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Who doesn’t like playing the classic game of Ludo?

It gave us nice memories to cherish from our childhood with wholesome family fun and our first glimpse of strategy on a small scale.

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These days, a growing need to earn money using alternative ways has provoked developers and app designers to construct a gaming app that supports playing Ludo not just for fun with friends and family but also strangers over the internet. While there are several applications that support the classic gameplay, today, we are going to take a look at ludo empire gold or Ludo empire hacks or empire ludo play earn money or real ludo money that can help you earn from the comfort of your home.

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So let’s get started, shall we?

What is the Ludo Empire app?

Ludo Empire is a twist on the classic Ludo board game that you can play online and earn real cash to support your needs. It is simple gameplay so there’s not a lot to expect. However, the added benefit of earning from playing this basic game is a much-awaited addition.

The app or empire games earning app allows you to partake in Ludo games and should you win, you are rewarded with real cash. You can withdraw this amount by simply transferring it to your PayTM account. While the sum of money that you win may not be a ton as compared to apps like GetMega, The Ludo Empire or empire ludo hack does offer enough money to pay small bills, recharge your phone and conduct other such minor activities.

The game offers multiple modes of gameplay. You can use the standard ‘Normal’ module which makes it easier to win. There are also options to make the game more challenging. Overall, it is still an app designed for wholesome fun.

Now let us take a look at how to win Ludo Empire by playing the game on this app or empire games earning app and earning money or ludo play earn money. We also have a few Ludo Empire hacks and tricks to assist you. By the end of this article, you will know just how to create a side hustle playing games on Ludo Empire or empire ludo.

Master the game by following the ultimate Carrom tricks.

  • which ludo app gives real money?

One of the best Ludo earning apps in India, Ludo Empire offers incredible ways to win real cash prizes. As per the reviews of many people, the app is free from all kinds of bugs. Hope you get the answer of which ludo app gives real money.

How to play on the Ludo Empire app?

If you want to play Ludo Empire, you need to download the app from the official site. Once you do, you can use your mobile number that is connected to PayTM or a Google id to log into the app. You also have to choose a username for your ludo empire gold or Ludo Empire account.

The rewards of the Ludo Empire are really minuscule. For signup, you will Rs. 20 as a bonus and for each successful referral, you get Rs. 5. We know how little that seems but, in our opinion, it is better than nothing. If you want to earn more for signing up, referring people, and playing games, then we suggest using the GetMega app instead. We will tell you all about that at the end of this article, don’t worry.

Anyway, as for Ludo Empire or real ludo money, once you have successfully registered yourself on the app, it is time to start playing. Choose a game mode and an available game to start playing with other contestants. If you win, a small amount of money is credited to your account or you will receive in-app rewards.

Once you finish one game, you can use the first Ludo hack to improve your chances of earning with the free spin. We will tell you how to use this Ludo Empire hack effectively in just a minute. For now, know that you spin the wheel and if it stops on an amount of cash, it will be credited to your account. When you have collected enough money, you can withdraw all of it or a part of it using your PayTM account, UPI addresses, or even directly to your bank.

One significant aspect of Ludo Empire or empire ludo is that for every successful referral, you can earn 2% in commission. Again, it is not a substantial sum of money but it does build up over time.

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Tips on How to Hack Ludo Empire

Now that you know how to play the game, let us discuss a few Ludo Empire hack tricks to make it easier for you to earn money ludo. To be absolutely honest, this is free gameplay that hardly requires any time and their rewards are small too. Therefore, you don’t really need any external apps or software programs to bump up the prizes. They may help in a way but it is rather pointless.

Instead, we suggest using the Ludo Empire tricks that we have for you. In a way, they are hacks because they help you win more games, however, you won’t have to frustrate yourself over fraudulent apps and programs that may or may not work.

