a few minutes to sign up and create an account. Make sure that you enter details keeping privacy in mind.

Discover the best strategies and ways to play and win like a boss.

How to play on the Cricwars app?

Open the Cricwars app. Choose the match or the challenge you wish to play. Now, you need to create a team consisting of eleven players. Next, pick the Captain and the Vice-Captain of your team. Now, you need to join in the ongoing contest. You can practice for the contest as well or directly enter for wins.

The players can be arranged in the team as per their points. You need to choose a well-balanced team focusing on the batsmen, bowlers, types of bowlers, all-rounders, fielders, etc.

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Types of games this app offers on Cricwars

Cricwars offers different types of challenges and games to cricketing buffs. Players can play Draft matches, Fantasy matches, Auction games, and more. This is a cricket-based 3D multiplayer app offering a real-life invigorating experience to players. Players need to create teams and invite their friends and family to join the challenge.

Cricwars login

How to play on Cricwars?

Let's see how the Auction game is played using Cricwars. In this game, players need to bid. You need to have the skill to bid optimally, and it also requires budget planning. All the eleven players on your team need to be budgeted for. Once the live match starts, you cannot change the players. So, you need to be careful about the players you choose. If you bid high on a player, it can turn out to be good for you only when the player plays well. All the points will be awarded after the match ends.

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How to earn money using Cricwars?

Earning money on Cricwars is easy if your game plan is outstanding. Whether it is the bidding process or making the team for the Fantasy team, your choice of players and how you budget for each player matter.

All your winnings will be credited to your digital wallet on the app. You need to update the bank details to withdraw your winnings. Once done, you can start withdrawing your wins directly to your bank account or your Paytm.

To withdraw, click on Wallet. Here, you will see the option to withdraw. Click on it, and select where to credit to receive money.

How to play games at GetMega?

GetMega is India's top platform to play Poker and Rummy online and win interesting rewards. The first step is downloading the GetMega app on your phone, PC, or laptop.

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Question Answer
Is there a referral program on Cricwars? Yes, you can earn Rs. 100 for every referral. Open the app and go to the hamburger menu to refer. Invite your friends and family, and remember to send them the referral code.
How can I play the Draft match on the App? This is a live game. Open the app, choose your players, and create a team. Remember, these players cannot participate in another contest. Once the match starts, players are locked. The winnings and points are disclosed only after the match ends.
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