So here goes:

  • Firstly, even though the amount is quite small, refer the app to people. You will receive cash and commissions that go a long way into having the upper hand during a Ludo match.
  • Join games with three or four players, never two. A one-on-one Ludo game is that much harder to finish or even win for that matter. It takes a long time because only two contestants keep challenging each other. With a broader pool of players, you can easily slide through while they are competing.
  • Devise a strategy beforehand. We have a winning strategy that is nothing short of a Ludo Empire hack. We will share it soon but remember, strategy is the best Ludo hack trick ever.
  • Strive to win the games but play as much as you can. Since the rewards are small, keep playing one game after another. Even if you lose, there is no harm and foul. Just play to improve your odds, not to mention, your strategy.
  • Most importantly, have fun. Just because the app offers money for winning doesn’t mean you have to be tense about it. Ludo is a fun game so play it calmly to enjoy. When you are calmer, you end up earning more money.
  • Use ludo referral code for more rewards.

You see, Ludo Empire hacks are pretty pointless when you have to install large programs to earn Rs. 5 to Rs 15. Yet, using our Ludo Empire tricks or real ludo money, especially the strategy we have for you, you can end up earning money through relaxed gameplay. That is a better option any day of the week.

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Top strategy on how to win Ludo Empire

Now for the much-awaited Ludo Empire hack, which is essentially a strategy that will turn the tables on your opponents quickly and fluster them so you end up winning. Here goes:

  • Start by analyzing the board on the online app. You only need to do this once. Just count the squares between the houses of each color and the midway stars. Keep in mind that you need to take these many steps to secure your Ludo game coin when another player is on your tail.
  • At the beginning of the game, you need to roll sixes in order to allow your player coins to come out of the house. Use this trick:
  • For the first six, bring out one player coin.
  • Double sixes, bring out two players but only use the first player on the board.
  • For subsequent sixes, unleash all the players from their confines but only allow one of them to run around the game board.
  • Sprint with one coin before you start on another.
  • If one of your coins is in a vulnerable position near the home-strip, leave it there and let another coin run around the board.
  • Only use one coin at a time for sprinting. However, if the number of moves you rolled is equivalent to the squares in order to reach an opponent’s home, then let a free coin run.
  • Try to send your players to the home strip quickly before you start on another one.

You see, bringing out all the players from the cell helps keep spares in case your coin is captured. However, after all, four coins are out, use the sixes that you roll to sprint through the game board and finish because that wins you more points, thereby more money.

Using this strategy, you will definitely end up winning more games while your opponents are busy capturing each other.

While Ludo Empire hack is a terrific game for passing the time and earning small sums of money, we have an alternative gaming site that is revolutionizing the ‘play and earn policy’. Let’s take a look at how to play games and earn money ludo on GetMega.

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Benefits of Playing Games to Earn Money on GetMega

GetMega is an online gaming channel that allows you to play several types of games under different genres to earn a substantial amount of real cash.

To start with, GetMega has games pertaining to trivia quizzes on general knowledge, math, and testing your cognitive abilities. They also have certified casino games like Rummy and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.

Another unique offering from GetMega is that their games start for as low prices as Rs. 5. Therefore, even though you need to pay to play on GetMega, it hardly costs you anything. You can deposit and withdraw this sum of money very simply using secure payment channels such as PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.

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There are regular tournaments and contests held on GetMega. With a little practice, you can compete against worthy opponents and win much more money than you originally anticipated. What’s more, there are paid leaderboards to check your rank against serious players. Maintain your rank among the top 10 players on these leaderboards and you can end up earning additional cash, mobile phones, and even gold coins.

If you feel like you need more practice, you can play cash games with other beginners and even learn new tricks and strategies from professionals. You even have access to a communicative channel so you can interact with fellow players to make the games much more interesting.

You can also learn new games and start your journey of becoming a professional Poker player, Pool shark, or quiz taker. This app is an excellent platform that not only motivates people to earn but provides opportunities to embark on a professional gaming journey.

GetMega is the best possible app to play games and earn huge chunks of money. Get started right away and you will see how easy it is to earn on this platform. Unlike its competitors, GetMega has a penchant for inspiring people to earn. You can not only make a side hustle but earn a living from this app in no time.

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